International Auditors Summit 2023Trust . Integrity . Independence

Date : 2023

Global Audit Practitioners

Audit Professionals of more than 100 countries will participate in IAS -2019. IAS will be marked as global conference of auditing where professionals from industry, consulting, advisory and governments will explore about the role, responsibilities and emerging trends.


Auditor as a watchdog and custodian of data and facts protects overall business and economic environment. Performance of audit function not only protects corporate but promotes compliance culture also. Good Governance is one of the major theme of IAS 2019.

Law and

Regulatory norms and controlling guidelines are there for effective governance and transparent environment. Guidelines alone cannot ensure and maintain vigilance until practiced and implemented by the competent authorities at desired level.

Advance Auditing Tools

Auditing has gone under revolutionary changes over the years. Traditional methods and process are being questioned to counter emerging frauds and growing misconduct. Increasing compliance, big data analysis, shortage of audit period and manpower requires advance mechanism and audit tools.

About us

About IAS 2023, EDII, Gandhinagar

100 Countries, 500 Global Audit Practitioners, 50 Paper Presentation, 15 Technical sessions and 30 Speakers

Where the whole world is driven by data and facts and no informed government can perform well until the governance institutions are executing responsibilities based on the factual information; the very authenticity of data and information is under question these days around the world.

In an environment of turbulence, where political establishments and people in power affect business houses and commerce with equally impact on financial institutions and corporate houses; role of independent auditor and vigilance bodies becomes much tougher than earlier.

Government regulations and corporate laws are there with strict provisions to control and compliance. There are various guidelines and effective measures to enforce adherence of laws and a reporting culture across the system for proper overview of existing mechanism and progress.

Despite all this mechanism of control and stringent network of information technology tools and techniques, globally we are facing regular breach of compliance, fraud, unfair trade practices, data manipulation and false certification.

For a perfect economy to exist and function, role of vigilance bodies and auditors must be effective .Auditors around the world play crucial role in good governance through fact certification, data authentication and analytical reporting. They are not simply the compliance monitor but key instrumental in the enforcement of law .Their professionalism is the trust of a country and partner of enforcement authorities for transparency and development.

International Auditors Summit (IAS) 2023 will be first of its kind to call upon audit practitioners from across the world to discuss and share about audit practicing and key developments in the respective countries.

IAS 2023 is a 3 days International Conclave, where 15 broad subjects related to auditing environment will be covered in the various technical sessions.

  • 500
  • Delegates
  • 100
  • Nations
  • 50
  • Papers
  • 15
  • Technical Sessions

Our Agenda

  1. Paper Presentation on Global Audit Practices and Auditing Tools (10 selected Papers)
  2. GRC –Combating Risk for Effective Governance ( Session 1)
  3. GRC – Global Governance for growth and sustainability ( Session 2)
  4. Audit and reporting : institutional guidelines and recent updates ( Session 1)
  5. Audit and reporting :an incomplete process without updated IT mechanism and tools (Session 2)
  6. Global frauds and post actions : An analytical presentation
  7. Penal actions against Auditors : A case study of past 20 years to analyse cause and solutions
  8. Auditing as a profession : A comparative study of established professionals in respective countries
  9. Governance through Social Audit
  10. Auditing Guidelines and Audit standards
  11. New and emerging techniques to counter fraud and financial embezzlement
  12. Audit in an environment of CSR
  13. Protecting environment with regulatory compliance
  14. Social Media Abuse : Role of auditors
  15. Balancing between independence and professional growth

Our Team

Advisory Board Organising Executive Team
  1. Gopal Krishna Aggarwal, CA ( National Economic Spokesperson - BJP )
  2. Atul Gupta, CA ( Vice President - ICAI )
  3. Ranjeet Pandey, CS ( President - ICSI )
  4. Sanjeev Singhal, CA ( Partner - S R Batliboi & Co. )
  5. Dr. Naveen Sirohi, ( Head - School of Finance -IICA )
  6. Saurabh Pandey, Director - India Think Council and Convener IAS
  1. Sanjeev Nanda, CA ( Trustee - ITC )
  2. Subir Gautam, CA ( Trustee - ITC )
  3. Anil Garg, CA ( Trustee - ITC )
  4. Sachin Jain, CA ( Advisory Board - ITC )
  5. Satyendra Shrivastava, ( Advisory Board - ITC )
  6. Chetan Joshi, CA ( Advisory Board - ITC )
  1. Himanshu Bhati, Secretary ITC
  2. Rahul Singh, CA ( Team -ITC - Audit & Risk )
  3. Kritesh Shrivastava, CA ( Team ITC - Advisory )
  4. Dr. Muni Shankar, Media Outreach for IAS
  5. Sanjana Paruthi, CA ( Team IAS - Audit & Risk )
  6. Prakhar Shrivastava, ( Team IAS - Risk )
  7. Kamlesh Pandey, CA ( Team IAS - Taxation )
  8. Sanjeev Tanwar, IT Executive

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