Anil Madhav Davey (19th May 2017)

The untimely passing away of Anilji is a shock to all those who knew him worked with religious fervor to save our land from environmental depredation. As a grass root level of the RSS from his early formative days closely watched the environment being devastated by ignorant people despite being “educated”. He knew that if Mother Earth is to be saved, continued deforestation will finally lead it to its extinction! As a Hindu - a community which worships nature -Anilji travelled across many countries reaching out the message of love for nature. Nearer home he travelled down the sacred River Narmada by boat to see for himself how the river is being polluted and devastated by villagers more out of their own necessity, than ignorance. He visited all villages along the banks of the River explaining to people how important it is to save the river, and how green cover would sustain life on Earth. Due to his sustained campaign the Namami Narmada was started by the Madhya Pradesh government, and as of now almost the entire stretch of the river is being taken care off. Interestingly, Anilji spent most of his earnings in travel, publishing books on protection of environment, meeting environmentalists around the world. He was a trained pilot, he ran sorties down the sacred river Narmada too for capturing aerial view of the river and its environs. He had photographed those spots that needed special attention for conservation.

Davey remained a bachelor and in his legacy urged people not to remember him for the little effort he made to safe the environment, rather plant trees for the sake of saving Mother Earth. He wished to be a forgotten soldier protecting the environment. In his passing away the country has lost a great environmentalist, we pay him our respectful homage for his unstinted, undying faith that protection of environment is the only way to sustain life - be it human or any other living being – on earth! देश की इस महान सपूत को हम श्रद्धापूर्वक सलाम करते हैं। माँ भारती धन्य हुई कि उसकी कोख से ऐसी सन्तान का उदय हुआ था जो अनन्तकाल तक प्रेरणा का स्रोत बनी रहेगी। जय माँ भारती!

Pakistan Murdabad! (19th May 2017)

The ICJ has given a perfect decision based on the credentials placed before it in Retd. Commandant Jadhav’s sponsored campaign to mix him up in an espionage case! Pakistan is once again isolated for its “cooked up” charges among the comity of civilized nations. Hours after the ruling Pakistan government responded saying that it is not bound by the decision of the ICJ! What effrontery! If Pakistan carries out its nefarious design and executes Retd.Commandant Jadhav it would be direct challenge to the International law and as HM Rajnath Singh has said yesterday in an exclusive interview that India has emergency plans in place to respond appropriately. What these “emergency plans” means is not yet clear. I strongly believe Pakistan, China, North Korea, and ISIS are bent upon subverting International law thereby pushing the world towards a war that can be suicidal to the entire world!

Jadhav’s phony arrest in Baluchistan and the purported trial was never carried out, it was a sham. All the necessary, related documents must be placed before the ICJ when it meets next – may be in July or August – failing which Jadhav will be released honourably. In the meanwhile Indian Foreign Office must not leave any stone unturned to face all eventualities that may arise in the next few weeks; it must start relentless campaign against Pakistan for violating Human Rights.

Sibal on Talaq,Talaq, Talaq (18th May 2017)

Kapil Sibal – appearing for the proponents of 3Ts – gave an unacceptable argument before the SC! 3Ts is like Ram, Ram, Ram, it is sacred to the Muslims! If that be so, why has this (3Ts) been banned in some Islamic states? - Justice Kehar queried. Sibal was non-plussed!

सिबल चाहे कुछ भी दलील दें, वे डूबती नैया पर सवार हैं, इस सच्चाई को निश्चित रूप से वे आभास करते हैं! अदालत का जो भी फैसला आए, यह तय है कि संसद में एक कानून पारित करके तीन तलाक नामक भूत को समाप्त कर दिया जाएगा! मुस्लिम मर्द औरत को अपने पांव के जूते समझते हैं, “धर्म” की आड में वे औरतों पर बेइन्तिहा जुल्म करते हैं। इस “प्रथा” को समाप्त करके मुस्लिम औरतों को हर कीमत पर राहत दिलानी चाहिए! मेरे दिल में कभी कभी आता है, अगर यह छूट मर्द को न होकर औरत को दी जाए क्या मर्दों को यह स्वीकार होगा? क्यों नहीं! रंगरलियाँ और गुलच्छर्रे उडाने में उन्हें छूट जो मिल जाएगी!!!

Today is the last day of hearing on 3Ts and SC will reserve the decision for a later date, and after confabulations among the Judges final pronouncement will be made soon. I strongly believe the decision will go in favour of Muslim “women’s empowerment”!

Double murders in Mathura (18th May 2017)

Those who are bent upon besmearing the name of the Yogi Government are indulging in loot, rape and murder in Uttar Pradesh! Shrikant Sharma – local legislator, Electricity Minister and spokesman of in the Yogi Government - visited his assembly constituency to condole the death of the two jewelers who were done to death in broad day light. The people at the incident site put up a strong fight but unable to resist the armed killers – six in number – as they had pistols in hand and fired indiscriminately. In the melee several of them were injured and rushed to the hospital. The criminals will be apprehended soon and as the yogi declared “कोई भी राजनीति की आड में गलत कामों में संलिप्त होगा उसे बख़्शा नहीं जाएगा!” I strongly believe that Samajwadi Party criminals are behind the criminal activities still continuing in UP with the object of maligning the Yogi Government! Only a few days back the yogi had declared in the Assembly that it will take about a year to clean up the State of all criminals as they were armed to the teeth by the preceding Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party. Yogi is right!

Khatter yields (18th May 2017)

Initially the Haryana CM Khatter was not willing to accede to the demand of schoolgirls in a Rohtak village to upgrade their school to +12 level because he felt that such a move will send a wrong message that the Government is unable to fight the menace of hooliganism by youth against young girls going to another school situated 5 kilometers away from their village to pursue +12 studies. He is right. Like the Yogi, Khatter has declared zero tolerance against eve teasers and is working double space to ensure women are safe in his state. The girls did win their right but I call upon them to be strong, determined and ever ready to fight against those who lower the honour of women! They must report anti-social activities to their parents, school authorities and the Police that are being established close to girls’ schools and women’s colleges! खट्टर की जय हो!

$चपरासी का बेटा आज अरबपति बना! (17th May 2017)

$अब तलक हमने सुना है एक चायवाला अपनी मेहनत और पुरुषार्थ से प्रधानमंत्री बनता है मगर किसी चपरासी का बेटा बिना मेहनत किए या पुरुषार्थ के अरबपति बन सकता है यह एक अजूबा है! जी हाँ, आपने ठीक समझा - लालू महाराज, बिहार के “गरीबों” का मसीहा, धोकेबाज़, ज़ाहिल लाठियामार यादव!! आज विश्वभर में उनकी चर्चा है, लोग हैरत में हैं कैसे छद्म “मेनेजमेन्ट गुरु” लालू ने इतना धन कमा लिया है!

$ लालू यादव और मुलायम यादव क्रमश: बिहार एवं उत्तर प्रदेश के नेता - देश की सेवा तो नहीं की मगर अपने परिवार की तरक्की के लिये एडी चोटी एक ज़रूर कर दी है! लालू ने 1,000 करोड की बेनामी सम्पत्ति दिल्ली एवं आसपास के क्षेत्रों में कानून की धज्जियाँ उडाते हुए बेशुमार ज़मीन अपने और परिवार के सदस्यों के नाम कर लिया है। मोदीजी बदले की भावना से नहीं अपितु देश के हित में काम कर रहे हैं। अब पता चला लालू ने चारा घोटाले करके उस धन को किस में लगाया है! जो शख्स दूध में पानी – क्षमा करें, पानी में दूध – मिलाकर बेच सकता है क्या गलत तरीके से धन नहीं कमा सकता? इन जनाब ने कभी कहा था यादवों तथा मुस्लमानों की जीवन शैली एक समान होती है अत: उनके बीच वैवाहिक संबंध क्यों नहीं हो सकता है?!! इस टिप्पणी से पटना साहिब में बवाल मच गया था! जनाब बेहुदा बात करने में माहिर हैं। उधर मुलायम यादव और उनके परिवार भी धन कमाने में कोई कसर नहीं छोडी, यहाँ तक की करोडों रुपये व्यय करके अपने गाँव में अपनी सुविधा के लिए Airport बना डाला! हमें मालूम है, हज़ारों यादव सैनिक देश के लिये सेवा करके अपनी देशभक्ति का परिचय दे रहे हैं और शहीद हो रहे हैं, और ये यादव देश को लूटने में संलिप्त हैं! लानत हैं इन पर जिन्होंने देश की जनता से धोका किया है, माँ भारती को अपमानित किया है! इनकी जितनी निन्दा की जाए कम है!

और हाँ, दक्षिण के अल्पसमय में बने अरबपति चिदम्बरम – भारत के कांग्रेसी पूर्व वित्त मंत्री – ने अपने वित्तमंतृत्व काल में बेटे को खूब लाभ पहुँचाया, और इस तरह वह करीब करीब खरबपति बनने के कगार पर आ गये थे कि आचानक मोदीजी ने कहा, “अब और नहीं, बहुत हो गया!” और फिर क्या था, देश भर में चिदम्बरम के फैले सामराज्य पर छापा मारा गया है और करोडों की बेनामी सम्पत्ति का खुलासा हुआ है! सालों से तमिलनाडु की जनता यह मांग करती रही, आखिरकार मोदीजी ने अपनी गदा उठाई और चिदम्बरम को अपनी औकात दिखाई, जय हो मोदीजी, जय हो!!

Anarchy in UP Assembly (16th May 2017)

Even while the UP Governor was reading his governments priorities before the Joint session, the Samajawadi scoundrels threw paper balls at the Governor - one or two hit him on his forehead. An act that was never seen in India bedfore – a Governor being targeted at by paper balls! The yogi has rightly declared that the Samajwadi’s were responsible for lawlessness in the state which is reflected in their behavior in the Assembly! The legislators who targeted balls at the Governor must be identified and suspended for the rest of the session and necessary steps be taken to prevent such unruly behavior. I condemn with full force at my command for the humiliation meted out to the Head of the state!

UP: Dalits embrace Islam! (16th May 2017)

Some 50 Dalits in Moradabad embraced Islam in protest against “atrocities” against their community. They carried the deities of Lord Ganesha and Lord Rama and immersed them in the nearby water body. After this act they embraced and greeted each other in the Islamic style with “Asalaamvalukum”. Thank you!! While their guru Baba Saheb Ambedakar and his followers embraced Buddhism after burning “Manusmriti” in public, Ambedkar’s “chamacas” drowned (not immersed) the revered idols of the Hindus! Over last many years I had written much about Ambedkar whom PM Modi and his चमचे call the author of the Constitution of India (!), which is far from the truth! After Dr. Rajendra Prasad (an eminent lawyer of his times) left to take up another assignment, the Chairmainship of the Constitution Drafting Committee was given to Ambedakar as he was the Law Minister in Pt. Nehru’s Cabinet. Several eminent jurists and legal experts worked to give shape to the Constitution of India – Mind you most of them were from upper castes, especially Brahmins! Let PM Modi and his Ministers, and Dalits understand that the Constitution of India is not Gulshan Nanda’s novels (love stories), like झील के उस पार or कटी पतंग that can be written in a jiffy with your left hand!! प्रधानमंत्री मोदी से आग्रह है कि वे इतिहास को न बदलें न उसको तोडमरोडकर पेश करके जनता को मूर्ख बनाएँ! अम्बेदकर ने हिन्दुओं के आराध्य देवता भगवान श्री राम के संबंध में अपमानजनक शब्द कहे थे, वे ब्राह्मणों के विरुद्ध अनेक मोर्चे खोले थे, और मज़े की बात देखिये कि उन्होंने दूसरी शादी एक ब्राह्मण चिकित्सक से की थी! रही बात, क्यों पण्डित नेहरू ने इतने बडे “विद्वान” को दरकिनार किया था? The answer is not far to seek!

