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RSS activists by Communists in Kerala

There has been a spate of murders of RSS activists by Communists in Kerala. An anguished RSS speaker announced a reward for anyone who would kill the CM of Kerala. Needless to say, one doesn't endorse such reprisals. However, it is important to see things in the right perspective.

The killing of the RSS workers with the blessings of the ruling political establishment has happened for a long time now. It started with Jawaharlal Nehru. He had come to power with the help of the British rulers to whom he was subservient. Just 1% of the Indians voted in the legislative council elections prior to Independence. Nehru knew that he was not a real mass leader and that he needed the British blessing to capture and stay in power. He saw Hindu nationalism as a threat and attempted to suppress it. RSS workers were jailed or killed without justification. In parallel, Nehru reinforced the communal politics he and Gandhi had ushered in.

One example comes from 1954/1955. The RSS was leading a campaign to integrate Goa with India. Its volunteers, along with the volunteers of other local groups, had just captured Dadra and Nagar Haveli from the Portuguese. The RSS then launched a massive agitation to liberate Goa. The RSS and Jana Sangh leader J. R. Joshi led it. An appeal was made to the GoI to provide armed support. Nehru, ever servile toward the white man, refused armed intervention against the white Christian Portuguese predatory rule. Whoever said that 1962 was the first instance when Nehru first publicly displayed cowardice! Anyway, the patriotic RSS was not deterred. Its volunteers launched a satyagraha in Goa. The Portuguese Christian police mercilessly shot and killed 30 of the RSS satyagrahis.

Now, nobody would deny that the Portuguese are guilty here of murder. But what about Nehru? He was clearly complicit in it because he refused to back a patriotic cause, indirectly aided the massacre of the RSS volunteers by the predators, and didn't even protest against it afterwards. He just went about licking the white ass with increased fervor. Once again, those who have studied Nehru and Gandhi shouldn't be surprised by this. Neither of them condemned the British or demanded reparation even for the British-induced genocide of four million Indians during the Bengal Famine of 1943. Nehru was, first and foremost, a lackey of the predatory white colonizers. It should be no surprise that he didn't condemn the Portuguese for the cold-blooded massacre of 30 RSS freedom fighters.

The Communists, who subsequently indulged in a murderous spree against the RSS volunteers, just emulated the example Nehru had set earlier.

So, if you're offended by the verbal reaction of some RSS volunteers today then you should factor in the nearly six decades of organized murder of swayamsevaks, sometimes in collaboration with white predatory colonial rulers. If your kith and kin are thus murdered while the establishment looks on or even abets such murders, would you not seek revenge? Instead of reacting to a verbal reaction borne of anguish, you should be offended by the culpability of Nehru and the Communist establishment in the six decades of murders of the RSS volunteers.

If only those who were guilty of committing and abetting such murders for six decades had been punished, there wouldn't have been an anguished call for reprisal from an RSS speaker today. It is time to sack the Kerala government and crackdown on the leftist outfits. Remember that Nehru banned the RSS to eliminate political opposition. Modi has the same constitutional powers that Nehru enjoyed. He should ban leftist parties and groups, not to eliminate political opposition but to safeguard national interest.

PS 1: The words here are mine. But the facts come from The Hindu Nationalist Movement in India (p. 130) By Christophe Jaffrelot. Now, everyone should know that Jeffrelot is a Hindu-hater, viciously anti-Hindutva, and an unprincipled leftist who is aligned with the Christian establishment.

Kalavai Venkat

India Vs Australia

If a brown-skinned player violates the norms, he is banned for several years. A white player should be treated no differently. Steve Smith violated the rules when he took illegal guidance from the dressing room to circumvent the DRS rules. He should be banned from all forms of cricket for at least five years. He didn't act alone. It was a shameful and well-orchestrated act of cheating by the Australians. The entire Team Australia should be banned from all forms of cricket for at least two years - after India whips them thoroughly in the remaining two tests.

As Kohli aptly said, it is one thing to sledge on the field but it is something altogether different to cheat the way the Australians did. Kick every Australian player out of the IPL for at least two years. None of the Australian players should be allowed to feature in advertisements in Indian commercials.

In any case, white nations do not portray Indian sportsmen and male models in their advertisements. (Featuring a female Indian model or actress is a different thing. It is an expression of the old tribal mentality whereby a female from a different tribe is coveted like a trophy and paired with a male from the coveting tribe. It is neither a sign of accomplishment on the part of the actress nor a sign of a woman breaching frontiers. It is just an affirmation of submissiveness to dominant norms.) Why should Indians be slavish and feature white sportsmen in Indian commercials?

Kalavai Venkat

A Christian priest raped and impregnated a 16 year old girl child in Kerala

A Christian priest raped and impregnated a 16 year old girl child in Kerala. The parents of the girl discovered the pregnancy only months later. Christianity is the true 'blind faith' because it blinds the believers to a very discernible pregnancy of their own daughter! However, once it was discovered, the 'religion of love' priest swung into action. He, with the active help of the church, then intimidated the girl and and her mother to implicate the father of the girl for incestuous rape.

In the bygone era, such tactics worked. Jesus raped a teenage girl child, the Virgin Mary, and impregnated her. She had been betrothed to a person named Joseph then. Joseph found out that Mary was pregnant and wanted to annul the engagement. What happened after that is murky. In all likelhood, Jesus or one of his agents intimidated Joseph. The hapless Joseph consented to provide child support for the to be born bastard child of rape.

The Kerala Christian priest and the church knew whom to emulate: Jesus. They intimidated the parents of the girl and almost succeeded in having the father pay with jail time and worse by hoisting the false charge of incestuous rape upon him. However, in the age of science, Indian cops (surprisingly - or for whatever reason) did better than the Palestinian cops of the bygone pre-scientific era. They established the truth and the Kerala Christian priest and eight of his associates are facing probable jail time.

One thing puzzles me. Jesus committed an identical act but he is deified and worshiped by the Christians while the awestruck leftists look on. However, a Kerala Christian priest who emulates his 'one and only lord' is sent to prison! Can we be consistent please? Either deify the Kerala Christian priest too or condemn Jesus too.

Kalavai Venkat