Ambedkar faulted Hinduism (more importantly the Brahmins) for all the ills in the Hindu society, went to places where he is not supposed to go (that violates their rights) and tried to do things that disturbed the social fabric of the country. Pt Nehru knew that you cannot rule a country with predominantly Hindu population, call them names and take cudgels against “ritualistic lives” of the Hindus in which he was indulging! Consequently, he found no place among ‘great men’ of India!! मोदीजी! अपने इतिहास का ज्ञान दुरुस्त कर लें, आज की पीढी को गलत संदेश देकर उन्हें आप प्रभावित नहीं कर सकते!! आप ही के शब्दों में वे समझदार हैं!! जय माँ भारती!

Kapil’s (not Jaspal Bhatti’s) flop show! (16th May 2017)

“केजरिवाल!! ……आज शाम तक अपनी कुर्सी छोड दे …..वर्णा मैं तुम्हें कोलर पकडकर गसीटकर तीहार जेल ले जाऊँगा और बन्द कराऊँगा!....मैं कपिल मिश्रा हूँ…..” इस बीच केजरीवाल अपने drawing room में बैठकर घबराए हुए यह तमाशा देख रहे थे, फिर अपनी धर्मपत्नी से कहा, “प्राणप्रिये! जल्दी से कैंची ला, और मेरी कोलर को काट दे, कपिल जो कहता, करता है!” पत्नी ने चुटकी लेते हुए कहा, “प्राणनाथ, कपिल कोई चाणक्य तो नहीं जिसने नन्द दरबार में अपमानित होने के बाद कसम खाई थी कि जब तक इस अपमान का मैं बदला नहीं लूंगा अपनी जटा को खुला ही रखूँगा।“ और देखते ही देखते कपिल “बेहोश” होकर गिर पडे! और फिर क्या था, उन्हें अस्पताल ले जाया गया! पत्नी ने व्यंग्य से कहा, “बडा आया मेरे पति को तीहार जेल ले जाने वाला, …..खुद अस्पाताल पहुँच गया!!” और दोनों मियाँ बीबी ठाहाके लगाने लगे!

कपिल के पास काफी बारूद था लेकिन उसे संभाल नहीं ही सके, यह राजनीति में अपरिपक्वता का परिचायक है, सबके आगे माखौल का सबब बने। और तो और जिस शख्स ने कहा कि मैं अनशन पर बैंठूगा, निर्जल और निराहार रहूँगा जब तक केजरीवाल वह अपने मंत्रियों की विदेश यात्राओं का खुलासा नहीं करते! इस मोर्चे पर भी वे विफल रहे! फिर क्या था केजरीवाल की धर्मपत्नी ने अपने पति पर्मेश्वर से कहा, “ देखा, प्राणनाथ छ दिनों में कपिल की हवा निकल गई, वे अपनी माँ के हाथों बने खाना खाने के लिए कितने आतुर हो गए!!” Kapil should know that there are procedures to be followed to arrest a man, charges alone will not suffice. Kapil is an impatient man who could not consolidate on his gains, in the process cut a sorry figure! Arvind is a clever guy, remained calm throughout the last 6 days unruffled, undeterred by Kapil’s threats!! He did not meet any of the demands made by Kapil, but remained non-commital, here he took out wind out of Kapil’s sails!! Let’s see what happens in the next few days.

Nirbhaya-1 re-enacted! (15th May 2017)

Even as we were recovering from the shock of Nirbhaya 1 another young woman in Rohtak, Haryana had been made to pass through the same grueling act; it is cruel and reprehensible act by the sadists, this time by men living in her own neigbourhood. This, for her and her parent’s refusal for matrimonial alliance! I just cannot put in words the dastardly act, it is so repulsive. Nirbhaya 2 has also been gangraped, killed, mutiliated, her head smashed with a boulder! It is believed that New York city is the most unsafe international city for women in the world. Having been connected with crime-detection for a long time now I have been watching an American TV Channel that exclusively telecasts crime in the US; how FBI works in crime detection and what measures the Agency takes on its prevention. I dare say till today I have not come across a single episode where unnatural act was resorted to before the actual murder of a raped woman as happened in the case of Nirbhaya 1 and Nirbhaya 2! This is indicative to what extent sadism has reached in certain parts of the country!

Angry citizens across the country cry for immediate death sentence for the rapists. But I have a different view on this. A woman passing through this grueling act with pain and helplessness for hours till she dies will never want her tormentors to be left off so easily. Death by hanging takes just a few minutes, and the evil doer has just a few minutes to suffer; he does not experience immense pain, consternation, terror, helplessness through which his victim undergoes. As an appropriate punishment, I suggest an isolated penitentiary where criminals of this nature be flogged - off and on - put in an inaccessible ill-lit cell, having just enough space to stand and lie down diagonally, given food and water and no access to humans till he dies of suffocation: this will remind him of the sufferance of the poor helpless woman before she died! Many of my readers may disagree with me, because it is cruel. Remember the scoundrel is not fit to be even a beast that is put to the knife! I grieve for Nirbhaya 2 as I do for Nirbhaya 1! माँ भारती पुन: शर्मसार हुई!

बुरे काम का बुरा नतीजा! (13th May 2017)

दो दिन पूर्व संभल ज़िले के नन्दोली गांव में दंगा, फिर इस बात को रेखांकित करता है कि लगभग हमेशा मुस्लिम समुदाय दंगे के लिये ईंधन/बारूद तैयार रखता है! मुस्लिम मर्द न जाने क्यों जब औरत को देखते हैं अपना मज़हब भूल जाते हैं और एक लावारिस, बेकाबू गली के कुत्ते जैसे बन जाते हैं। नन्दोली गांव में एक नवविवाहित महिला को अगुआ करके एक मुस्लिम युवक गांव से फरार हो गया। अब तलक उसका अतापता नहीं चला।

जनाब योगी साहब ऐसी स्थिति में कुछ नहीं कर सकते! गांव में किसी हिन्दू कन्या को अगुआ करके कोई मुस्लिम युवक इस प्रकार की हरकत करता है दंगे, मारपीट, आगज़नी, तोडफोड होना अवश्यंभावी है। योगी का कानून नही चलेगा! ईंट का जवाब पत्थर से दिया जाएगा! मैं मुस्लिम समुदाय के लोगों को विशेषकर मर्दों को अपने हद में रहने की हिदायत देता हूँ, वर्णा इस प्रकार की प्रतिक्रिया होती रहेगी, पे.ए.सी तो क्या सेना भी कुछ कर नहीं सकेगी! उनसे यह भी आग्रह है, कि वे अपनी sex hormones को नियंत्रित रखने में गोमास और शराब का सेवन न करें (!?) तो अच्छा! देखा गया है खान पान से भी लोगों की सोच एवं मानसिकता प्रभावित होती है! अगर नन्दोली गांव के मुस्लिम समुदाय का पलायन हो रहा है, इसके लिए कौन ज़िम्मेदार है? स्वयं मुस्लिम समुदाय! अत: मुस्लमान अपना तौर-तरीके बदलें और देश में सौहार्द बनाए रखने में मदद करे! अब तक रामपुर के रावण (आज़म खान) से कोई प्रतिक्रिया नहीं आई, क्या वे किसी बिल में छुप गये!! या अपने भानजे (अखिलेश) के घर पर कोई नई रणनीति का खाका तैयार कर रहे हैं?!!

EVM to stay! (13th May 2017)

Obviously! Kejrival and his band have lost the battle at the EC conclave yesterday when top Indian technocrats demonstrated why the machine cannot be tampered with! At the end of the day leaving TMC and BSP all have fallen in line and have withdrawn to contest the EC proposition to prove that the machine can be tampered. Even then EC has invited anyone to come to the EC again and prove the veracity of their claim!

Kejrival must resign for propagating false propaganda, bringing a premium institute like the IIT to shame! There are other reasons for Kejrival to go home, my readers would know. Indian EVMs are being used in many countries, and Kejrival’s downright false propaganda will have affected the sales and also lowered the prestige of Indian technologists, hardware and software developers and scientists who work to raise the honour of our country abroad!

The EC must file a suit in the court demanding a public apology from the propagandists for not only misinformation that amounts to denigrating Indian technocrats by Kejrival & Co but also wasting time. Kejrival is a slur to Delhi! केजरीवाल दिल्ली के असली ठग हैं, इस लिये कि उन्होंने दिल्ली वासियों को बवकूफ बनाया है! लानत इस शख्स पर!

No room for emotionalists in Public service (13th May 2017)

It is becoming commonplace since quite some time now for public figures becoming emotional in civic places. Yesterday, suspended AAP MLA Kapil Mishra sobbed while he sat before Gandhi statue to drive a point! Those who are emotional have no place in public service, they must stay at home! PM Modi too was seen becoming emotional at times, it lowers his status. He and almost all present day leaders must take a lesson from eternal Indiraji’s life. Despite so many tragedies that she faced she never showed emotions; she maintained stoic silence while her heart grieved for those who died or maimed and crippled (countless soldiers crippled were in 1971 war). When her mother Kamala Nehru died (Indiraji was too young then), or her illustrious father, our own Chacha Nehru passed away, or the tragic death of her wayward son Sanjay died in a plane crash she never showed public grief! Her heart lamented in private but never showed her sorrow in public! People ask me why I love Indiraji so much, it is because she was a human being, a mother, a daughter, a stoic leader with a difference unlike her father Chacha Nehru who was emotional! Her foes and friends (in politics) alike must therefore read more about her and imbibe her fine qualities. इन्दिराजी की जय हो! माँ भारती की जय हो!

Lt. Umer Fayaz - the brave heart! (12th May 2017)

The dastardly killing of Lt. Umer Fayaz of the Rajputana Rifles (a prestigious unit of the Indian Army) underlines the serious conditions that prevail in Kashmir! The bullet ridden body of this young officer was thrown at a road crossing in the most contemptuous manner! It is outrageous! Is this Islamic! No, not at all! If the present government continues to erroneously think that things will improve, it is only a wishful thinking. There are a number of disgruntled people within the valley who are giving cover and providing necessary logistic support to the militants and terrorists! The Army and the Police know it. What is the solution? Just round up these criminals whether men or women, take them to the Indo – Pak border and handover them to Pakistan!! Once on the other side, I bet they will cry: Hindustan Zindabad!

Next, embark on the final assault on Terrorist Pakistan(as followed by the Allied Forces in ‘4 days in Naples’ during the Second world war) - it should be full scale: first crippling its Nuclear Installations – of which it boasts and threatens India of using them, second, force the Military(ISI) Commanders to surrender or face action! I know innocent people will perish in this operation but this is the last resort when a rogue nation does not relent on exporting terrorists into Afghanistan, Iran (Central Asia), Bangladesh and India. The India Army is capable of achieving its mission if not in hours in less than a handful of days! The operation must be carried out on land, sea and air simultaneously and with vengeance the like of which the world has never seen since the Last World war ended! PM Modi must win this test, a very difficult but a decisive one! I call upon the Indian military strategists to draw out emergency plans in the event of an all out war with Pakistan.

Pakistan must be a taught a lesson or decimated!

तलाक…1…..तलाक..2….तलाक..3..!!! (12th May 2017)

He-man Dharmendra, the matinee idol of yester years, fell in “love” with the “dream girl” Hema Malini and proposed to her, she readily agreed knowing well that he has grown up children! Next, Dharmendra went to his wife and offered to divorce her to marry his new “sweet heart”! The lady refused, and rightly so! But Dharmendra was “passionately in love” with Hema, so they together decided to join Islamic faith that allows 4 wives! So he did not need to cry “तलाक्, तलाक्, तलाक” to his first wife!

I do not have any information if Dharam and Hema are still following the faith of convenience, especially the निकाह!

There is confusion about talak: whether it is a part of the sharia or a law gobbled by sex hungry males of the Islamic faith including Dharmendra! Marriage is a contract among Muslims which favours only the males, that is to say the male has the right to discard his wife anytime he wants, nowadays in any form: over the Internet, SMS, Email or word of mouth!! How great it is for Muslim males: use and throw!

The downright Congress Party, Samajwadi Party, the Rashtriya Janata Party, DMK (all family parties) have done harm to the Muslim women in order to advance their political interests! The SC is currently on vacation but a special session is underway to discuss on the issue. It had placed a couple of questions that need to be addressed by the proponents of Talak.

The Muslim males claim that it is a right given to them – use and throw – by the sharia, therefore it cannot be done away with under any circumstances! Although many Islamic countries have banned this “tradition”! If the Court upholds the contention of the Mullahs, the Modi government has no option but to use its right and privilege to ban this discriminative “Islamic law” by passing a Bill in the Lower House. And let it be clear that Lok Sabha has a BJP majority (NDA) and Rajya Sabha too can garner required numbers to pass the Bill, consequently it will be incorporated in the Statute that cannot be revoked unless Muslim centric political parties come to power –this is only a dream!

Abolishing the spectre of talak and the construction of Ram Mandir can only be achieved during BJP regime and if it fails – not likely though - BJP will lose its credibility among the masses! Amit Shah knows it!

Arwind – unworthy to be Delhi CM (11th May 2017)

Akhilesh Yadav does not read and write therefore when he speaks, a lot of trash oozes out of his mouth! At Jhansi yesterday he said, शहीद, या तो उत्तर प्रदेश का होता है, बिहार का होता है, दक्षिण भारत का होता है, क्या आपने कभी सुना किसी गुजराती को शहीद होते हुए? उनके पिताश्री – महामहिम मुलायम यादव - ने दुष्कर्म के संबंध में कभी कहा था, बच्चे हैं उन से कभी कभी गलती हो जाती है!

बाप-बेटे – विशेषकर बिहार के और उत्तर प्रदेश के “मशहूर” (या बदनाम?) यादव परिवार – की विकृत मानसिकता उनके वचन से उजागर होती है। दरअसल सत्ता हाथ से छूटने के पश्चात यादवों के आवास में गृहयुद्ध छिड गया है,(भाभी अर्पणा धीरे धीरे हौले हौले ही सही भाजपा में कदम रखना चाहती!) उसका नतीजा यह हुआ कि यादवों की टोली सडक पर आकर बकवास सुनाने लगी! (दूसरी तरफ चारा घोटाले के प्रकरण में लालू महराज को उच्चत्तम न्यायलय से कोई राहत नहीं मिली और उनके पुत्र, बाप के माफिक गलत कामों मे संलिप्त हैं)!!

Akhilesh was actually targeting PM Modi and in the process said something that invited condemnation across the country. Circumspection has never been the watchword of the so-called “backward classes”. And it has become more conspicuous after the Yadavs and mahadalit Mayawati Amma came to power.

Anyway, since when Akhilesh has become a UP-ite? He is only Yadav and Muslim centric - his just mauled regime indicates that! Yadavs have become synonymous with anarchy, loot, mis(not mal)administration and anti-Hindu actions. Both Bihar and Uttar Pradesh will see a new era of development if this community is kept out of power as long as it is possible!

Yogi on the prowl! (11th May 2017)

Yogi has been appearing in places so suddenly that excepting his security personnel no one knows where he would go the next day or which route he would take for inspection! This perhaps is the first time in Independent India a CM has been working tirelessly to weed out indolent, morose morons from administrative corridors! Yogi reminds me of Henry IV of England who died young due to over work! He was perhaps just 34 years when he died. He loved “merry England” so much that he travelled most of the time to see if his subjects were happy, if they needed any help! In his enthusiasm Yogi must not overwork; he must take rest whenever possible and take a hurried meal in time. जय हो, योगी!

Champions Trophy (11th May 2017)

The much awaited Team India squad is announced. Guys like Virat, Dhoni are naturally included by virtue of their earlier performances – not in the current IPL though! A sports commentator has been crying hoarse that some of the players need rest before they fly to England for the tournament. Good! But look at the number of runs some of the batsmen have scored in the current IPL matches! The total score made by Virat and Dhoni falls much below 100! And they need rest? More than them dashing, flamboyant Yogi needs it, guys!

Arwind – unworthy to be Delhi CM (10th May 2017)

The rigmarole happening in Delhi state politics is indicative of “little knowledge is a dangerous thing”! Constitutional propriety is violated to meet ones’s whims and fancies. And the kingpin of all this is none other than now defamed CM of Delhi!

Having fooled the Delhi-ites promising corruption-free administration has himself got embroiled in a web that looks to be the death knell for his political career.

Yesterday’s नौटंकी engineered by him is yet another instance of impropriety in constitutional governance! Perhaps Mussolini would have turned in his grave, the way Arwind has been conducting himself as the dictator in his party!

Now coming to the point: When is a special session of an Assembly called? Only when an urgent business is to transacted that requires immediate attention of the Assembly. On the contrary he made a party buddy and MLA, Saurabh Bhardwaj to demonstrate how EVMs can be tampered with! All along forgetting – perhaps out of ignorance – that even encrypted information, data can be de-encrypted using a technology that is known only to those who work on it. The EVMs manufactured in Hyderabad and Bangalore cannot be tampered because it is so devised that once a certain button is pressed by a voter no one can press any other button till the system is again revamped/reset by the presiding officer – which takes just a few seconds! Once the PO finishes this particular operation the next voter is allowed to vote.

The only agenda for the day: He wanted Saurabh to demonstrate that an EVM can be tampered with ease and is not inviolable! That was about all for the special Assembly session!!!

Instead – if he wanted - of either denouncing or decrying or discounting corruption related allegation made by his Minister, Kapil Mishra he kept thumping the desk while Saurabh was explaining the EVMs incompatibility for mass voting in India!

All said and done Arwind is cornered irretrievably; he needs to quit the CMship by the same yardstick with which he demanded many Ministers of other parties especially the BJP for “misdemeanor” in non- provable financial transactions and many other issues. Once his innocence is proved he may resume as the CM if not ask pardon from the citizens of Delhi for hoodwinking them - spend some time in jail like Tamilnadu’s Sasikala - maid-in-waiting of eternal Amma!

Jhulan Goswami (10th May 2017)

Jhulan has established herself as the first Indian fast bowler to have bagged 181 wickets in women’s ODI. Her international ranking too has risen: right on to the top! It is a matter of pride that this tall, aggressive and never-say-die bowler from India has won laurels for the country! She achieved this record, playing an ODI in South Africa yesterday!

We all rejoice at her feat, may she reach greater heights and bring joy to her family and friends and of course to India! जय हो झूलन!

This not the answer! (9th May 2017)

Destroying a few Pakistani bunkers in retaliation of killing and beheading Indian soldiers is not the appropriate answers. Nor tit for tat policy either (killing and beheading – this is not Indian, we are a civilized nation) any solution to the recurring sacrilege along the Indian borders. Border skirmishes are routine occurrences along all international borders in the world, but killing and then mutilating soldiers’ bodies is against normal civilized behavior and international conventions.

As one widow of a “martyr” has said in an interview, “फक्र होता अगर मेरे पति जंग के मैदान में देश की सीमाओं की रक्षा करते करते मारे जाते, मगर समय समय पर सैनिकों के पीठ पीछे वार करके उनके शरीर को तकसीम करके छोड जाना हत्या कही जाती है, बलिदान नहीं! और फिर उस बिगडी हालत में शव को अपने घर ले आना असहनीय है, पीडादायक, हृदयविदारक है! अच्छा होता अगर हमारी सरकार कोई स्थाई समाधान ढूँढ लेती।

The Modi government is still unable to find a solution to the recurring deaths of scores of Indian soldiers and their mutilations. Tensions of a different kind presented itself during Kargil war; over half a million Indian soldiers were mobilized along the 750 miles of LOC dividing India and Pakistan. The then PM of India Atalji had said, “हम ईंट का जवाब पत्थर से देंगे” but all this hype remained on paper.

In 1971 Indiraji had the uncanny courage to plan to dismember Pakistan (West from East) on the basis of its linguistic and cultural differences and growing discontent among the Bengali population against Army atrocities and tapping economic wealth to the advantage of West Pakistan!

PM Modi, like his predecessor Atalji, is still toying with the idea of finding a peaceful solution. Indian Armed forces are not going to take lying down any more. Surely, they too like me, miss a stalwart, a woman of action: the one and the only one Priyadarshini Indiraji who changed the course of history and redefined borders!

India must study the geo-political conditions prevalent in Baluchistan in North Eastern province adjoining unreliable China. Conditions similar to 1971 in East Pakistan exist there: economic exploitation, linguistic and cultural differences. Baluchis are yearning to have a separate homeland (please do not confuse this with Kashmir issue) free from Pakistani dominance. Considering various issues – political, economic and social unrest - over the years I firmly believe that unless India crosses swords with Pakistan peace cannot be established along the borders! Indian military strategists must surely be working on operational strategy should an occasion arise for an all out war with Pakistan! भारतीय सेना विजयी हो! भारत माता की जय!

काश यह सच नहीं होता ! (8th May 2017)

It is hard to believe that Arvind has taken bribe from one Satyendra Jain (Rs. 2 crores) for some favours as accused by now expelled Minister Kapil Mishra! I wish it is not true, Arvind cannot stoop so low, Kapil also cannot be telling a lie! It hurts me!

Whatever is happening in Delhi politics is the result of Arvind’s own making. If had put his head down to work for the benefit and welfare of the Delhi-ites , if he had not clamoured for totalitarian powers, if he had not locked horns with the erstwhile LG but worked within the parameters as entitled for a CM of Delhi (which is diagonally different from any of the Union Territories) he would have spared the chagrin of the beleaguered citizens of Delhi!

विश्व की एक मात्र लौह महिला और देश की शान स्वर्गीय इन्दिराजी ने कभी कहा था, दिल्ली में जो लोग आते हैं वापस लौटना नहीं चाहते, क्योंकि यह देश की राजधानी है, मगर दुर्भाग्य है कि कोई भी इस शहर से प्यार नहीं करता, इसकी रखरखाव के लिये कार्य नहीं करता! उन्होंने आगे कहा, इन्द्रप्रस्थ (दिल्ली का पौराणिक नाम) अनेक बार उजडा और फिर बसा लेकिन इसकी हस्ती कभी मिटी नहीं, बावजूद इसके कि कोई इस से प्यार नहीं करता! क्या खूब कहा! आज उनकी बात स्मरण करते हुए ये आखें नम हुईं! इन्दिराजी की जय हो!

Amit in Tripura! (8th May 2017)

Addressing a massive rally in Agartala Amit Shah made a scathing attack on Tripura government for the ills that prevail in this far eastern state of India. He blamed the leftist government for its backwardness despite the communists claim that they work for the poor, farmers, and the downtrodden, he cannot be far from truth! The spectre of poverty remains as ever before despite decades of Leftist rule. Communist ideology is to plunder the rich, make the poor rich by distributing their wealth! In simpler terms rob Peter to pay Paul! Communists believe that all the talk in a democracy on national heritage, culture and history is only a means to hoodwink the masses!

I am glad Amit has hit the nail on the head; his fiery speech is perhaps the best in recent months! Communists in India have done more harm than good, the violence in North Eastern states, West Bengal, Kerala, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand are engineered, financed and executed by the Communists. They want to usurp state power by violence and terror, it is their ideology and Amit’s speech drove this point extremely well to his listeners. Congress could never demolish the Communist bastion in Tripura, but as things stand BJP is making all out effort to drive out the Communists to establish a semblance of law and order and nationalism!

IPL: Stupid Virat! (8th May 2017)

RCB has won in 2 out of 13 matches and Virat’s performance reached the nadir, yet the chum celebrates his association with IPL for 10 years – with his other chums and his sweetheart, Anushkha Sharma! बशर्मी की हद हो गई!

Lalu the criminal, at large! (7th May 2017)

Lalu Maharaj is once again cornered by the leader of the Opposition in Bibar Assembly and the Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad is quick to open a new front against the Yadav Patriarch of corruption, fraud, intimidation and connection with shady characters in Bihar! Under international law one who aids and abets criminals is also a criminal! And Lalu Maharaj falls in this category!

Lalu Yadav has had a long period of unholy relationship with the criminal Sayed Shababuddin (and his associates) – now cooling his feet in Tihar Jail – who has over 20 criminal cases against him! The audio tape released by a private TV channel says it all, that Sayyed still has a sway on Siwan district where he hails from. The RJD supremo, the “Management guru” was found speaking to Sayyed in jail over the mobile, wherein Sayyed tells the Yadav Guru to transfer a certain police officer from the district as he is creating a “problems” there! Obviously, Nitish is a puppet and is under the thumb of Lalu Yadav!

Now, the point is how does Lalu get access to a criminal lodged in jail? How did Sayyed get hold of a mobile phone in his cell? Under the law a friend, relative or well wisher can gain access to an under trial in jail by physical presence, here the defamed Lalu talks to his criminal friend Sayyed in jail over mobile as “nobody’s business”! What is Nitish Kumar doing? Is he also involved in this criminal act? As the Law Minister demanded, Nitish has to explain all this. If Lalu Maharaj has access to a criminal in jail over phone it is a prima facie offence and under law he must be brought to book and questioned.

I have been following Yadav since the time of his Accession to the Throne of Bihar Government as CM, and I know well that criminalism got a shot in the arm during his regime! He is a manipulator, a big घपलेबाज़, and sons too are chip of the same block. A high level inquiry must be set up against Lalu for criminal conspiracy, money laundering, misappropriation of funds and land grab activities using thugs from his community and Muslims to advance his personal interests. Lalu is making an ass of not only Bihar but the entire nation. If Nitish remains non-committal by default he too is privy to this “grand alliance”! लालू भले ही देखने में ज़ाहिल लगते हों मगर वह बिहार के लिये ही नहीं, अपितु समस्त भारतवर्ष की अस्मिता के लिये अमिट कलंक हैं। After the revelations made by the media उन्हें चाहिये कि चुल्लू भर पानी में डूब मरे! माँ भारती, तुम्हारी पवित्र कोख़ से जन्म लेकर ऐसे लोगों ने तुम्हें अपमानित किया है, इन्हें बख्शो नहीं, माँ! जय माँ भारती!

Death to the perpetrators (6th May 2017)

Nirbhaya case was followed by entire nation for its brazenness, repulsiveness, poignancy and sadism of 6 men against a helpless woman in a running bus in a Delhi bus around 11 pm on that forgettable December day of 2012. Supreme Court ruling was on expected lines: death to the perpetrators of the dastardly crime. Let not there be another case as dreadful as that of Nirbhaya’s. इन अपराधियों ने माँ भारती को शर्मसार किया है। हर भारतीय नर नारी का सर लज्जा से झुक गया है!

Women face sexual harassment in work places, in streets, buses, malls, parks and in almost all places where men outnumber women. Film heroes teach youngsters through their films how to tease young ladies, harass them and how by doing so they win favors from them! Cannot our film makers produce films without the hero indulging in activities that glorifies a man harassing a woman? In a recent talk Menaka Gandhi – Minister for Women and Child Welfare – was forthright when she observed that films influence behavioral attitude of boys, young and older men to replicate what their matinee idol does on screen! (और तो और Internet रही सही कसर पूरा कर देता है)! I, for one firmly believe that producers, directors and writers are themselves sadistic because such immoral thoughts are born in their minds first!! As Napolean Bonaparte had said that wars or fought in the minds of men before it actually reaches the battlefield! Therefore, film fraternity needs to correct its mindset to produce films that show the subtlety of genuine gender relationships.

Nirbhaya case was highlighted without any let up by the media to the logical conclusion; but everyday countless incidents of rape happen in various parts of the country where the media cannot reach or the victims shy away from reporting to the police! Police too are not helpful in such cases either. In the Nirbhaya case the entire team right from the DCP Chaya Sharma to the lone constable have worked hard and meticulously to fathom the various leads to implicate the accused. But police is not so helpful in most cases; therefore the police force must be trained properly to handle such cases with a human touch. I suggest Chaya Sharma to organize camps for police personnel involved in crime detection and investigation, how best to castle the crime doer as she has done in the case of Nirbhaya. IPS Kiran Bedi – currently Governor of Pondicherry – too can pool in her vast experience in this noble task and work to prevent crime against women. Menaka is doing her best to reach out succor to the victims for a long time now. I hope she will be crowned with success in her crusade in strengthening women’s security.

Virat, proud for playing 10 years in IPL! (6th May 2017)

Virat needs to understand that it is not IPL that glorifies him but playing for the country. A couple of days back he celebrated with his ladylove for being in the IPL for 10 years! Who cares! In the previous World Cup because of his overconfidence and spitfire he lost the wicket at a crucial stage consequently India could not make it to the final! National cricket has come to be sidelined for currency rich IPL! Let not Virat forget that he is there (IPL) because of his performance in Indian Cricket!

Kashmir: Army cannot be expected to be soft anymore! (5th May 2017)

Using women and children to prevent the Army from undertaking search operations in South Kashmir’s 20 villages indicates the ground situation there. Militants and terrorists are being harboured by anti-national elements within the valley. Women and children also have joined stone-pelting along with men crying slogans, India go, go, Pakistan Zindabad etc…! People in other parts of India especially the South do not understand the severe conditions the Army is facing in the Valley! I do not blame them for this because South did not face the severity and the aftermath of partition of India! Very few understand what the Kashmir Issue is all about! They are indifferent to the pangs of normal Kashmiris, more so of the displaced Kashmiri Hindus driven out from their own state.

Coming to the issue of Army’s operational difficulties it must be said that Army is taking utmost care not to hurt women and children despite dangerous provocation. However, the government cannot expect the Army to act with “caution” while their own soldiers are targeted, injured and killed. Sooner or later the Army will take appropriate “action” to protect its own “kin”. In the meanwhile where is the duo: Farooq Abdullah and his son hiding? If they come out with wrong statements that people are being targeted in the Army operations I call upon PM Modi take the steps taken by Pt Nehru against Sheikh Abdullah in 1953! The sheikh was imprisoned for anti national statements, instigating common people against the state. He was incarcerated for 11 years for his activities till Pt. Nehru passed away in May, 1964. The same treatment must be meted out to the Abdullahs for any statements that would endanger national unity and security. They do not have the guts befitting a man, Madame Mufti has a given a good account of herself as of now!

I would suggest PM Modi to run through the archives on Kashmir more intimately and understand how Pt Nehru took a tough stand when the Sheikh was going out of hand and shoved him in jail. Can PM take the same stand today? Pt. Nehru and his illustrious daughter the immortal Indiraji were very tough: one on Sheikh Abdullah, the other on prevention of atrocities on people of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) leading to the 1971 war! Prior to the war more than a million hapless people entered India and Indiraji did not flinch to take a step that stunned the entire world.

Sometimes I am driven to feel that PM Modi is like a helpless, crippled man who threatens to beat anyone who torments him but can do nothing! PM Modi is not so tough as Pt. Nehru, Indiraji or even Lal Bahadur Shastri while dealing with situations as this! May he garner psychic strength to meet the situation facing the country! जय माँ भारती!!

64th National Film Awards (4th May 2017)

I must congratulate Akshay Kumar, K. Vishwanath and Sonam Kapoor for receiving awards for excellence in their respective categories. However, what needs mention is the observation made by I and B Minister, Venkaiya Naidu that this year awards have been instituted to honour the “real heroes” who work behind the “reel heroes” to make them look what they are not! Yes, you guessed it right! The “doubles” – the stunt heroes! Excepting a few scenes by the “reel” heroes, the stuntmen do all the rest risking their lives! Years ago a “double” for the all-time he-man Dharmendra died while enacting a scene – jumping from a helicopter into the Arabian Sea. Dharmendra himself wanted to do this stunt but could not reach the sets in time so the “double” was made to enact it and jumped, but as fate would have it he instantly found his watery grave! Saddening! Such tragedies occur but no one remembers them except offering them compensation!

In recent years films like Bahubali – 2, Robot, Ra one, Tez etc have depended heavily on graphics by highly professional graphic designers; for our film “heroes” can sing songs and entice women - that is about all they can do!! Naidu has done well to underline the important role played by the “doubles” and graphic designers. The audience clapped lustily at Naidu’s observation. Jai ho, Venkaiyya! Jai ho!

Irresolute Narendra Bhai Modi (4th May 2017)

If a political party that is said to be the largest in the world, and happens to have a large mass base and majority in the Lower House cannot find a full time Defence Minister, it indicates that the leader of the party in the House is indecisive! Are there no competent men in the Government that FM Jaitly needs to act as part time Defence Minister? Arun is doing his Finance job well why to drag him in while he is “burning the mid night oil” on GST bill and various finance related issues? PM wants to be the de facto Defence Minister even while projecting Arun as the part time Defence Minister!

I understand a civil government cannot have a former Army Chief – V.K Singh – as its DM nor it would like Col. Rajvardhan Rathore as DM because despite his fine credentials in the Army and sports none in the civil administration would like an Army Chief to salute a former subordinate officer from the Army (!) but there are quite a few who have very good track record in administration to head the Ministry. Kapil Sibal is right when he spoke on the same lines as I do! In the US and Israel a Defence Minister is invariably from the Services, why cannot India have one? PM Modi has been irresolute on two fronts: meeting the exigency of the situation existing on the borders and inability in finding a full time Defence Minister. I must caution him that DM’s job is not similar to a receptionist job in an IT company!

PM Modi has also been unsuccessful in tethering China which continues to be covertly belligerent towards India. China has never been friendly with its neighbours for years: Russia, Mongolia, India, Japan to name a few: but loses no opportunity to become bedfellows with the rogue nation Pakistan and not too friendly or reliable Bangladesh!

The ruling Yadavs(erstwhile) of UP (3rd May 2017)

Akhilesh Yadav is nothing short of a criminal! In practically all petrol pumps, chips that would reduce the quantum of petrol to the customer is indicative of the level of loot that took place in Uttar Pradesh during his regime! He encouraged electricity theft, used 5 KW Transformer in his residence when he is supposed to have a 40 KW transformer. If the customer asks for I liter of petrol he receives 50 ml less, thereby losing nearly Rs.4! Petroleum Minister Pradhan directed special teams to investigate the machines in not only in entire UP but other parts of the country too! It is believed the customers have been losing near to Rs. 400 crores every day by this manipulation! Sacrilege! Ruling Yadvas both in UP and Bihar have done great harm to the country, they need to be tried for treason not under ordinary laws. The government is patting its back for netting Vijay Mallaya, while leaving local criminals like लावारिस सांड!

केजरीवाल का क़ुमार विश्वास पर विश्वास टूटा! (3rd May 2017)

विश्वास, न जाने क्यों इब्तदा से केजरीवाल के पिच्छलग्गू हो गये, जब कि बहुत पहले ही उन्हें केजरीवाल से बगावत करके सभ्य लोगों के बीच आ जाना चाहिये था! अपनी कविताओं के लिये लोकप्रिय हुए विश्वास आम आदमी पार्टी की नज़दीकियों के चलते विशेषकर अराजक केजरीवाल के करीबी होने के कारण अपनी साख को धीरे गवाँते गए! उनको मनोज तिवारी, रवि किशन, मालिनी त्यागी सरीखे लोगों के संग रहना चाहिये था, ब्राह्मण होने के कारण नहीं अपितु वे अपनी कला, दर्शन एवं राजनीतिक समझ के काऱण! कला के मंच पर रहकर विश्वास अनछुए बुलन्दियों को छू सकते थे! राजनीति में मुँह बोले भाई, बहन, चाचा, बुआ, भतीजा, भाभी का कोई मतलब नहीं होता। हर कोई एक दूसरे के प्रतिद्वंद्वी होता है! ये महज़ बकवास है, अपरिपक्वता का परिचायक है। चाणक्य ने भी अपने ग्रंथ में इस संबंध में बहुत कुछ लिखा था। जिसने चाणक्य नीति का अध्ययन किया हो वह कतई ऐसे संबंधों के आधार पर राजनीति नहीं करेगा! हाँ, यह स्पष्ट है, हमारे किसी भी राजनेता ने इस का अध्ययन नहीं किया है, क्योंकि चाणक्य नीति लल्लू पंजू की बस की बात नहीं है, कम से कम कला क्षेत्र से राजनीति में आये लोगों को चाहिये कि वे इस नीति का अध्ययन करे! कुमार विश्वास को अब एक ही रास्ता बचा है: भाजपा, या कला में अपना सम्पूर्ण जीवन लगा देने का। भाजपा में शामिल होकर वे कला को, राजनीति को बखूबी निभा सकते हैं, यह मेरा मानना है!

We need Priyadarshini Indiraji today! (2nd May 2017)

Knocking out a couple of enemy bunkers is no answer to the sacrilege committed by the BAT ( Border Action Team) of the defamed Pakistani Army as retaliation for killing two Indian Army men and then mutilating their bodies. Pakistan has Muslim butchers in its army who do halal(हलाल)! Muslims do not eat non-halal meat! What is halal? The butcher slits open the throat of an animal and lets it bleed till it dies! Why? Muslims believe that “bad blood” will ooze out and then the meat of the animal will be free from virus, disease etc! The scene is most outrageous, pathetic! Butchers do this job daily therefore they find nothing wrong to mutilate human body as well after killing them.

Coming to the point: Why doesn’t PM Modi give a fitting reply to the Pakistani affront? Indian Army is battle ready, all its units are on high alert, and there cannot be a more opportune time than this! Yet PM Modi is still lingering! Why? PM Modi is a political strategist; I presume he will pick up the Pakistani gauntlet just before his tenure ends about two years from now. Whatever the result he will ride high for having taken the fight right into the enemy camp and get reelected for a second term as PM! He is actually yearning to step into Indiraji’s shoes who sought for reelection after the 1971 war with Pakistan. This strategy is in direct contrast with the situation that prevailed then. Indiraji did not have such a large mandate as Modi has today. She took to crossing the swords when she found that Pakistan is not turning around the corner! She did not delay as PM Modi! Indiraji had been firm in her resolve throughout her life, and the Army stood like an impregnable wall behind her and the result is there for all of us to see!

Chief of Military Operations in 1971 war Lt. Gen. Jagjit Singh Arora, a great warrior that he was and the then Army Chief of Staff FJH Sam Manekshaw meticulously planned the operations with the Army, Navy and Air force Commanders and overran East Pakistan the like of which was hitherto never seen in the annals of combined operations of Army, Navy and Airforce anywhere in the world since the Second world war ended!! On the western front Lahore was fully surrounded by the Indian Army ready for the final assault!! It was a blitzkrieg that no one foresaw. At the outset the then belligerent America had ruled out any success for the Indian Army in East Pakistan as it is criss-crossed with innumerable waterways and dense and thick forest cover that would hinder the Army to move fast. But Indian Army strategists have been planning for months and knew pretty well the difficult terrain there. Simultaneously, amphibian tanks, artillery units, special para-troopers were dropped across East Pakistan and within 15 days the entire country was under Indian Army control; more than 95,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered before Lt.Gen. Jagjit Singh Arora! Indiraji was a blaze after this great victory! People clamored and surged in thousand to kiss her hands and touch her feet in awe and reverence wherever she went. Atalji likened Indiraji to माँ दुर्गा! अटलजी की जय हो!!

After the war while the soldiers moved back to their units in packed trains crossing the heartland of the country thousands gathered at all stations to see their heroes returning home with a streak of glory, offered them sweets and garlanded them amidst cries of भारत माँता की जय्, वन्दे मातरम, जय जवान जय किसान, जब तक सूरज चांद रहेगा, देश हमारा कायम रहेगा! such was the frenzy! PM Modi can never ever be a man of resolve on this front as Priyadarshini Indiraji! I salute this Iron Lady of India, whence come next!?

IPL: Virat’s virat flop show! (1st May 2017)

Virat Kohli’s Bangalore Royal Challengers made a quick exit from the IPL’s 10 the edition! It looked as if all the players were in a great hurry to see the heart throbs!! And Virat almost ran into his sweet heart’s arms, what with ciphers in a couple of outings. More than anyone else, Virat needs to take a holiday and jive into the world of romance and impress his girlfriend as he failed to live up to the expectations of his fans! In war and peace the victor is decorated and the vanquished, as we had seen in the times of ancient Rome, how the Gladiators were virtually worshiped while the vanquished either imprisoned or jeered by the people.

In his playing days when Sachin would walk into the crease for Mumbai Indians his supporters would run into a tizzy and the commentators - especially that loud mouth blabber Navjot - in the box shower encomiums on him, “S, now the Master blaster has come, everything will be okay for the MI”. Lo! out he goes facing the first ball! Many a time he failed miserably but the likes of Rohit Sharma, Ajenkya Rahane took the MI to the winning post! It is the hype that makes most of the cricketers what they are! Consistency is still illusive for the players today: the reason either they are thinking of their sweethearts or the big money they are to take home at the end of the tournament!! Cricket is not in their minds! महाभारत में द्रोणाचार्य अर्जुन से कहते हैं, पेड पर बैठे उस पक्षी को तुम अवश्य देख रहे हो मगर तुम्हारा निशाना उस पंछी की पुतली पर होना चाहिये है, तब तुम्हारा निशाना अचूक होगा! बहुत खूब!! आज के संदर्भ में यह प्रकरण बहुत प्रासंगिक है! लगे हाथ मैं योगी से विनम्र प्रार्थना करता हूँ कि वे स्कूलों में भगवदगीता, रामायण और महाभारत से नैतिकता और कर्तव्यों से संबंधित प्रकरणों को स्कूली पाठ्यक्रम में शामिल करें, इन में “धर्म” की बात कही गई है। हिन्दुओं में “धर्म” को “कर्तव्य” माना जाता है, न कि कोई मज़हब! हिन्दू धर्म की जय हो!

Land sharks! (1st May 2017)

Vadra, Hoda, most respected Laloo Yadav, Yadav Singh - just to name a few - are the real criminals who are usurping land: buying, using fictitious names and then reselling at a higher price as it happened in Haryana with respect to Robert Vadra! He had purchased arable lands using political clout and sold the same to commercial goons at unimaginable prices! I would suggest Priyanka not to show her sparkling teeth (smile) to play down a serious issue! Their lives are more luxurious and ostentatious than the erstwhile maharajas! While today they live in penury the political thugs command more “respect” than the Royals!! While Subroto Roy - Sahara India - has been behind bars for quite sometime now the bigger guns boom before the media expressing innocence!

Sardar Patel must have turned in his grave with the developments in Independent India, Indiraji too: she had abolished privy purses during her tenure bringing the Royals onto the streets!!

Tamil Nadu imbroglio: the mirage continues (30th April 2017)

Despite efforts from both factions of AIADMK working to iron out ways for the merger, two issues seem to be coming in its way: OPS’s demand to expel Sasikala from the Party and CBI investigation into the mysterious death of Amma. Entire Tamil people want these two issues, raised by OPS must be addressed first for a formal merger. What is wrong anyway? Besmeared Sasikala cannot be the head of a party when she is obliged to wash not only her own clothes but other inmates’ of the penitentiary too!

Tamil people believe that Amma died an unnatural death, they wish to know under what circumstances she died? EPS must oblige and fall in line in the best interest of AIADMK and Tamilnadu! Delay will offset the good work Amma did during her lifetime!

दिग्विजय सिंह की छुट्टी! (30th April 2017)

गर किसी राजनीतिक पार्टी में चमचों की भरमार है, तो वह बेशक कांग्रेस पार्टी है। जिन्होंने कांग्रेस पार्टी में अमूल परिवर्तन की मांग की थी उन्हीं को दरवाजा दिखाया दिया गया है! गोवा में दिग्विजय के रहते हुए भाजपा ने सरकार बनाने की बाजी मार ली यह आला कमान को पसन्द नहीं आया! अखिर दिग्विजय वहाँ बैठे कर क्या रहे थे? और फिर करनाटक के प्रभारी के पद से भी उन्हें हटा दिया गया है, वहाँ भी वे चोंच मारते रहे, और अब वहाँ भी कांग्रेस का हाल खास्ता है! यहाँ दिल्ली में महानगरपालिका के चुनाव में कांग्रेस की बुरी हार के चलते अजय माखन को अपने पद से इस्तीफे देना पडा! जब तक निक्कमे राहुल अपने पद नहीं त्यागते, चमचों का सफाया नहीं होता और युवाओं को आगे नहीं बढाया जाता कांग्रेस को पुन: पटरी पर लाना मुश्किल है! और फिर तुष्टीकरण से वोट बटोरने की राजनीति से भी उसे बाज आना आवश्यक है! किसी गणतंत्र में सशक्त विपक्ष का होना ज़रूरी है, और इस की भरपाई केवल कांग्रेस कर सकती हैं, इस लिये कि उसकी सभी राज्यों में जनता पर कुछ पकड अब भी बाकी है।

Yogi’s Farman! (29th April 2017)

I endorse the views of the Yogi who made it mandatory that all DMs and SPs in the state must be back at their seats by 6 pm on all working days in addition to interacting with general masses at the offices between 9 am and 11 pm to redress grievances! And he made it clear, “I shall speak to you over the landlines alone (phones)!” Jai ho, Yogi!

The Yogi knows that mobile phones are being misused by officers giving contradictory info on their location. It may not be possible for the DMs and SPs to be at their seats during the time specified by him always but by and large it can be done given the will and duty- bound attitude.

I do not receive calls if anyone calls me on my landline using mobiles unless the person is well known to me, and whose numbers are known to me as well! Mobile phone callers do not give their correct location, give false info and the Yogi knows that. Since the advent of internet services fraud has become even more conspicuous, one can create several email IDs, create virtual addresses and indulge in a host of nefarious activities which come to light off and on! Mobile phone caller’s location can be known using GPS but all cannot be having this facility; therefore it is commonplace for a majority of people to mislead others! When I call, and if I happen to be at my residence cum office I always use my LL to indicate that I am at my residence/office. In Chennai even a scavenger has two sim card mobile phones to “show off” his/her opulence! Having been using the mobile phone - only to keep in touch with my aged father, now late - since 1994 when it was first introduced in Chennai I have come across a huge number of imposters! LL indicates a person’s stability not mobile phones! Today in top companies your mobile phone gets jammed as soon as you enter the premises! You are obliged to use the LL from that location for a premium! Great!

The Yogi must be congratulated for various actions he has been taking in Uttar Pradesh since he became the CM!

क्या बात है, केशव प्रसाद मौर्य! (29th April 2017)

उत्तर प्रदेश के मंत्री मौर्य ने बेझिझक कहा कि मुसलमान अपनी हवस मिटाने के लिये तलाक का प्रयोग करता है! मैं इस में एक और वाक्य जोडना चाहता हूँ, जब इसलाम में चार शादियों की छूट है, तलाक की क्या ज़रूरत! इस में समस्या यह है कि शरीयत के अनुसार मर्द को तलाकशुदा औरत के जीवन यापन के लिये पर्याप्त धन उपलब्ध कराना पडता है! लगभग सभी के पास इतनी हैसियत नहीं है! तलाक देकर मर्द उस औरत को किसी प्रकार की मुआवज़ा नहीं देता, उसे ठोकर खाने के लिये राह पर छोड देता है! जिस प्रकार शाहबानू मामले में हुआ था! मुसलमान मर्दों की नज़र औरतों पर हमेशा लगी रहती है, इस लिये पैगम्बर मोहम्मद ने औरतों को बुरका/हिजाब पहनाना ज़रूरी माना! जब की शरीयत में लिखा है कि पराई नारी पर बुरी नज़र डालना गुनाह है! औरत के मामले में मुसल्मान मर्द शरीयत को भूल जाता है! यह हवस नहीं तो क्या है?!

Vinod Khanna: the fighter is no more (28th April 2017)

In Indian cinema a villain remains a villain a hero remains the same till over fifty! Dances around trees to please his lady love who is often less than half his age.

But Vinod was different! His built, his handsome Elvis Presley looks, perfect height, walking style befitting the character he lives on screen, dialogue delivery in different roles he played is a classic example of a great actor. In short I must say Vinod was a magnetic personality the like whom we are yet to see on silver screen! He had the uncanny trait to look treacherous when he plays the role of a villain but improvises his looks with perfection when he needs to enamor his ladylove! Remember the song in Qurbani, हम तुम्हें चाहते हैं ऐसे, मरने वाला कोई ज़िन्दगी चाहता हो जैसे….!

Vinod was at his peak of his film career when that “free sex mystic” downright Rajnish drew him to his cult. He left his home leaving behind his young wife, Geetanjali and two small sons to fend for themselves. As a good Indian housewife she did what all she could do for the little ones! She did not want Vinod to join the cult, and when he refused to budge, out of disgust she asked for a divorce. This is the only dark spot in his glorious life!

That his eldest son Akshay Khanna appeared at the last moment at the crematorium yesterday just to lit the pyre of his illustrious father is indicative that Akshay was unhappy with his father for all his mother suffered over the years! I do not blame Vinod, but Rajnish who misled lakhs of people around the world propagating nothing but “free sex” and finally the US government had asked Rajnish to close down his cult headquarters in Oregon! Rajnish like the Ananda Margis has done more harm than good to society, mesmerizing young people to join his shady cult which died a natural death! Both the groups propagated a dangerous cult that disrupted many homes across continents and Vinod had been one of the victims! Had he not joined Osho Rajnish Vinod would have risen to greater heights but that was not to be! Some while departing from this mortal world leave behind footprints on the sands of time, and Vinod is one of them!

We salute Vinod for his unparalleled achievement.

Sadhvi Pragya Thakur: victim of Congress machinations (28th April 2017)

Pragya finds a place in my website photo gallery today for she has been in the forefront in the fight against nepotism when it comes to Hindu Asmita!

Seeing Pragya in a wheelchair is shocking! At the press conference yesterday after her release she made serious allegations that she was ill treated and women police or wardens were not on duty throughout her detention. If what she says is true – there is no reason to doubt - then the reforms that IPS Kiran Bedi (now Governor of Pondicherry) claims to have brought in Indian jails go abegging! Maharashtra government must institute a special investigation team (SIT) to find out how women detainees are treated in jails - if they are under total supervision of women wardens, women police and cared for properly. Those officers who are found guilty must be punished according to the statute.

It is believed that Pragya is suffering from an undisclosed symptom of cancer; I call upon the Hindu organizations especially the VHP and the RSS, to come forward to provide the best medical treatment available in the country for the Sadhvi.

We are sorry, Pragya, for your sufferance, you are indeed a braveheart. We all love you and pray for your good health! जय माँ भारती, जय साध्वी प्रज्ञा, जय हो!!

Bureaucrats can only work from behind…… (27th April 2017)

With the ignonamus defeat of AAP headed by bureaucrat turned politician Kejrival underlines the fact that however good and honest a person may be, a bureaucrat is a total flop in politics (remember TN Sheshan?)! They do not understand that, in politics the concept (a + b)2 = a2 + b2 + 2ab is to be referred to as a2 + 2ab + b2 .! Kejrival is almost a non entity today! He and his party have made a mockery of politics in Delhi and in the process Delhi finds place in International headlines for wrong reasons! By his slipshod management Kejrival has made himself a laughing stock next to Munna (Rahul Gandhi) in the social media!

MCD results indicate that the Congress and the embattled AAP are no match to the BJP led by PM Modi, Amit Shah and Delhi state BJP President Manoj Tiwari! Manoj had worked over time campaigning for all the 272 segments reaching out to the people why BJP should be voted again! Manoj spent many nights with poorvaanchal people who have influenced the results; Manoj brought with him Bhojpuri ethos and flavor in his campaign speeches and the song he had written for the Party has been a great hit among all Delhiites irrespective of their political and linguistic allegiances. Manoj is a level headed guy, his rise from a small time Bhojpuri singer to actor and now to the helm of Delhi politics is simply amazing! Undoubtedly, his popularity will contribute to engage people of Delhi joining in working zealously to improve civic services in Delhi; especially areas populated by Poorvanchalis’ must be addressed on a war footing.

Wish Manoj a great time during his tenure as the possible Mayor of Delhi! Jai ho Manoj, jai ho!

American naval forces in the Pacific! (27th April 2017)

Donny means business! North Korea is preparing for another nuclear test in a few hours from now to show the world it is the most powerful country in the region and can bully the mighty US too! As I said in my previous edits Pakistan, China, ISIS and North Korea are a great threat to world peace! Aggressive North Korea’s war machine must be destroyed, Donny is itching for it! American Naval forces are lurking in the area in full strength close to North Korean waters, and any wrong calculation will engage the US forces to attack military installations there especially the nuclear arsenal! Donny, do it, pre-emptive strike is the hall mark of US military operations from which chapter Indiraji had taken a leaf out of it in 1971 war against Pakistan!

Uttar Pradesh: the most happening State! (27th April 2017)

Yogi has purged the IAS cadre, the IPS and police, DMs across the state in one stroke - never before seen in India for a long time now. It hurts why a state with such abundant natural wealth and hard working people still remains behind smaller states like Chattisgarh, Jharkhand etc! Yogi is aware of the issues before him and is working on the same lines as PM Modi to get results from his subordinates both Ministers and bureaucrats. The people too have come up to join hands in building UP to be one of the foremost states in India! Jai ho. Yogi!

Sadhvi Pragya Thakur released on bail! (26th April 2017)

Sadhvi Pragya, accused in the 2008 Malegaon blast case is released on bail, temporarily though! Pragya has been a Hindu Asmita activist whom the then anti-Hindu Congress government termed her as the fountain head of Hindu terrorism (!). Flop FM, P.Chidambaram is the person who coined “Hindu Terrorism” to justify Pragya’s arrest. P.Chidambaram must be likened to Vishwanath Pratap Singh for some stupid comments he made during his tenure. PC’s anglicized English cannot be construed as intelligence; it is just a cover-up to glorify ignorance! PC while being the FM and VPS as Prime Minister (just for 11 months) have brought shame to political system and since then the trend continues unabated especially in the Congress and the Janata Party with different nomenclatures!

Coming to Pragya’s temporary bail I am terribly saddened to know that she is very ill, can hardly walk a few steps on her own, she needs support! It is criminal. She has been so active almost athletic at the time of arrest that it shocks the entire nation when she is seen walking with other’s support. I demand that there be a thorough investigation into the circumstances that led to Pragya’s poor health. Has she been has she been tortured, given appropriate health care, food and other amenities befitting a Sadhvi?

TN: Dinakaran in jail! (26th April 2017)

At last Dinakaran, nephew of Sasikala who is already behind bars, has been arrested for alleged involvement of bribing an office bearer in EC to get the “two leaves” symbol for his faction of the AIADMK! Both Sasikala and Dinakaran have usurped power and wealth wrongfully by various permutations and combinations! As the thirteenth century poet, Chaucer had said in one of his poems that, “truth will be out someday and then retribution will follow” has been proved by the arrest of both the criminal minded “Aunty-Nephew” duo!

Now it is time both the factions of AIADMK merge in the best interests of the state and meet the exigencies that lie before the government: drought and farmers agitation. One must take a leaf out of Yogis way of functioning in Uttar Pradesh: rest not till the goal is reached.

Kashmir as always, on boil! (25th April 2017)

Many are clamoring for President’s rule in Kashmir following heightened violence and tension in the Kashmir valley which is what parties other than BJP wants: democratic rule having been hijacked by anti-national elements and orchestrated by peoples (PDP/ NC)representatives. The PDF and downright Frooq Abdullah and his loaud moythed son, Omar have a soft corner for the agitators while all along batting for peace and softer action by the police and the armed forces. National Conference is anti- national although it looks as if it swears by the Constitution of India!

The violence engineered by anti national elements in Kashmir valley are having an upper hand. Following this, girl students have joined in stone pelting in huge numbers consequently taking action against them stone pelters has become even more difficult. A broad spectrum of Kashmir watchers agree that sterner action be taken to find a solution to this vexed issue that is the result of the Himalayan Blunder by Pt. Nehru!

All the political parties which have lost their hold in the Valley want Governor’s rule why? Break down of law and order? Not at all! They want BJP out of the coalition that is the only reason. And I dare say BJP’s presence is the only answer to put down the separatists machinations. A former Army in a discussion yesterday has made it clear – as I and most of us think –that the abrogation of Article 370 and division of the valley into three segments: Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir(a truncated one) is the only solution! Even a top functionary of the RSS agrees on this and has this to say: radicalization of Islam in the Kashmir Valley is the crux of the problem just as is seen other parts of the world. How true it is! It is an open secret that radicalism is raising its violent head in areas where Muslims outnumber other communities; Malda in West Bengal is one such area! Add to this political leaders like Mamta Banerjee do not see the danger of rapid growth in radicalism as she has political interests!

Bengal suffered twice in the past: bifurcation of Bengal (in the middle of the first decade of the last century) and partition of India, is she so stupid that she cannot understand?

Congress and all its off shoots must be banished from the country and the National Conference too. Islam does not understand democracy; it is spelling a death knell to the entire human race today and the very survival of the Planet Earth is its hands!

Sukma killing a slur! (25th April 2017)

Cold blooded killing of more than 28 jawans of the CRPF in Chattisgarh is shocking! Blood spilling of duty bound jawans by the Naxalites is condemable. I honestly feel that the CRPF operating in Naxal infested areas be put on par with the Army operations in the Kashmir valley for both have similar issues: anti-national activities and war against the state. The CRPF needs to better its operational and planning strategy to meet the insurgency with impudence as it deserves in the area. It is shocking how more than three hundred Naxalites were lurking in an area where road was being constructed with around 150 CRPF jawans on duty. The Intelligence has totally failed. Since eternal vigilance is the price of liberty the state government, in consonance with the Centre must work to improve Intelligence services in the entire forest area of Chattisgarh. We grieve for the loss of life and express sympathy to the bereaved families. प्रधानमंत्री मोदी के शब्दों में हमारे जवानों का बलिदान बेकार नहीं जाएगा!

माँ भारती के सपूतों को सलाम!

IPL: Virat Kohli’s Bangalore slaughtered! (24th April 2017)

Cricket is not “Rounders” played in rural England: striking the ball “as nobody’s business” you hit or miss ! Virat ran away to the pavilion from the centre carrying a “duck” much to the disbelief of his sweetheart Anushkha Sharma! The entire Bangalore team left to the pavilion to lick their wounds, it was like a fashion show! Come and go! None of the players got into double figures and the entire team were bundled out with a record of sorts in IPL: lowest score 49 all out! Shameful! KKR won the match with a whopping 82 runs. There was pin drop silence at the stadium after the RCB defeat!

On the other side side of IPL matches Pune has discovered a rising star in Rahul Tripathi who has played a “players knock” indicating that very soon he has every trait to be in Team India. He is young, shy, and reticent and has that will power which we call: कर गुज़रने की तमन्ना है! जय हो!

MCD elections: looks to be a tame squib! (24th April 2017)

Indications are rife that BJP will sweep the Delhi Municipal elections leaving other contenders on the banks of the River Yamuna! Exit polls may not be right always but someone watching closely the trend in Delhi, I dare say Modi is ruling the roost! Both the major opposition parties AAP and the Congress are in complete disarray, they must blame it on themselves. While Congress banks on its “past glory” AAP under anarchist Kejriwal cannot rule the state or the Corporation! Kejrival has one point programme: discredit PM Modi for all his failures! BJP is expected to bag over 210 out of the 272 wards contested! This time with a greater margin than the previous two outings which it won from all the three segments! I must warn schoolboy Arwind that blaming the Maths teacher for his poor result will not work! What he needs is better understanding of the subject! An anecdote from my schooldays: Once I scored 93% in form VIII in Arithmetic and my dad was visibly angry at the “poor result”! He had thundered, why this? Dad others too fared poorly, I mewed meekly! That is no excuse; remember one who cannot score centum in Arithmetic does not have the brains in the right place!

Kejrival once again blames the EVM for the expected rout of AAP in the MCD elections! And Congress? less said the better!

TN: OPS certain to be the CM (23th April 2017)

It is clear that OPS will be reinstated as CM of Tamilnadu and the current adhoc CM EPS will step down and take over as the AIADMK Chairmanship following an understanding in the run up to the merger of the two factions: one led by OPS and the other by “highway robber”( or robberess!) cheat and fraud Sasikala - now cooling her heels in jail; she will be there for the next 4 years washing the clothes of other inmates too in addition to hers!!!

Now with the re-elevation of OPS as CM of Tamilnadu the stage is getting ready for degenerate Sasikala to stand an enquiry into the mysterious death of the most loved CM, late Amma! OPS has always been beside Amma during her trials and tribulations and carried out all the work during her absence to his best and according to Amma’s wishes. Amma always implicitly wanted OPS to be her heir-apparent because of his level headedness, docility, and a keen ear to listen to other person’s point of view! He has had almost three years experience as CM and is by all intents and purposes the fittest to head the TN Government,

The immediate task before him is the farmers agitation in the state and drought: he had closely watched and worked on the latter the way Amma tackled the drought situation in the past. OPS, as the Finance Minister in her cabinet saw to it how best to tackle the situation with such projects that ameliorated the difficulties of the people; but farmer’s agitation is very tricky, it must be addressed according to the finance available with TN and how much can be allocated for the waiver which cannot be over 3% of the annual total state expenditure for meeting exigencies. All said and done OPS will certainly succeed in addressing the issues! We wish him all success! Amma ki jai!

योगी का सुरक्षा कवच (23th April 2017)

कल ही मैं ने इस स्तंभ में लिखा था कि योगी की सुरक्षा बढानी चाहिये और जहाँ जहाँ वे जाने की योजना बनाते हैं, पहले से ही उस स्थान का मुआयना करके पूरी तैयारी कर लेनी चाहिये। 24 घंटे भी नहीं बीते होंगे कि सुरक्षा एजेन्सियों ने एक अत्याधुनिक सुरक्षा दस्ते को योगी की सुरक्षा में तैनात कर दिया गया है! बहुत खूब!

और हाँ, दूसरी तरफ अखिलेश के मुस्लिम और दत्तक(गोद लिये)मामा की सुरक्षा कवच को “Z” से “Y” कर दिया गया है, इसकी भी क्या ज़रूरत! उनकी ज़ुबान इतनी गन्दी होती है, कि अभद्र मुस्लिम को छोड शिष्ट मुस्लमान बर्दास्त नहीं करते, हिन्दुओं की बात ही दूर!! ऐसा न हो कि किसी दिन जिस सुरक्षा कर्मी को उनकी ड्यूटी पर लगाई जाती है, कहीं वही बदज़ुबानी के लिए आज़म को एक थप्पड न जड दे!!!

Brahmos missile successfully tested (22th April 2017)

The much awaited Brahmos missile was successfully test fired from the Bay of Bengal striking predetermined target with precision. It has a range of 300 kms. Good! It is claimed by the scientists that Brahmos is faster and more accurate in all parameters taken together vis a vis the Tom Hawk of the United States. So far so good! Brahmos can be fired from submarines, Ships and from the ground, vertically and horizontally, it is claimed. Good. From the info released by the Defence Ministry, Brahmos has been tested vertically. When fired horizontally it is claimed the missile keeps speeding at a tremendous speed ten meters above the ground and maneuvers any obstacle that comes on its way, searches its target when necessary and then strikes! It is claimed that the missile cannot be detected by enemy radars from submarines and other powerful detecting systems! Good.

The point is, has the Brahmos been tested horizontally say in border areas like Arunachal Pradesh – as the Army is preparing to install the missiles there very soon – where the terrain is hilly and the topography keeps changing every 10 - 20 kilometers, both vertically and horizontally? If for instance while Brahmos moves horizontally and faces an obstacle say a hill that rises to say 1000 feet can it maneuver? If the scientists have succeeded in this test we can truly claim Brahmos to be a great achievement by our scientists! This can be proved only by satellite imagery not by any other out dated conventional system considering the speed of the vehicle (missile).

Yogi’s security (22th April 2017)

The yogi is stepping daily on the toes of all those who had “a ball of a time” so far during now defamed Samjawadi Party, Bahujan Samajwadi Party and the non –performing Congress party earlier! He is the most dreaded CM of India today. He has many detractors among his rivals and perhaps a few within the Government for his “way of functioning”! Considering all these and the militants who are prowling around the Yogi can be targeted from different angles! Only a couple of days ago a terror module was busted which was contemplating to bomb the vehicle being used by the Yogi. A month ago I had written in these columns about the threat perceptions faced by the Yogi, and suggested the best security available in the country must be provided for him. The route he takes must be fully sensitized and those coming to him for redressal every day must be thoroughly checked before they see him! This is paramount for his security. I hope the Prime Minister is taking updates on the Yogi’s security! Long live Yogi!

Exodus from the Congress! (22th April 2017)

Barkha Singh who was a great supporter of the Congress party jumped out calling its leaders all kinds of names. She was the leader of the women’s wing of the Congress party and also Women’s Association. She accused that Rahul Gandhi is unfit to be the General Secretary (she found out late in the day!) and that Delhi Pradesh Chief, Vijay Makan is not respectful towards women cadre! This is only an excuse, she knows for sure that Congress cannot be revived with sycophants (whom Indiraji always detested) and wished to disturb the Congress revival just before the MCD elections. It is well timed. She has contempt for AAP and she has an option to join the BJP perhaps after the MCD elections. But she must control her tongue, BJP is a party with a difference, it has a mass base right from the RSS to ward and booth level! If she has to survive in this Party she must toe the line of the top leadership. Surely, she understands this!

Pay TM Vijay Shekhar Sharma in top 100 (21th April 2017)

PayTM करो! Yes, it is not PM Modi alone, now it is Vijay Shekhar Sharma too has made it to the top 100 most influential persons in the world named by the prestigious US magazine Time! Vijay needs kudos for having made it! Some take failures as a means to do better in life and one amongst them is Vijay who had a tough time finding openings in job markets because he did not have hold in the English language then! Undeterred by this “disqualification” Vijay embarked on a mission to make digital payment easy. And with PM Modi urging the countrymen to adopt cashless transaction Vijay’s importance multiplied thousand times more! PayTM today is the most popular in payment procedures. Vijay even made concessions by offering “no profit platform” to the users and it worked immensely during the demonetization process. Vijay deserves the highest civilian award for his meteoric rise from anonymity to phenomenal popularity and fame across continents! Congratulations! Vijay! विजय ने जो किया अपनी रोज़ी रोटी के लिये ज़रूर किया हो, मगर देखिये यह कार्य देश के लिये एक सौगात बनकर उभरा है!! वे बधाई के पात्र हैं! माँ भारती गौरवान्वित हुई है! जय हो!!

झांसी मे योगी: अवैध एवं वैध बूचडखाने! (21th April 2017)

योगी और अमित शाह ने अपने चुनावी भाषणों में घोष्णा की थी कि अगर भाजपा सत्ता में आये, तो सभी बूचडखानों को बन्द कर देगी। इस वादे के चलते कल झाँसी में एक विवाद खडा हो गया जब योगी अपनी पीठ थपथपाते हुए कहने लगे कि उन्होंने सत्ता संभालते ही अवैध बूचडखानों को बन्द कर देने का आदेश दिया है! सभा में बैठे एक साधू ने चीख कर बोला “केवल अवैध बूचडाखाने नहीं, योगी! बल्कि वैध भी!” पता चला उस साधू ने कुछ दिन पूर्व योगी के दफतर जाकर एक अर्जी दी थी जिस में उसने लिखा कि वे(योगी) अपने वायदे से मुकर गये हैं! He was also not allowed to meet the yogi at his office! Why? Simple! When PM Modi was CM in Gujarat he was known as “rightist”, but once he wore the cloak of the PM he understood that he needs to be “secular” (!); by the same yardstick the Yogi finds it convenient to forget his “rightist” stance and becomes “secular” in the orange cloak he wears! जय हो योगी!!

Nawaz Shareef! (21th April 2017)

“Panama files” disclosure has become “गले

Delhi MCD elections Vs effervescent Tamilnadu! (20th April 2017)

Just as Tamilnadu’s current effervescent political activity will have far reaching effect on the state the same holds true with Delhi MCD elections too on the future of Delhi! The Kejriwal government has been a great disappointment to the people. एक तो दिल्ली नहीं संभाल सके हैं, जनाब गये पंजाब और गोआ जहाँ उन्हें मुँह की खानी पडी! हाल के राजूरी गार्डन उपचुनाव में उन्हें शर्मनाक हार हुई है, और तो और कुछ आप के लोग भाजपा में शामिल हो गये – आखिर कोई डूबती नैया पर बैठकर साहिल तक पहुँचने की आस कैसे करे!

In Tamilnadu Dinakaran faction led by jailed Chinnamma will sink sooner or later and those sitting in Dinakaran’s bandwagon will jump into OPS’s convertible! A stable government at the Centre and State is the only solution in the country for progress and development and BJP has all the answers! In Delhi the Congress and AAP have proved to be a liability and BJP is riding high with successes in 4 states in recent elections. It is undoubtedly going to take the wind off the sails of the opposition - lock, stock and barrel at the MCD elections!

Advani faces conspiracy charges! (20th April 2017)

The Supreme Court has given a ruling that there is a strong case against Advani and others in Babri Masjid demolition case! Years ago the CBI filed a suit against the accused for planning and executing the plan in demolishing the Masjid! The fact is, as Uma Bharati says after the SC ruling, that there is no conspiracy plan and that everything was spontaneous on that fateful day. The state government was helpless and police looked askance while thousands of karsavaks demolished the Masjid. Kalyan Singh could do nothing as thousands of Karsevaks had been assembling there for weeks and the number swelled to 3 - 4 lakhs! It cannot be controlled by force – consequences and fall out would have been serious. Kalyan Singh had done the right thing to remain indifferent to that fluid situation. Late PV Narsimha Rao – the Congress PM – too thought it was the only option to allow the karsevaks to go on “rampage”. Firing would have resulted in scores of deaths if not hundreds and that would have had serious repercussions not only in India but around the world where Indians live in huge numbers!

Naming Advani as one of the “conspirators” may affect his nomination as the Presidential candidate especially because such a situation had never risen anytime in the past! Legal advisors and constitutional experts alone can decide on this. When one looks at it Advani is the fittest candidate to the post of the President, given his background. His family suffered much during partition rather I would say the entire Sindhi community faced untold miseries. It is time a Sindhi of such stature becomes the President of India, it would be like a sop to the entire Sindhi community which had suffered unspeakable pain during partition! The Sindhi Hindu community is perhaps among the most non-violent communities in the world, for this reason those who stayed back in Pakistan were converted to Islam en masse. Gandhi or Pt Nehru had no solution. Tragic!

योगी हम तो लुट गये तेरे प्यार में!!! (20th April 2017)

Yogi continues to be in national headlines for his no-nonsense stance. He made it look so easy and simple to govern the largest state in India! He has a band of ministers who are willing to go an extra mile to work for the progress of the state. It looks only Yogis (incuding PM Modi) alone can work the way they are doing – 18 hours a day!!

Vijay Mallaya: King of good times! (19th April 2017)

Vijay not the King of good times, rather King of all times! The man I admired for years for his Casanova image, flamboyance, ostentatious living his success in business till the edifice started crumbling he remained and still remains as awesome as ever! That’s like a man: there are two people that impressed me most in recent years: Donny (Prez of invincible US), and my Vijay! Two things are common between them: contempt for the media and for speaking straight from the heart!! This aside both are business barons spreading their empire across continents running into billions!! Here I must confess that PM Modi का पसीना छूट रहा है(विजय का नहीं), बल्कि जब से वे प्रधान मंत्री बने सुबह शाम, सोते जागते और सपनों में भी विजय की याद आती रही है, और अपने आपको असहाय अनुभव करते रहे! अब भी दिल्ली बहुत्, बल्कि बहुत बहुत दूर है क्योंकि ब्रिटिश कानून बहुत पेचीदा है, और अगर कोई उस देश का नागरिक हो उसे गिर्फतार करके आसानी से दूसरे देश में स्थानान्तरित करने में कई रुकावटे हैं!

Till he entered the now defunct Kingfisher Airlines business everything went well, once this catapulted into losses things didn’t look up. But still he is the boss of billions worth property around the world! I denounce PM Modi calling Vijay an escapade, cheat and using expletives that lowers the dignity not only his but also of an Indian who rose to dizzy heights by dint of his talent, education and inheritance!

Vijay did not run away rather he left India because the legal system does not measure up to what it is in the United Kingdom! Vijay has proved beyond doubt the poverty of Indian Banking system: he has taken loan but due to sudden reverses he faced difficulty in repayment to the Banks: Vijay had many times over said that he is ready to discuss the issue of repayment. But the Banks want the repayment in one stroke including interest and capital - the entire money in one stroke by selling all his acquisitions or get imprisoned behind the downright shackles in India! PM Modi talks on weeding out corruption but within the political community in India there are people like the Yadavs, Khans Vadodaras and many more who are downright cheats! They have robbed the Indian people not Vijay; he did fair business across the world, travels at his own expense not like our politicians, including PM Modi who are sapping public money in travel and for security alone! Vijay pays for everything that he asks for!

Yesterday I found two young lady anchors of a popular Hindi TV channels using words that are offensive and derogatory, leave alone the expletives they used: भगोडा, धोकेबाज़ …. etc but also used suffixes ता, तू, ते ….which are not used in upper classes in Uttar Pradesh! The ladies might have been jealous seeing the video clippings of Vijay with a bevy of beautiful young women falling all over him, kissing him etc etc! Women fall head over heels when they see handsome men with wealth and fame! And my Vijay has all that!

Let everybody know if Vijay can pay Rs. 6 Crores for a bail within a couple hours at the Westminster Court he is not so insolvent as is presumed by many: he has the best legal advisors the world can acquire not Jethamalanis or Prashant Bhushan or Jaitleys or Swarajs or Nalinis who are well known lawyers no doubt but still far behind in understanding British law on extradition and deportation!

I must remind PM Modi – if he is not aware – that Vijay had been a brilliant student of St. Xaviers College, Calcutta and hails from a very wealthy industrialist Kannada Brahmin family! His father was himself a well known business tycoon and Vijay inherited all this when he was just 28 years after his father’s sad demise. PM Modi must first set right the Banking system – especially credit system and plug loopholes, stop coercion (read thuggism / rowdyism followed by Banks to realize money from its customers (seen the Hindi movie EMI?)! (Remember how money was realized from the poor farmers in British India during the times of Robert Clive)? Criminal!! Vijay is not a criminal as is referred to by Indian media and political circles!

In one of my editorials I had written that corruption in India is deep seated and cannot be weeded out easily. I had further written that if PM Modi does not take action on offenders (tax evaders) in filmworld too his crusade against corruption would remain incomplete! A lot of money changes hands in film production, does PM Modi know or is he turning a nelson eye for he is favourably disposed towards them? Why has he till now not taken measures in this direction? He knows very well he will be disturbing the hornet’s nest! The answer is not far to seek! Those who did not have proper shelter in their own home town and Mumbai have become multi millionaire in no time! How?

The media is discredited for many reasons, especially electronic media. How many media men/women must have been to Vijay’s extravagant parties to cover the proceedings where he entertained people – even filmwalas - who were seen gobbling wine down their throats and returning home staggering all along sending a flying kiss to ladies around! But Vijay never drinks like a fish, but in moderation – a liquor baron that he is!

As a crime reporter and investigator I happened to visit jails innumerable times but if for some wrong reasons Vijay is imprisoned (the possibility is very, very remote) I shall visit him and say, “Vijay, I love you for what you are! You are indeed a ‘man’ like Donny!” जय हो, विजय! जय हो!!

Tamilnadu politics! (19th April 2017)

Things are moving very fast towards reconciliation between the two factions of AIADMK, the only irritant is held up on the issue of ouster of downright Sasikala and her nephew Dinakaran(held for bribing, a couple of days ago) who have usurped power by fraud! But that too will be resolved soon. OPS and a large section of MLAs from both factions want an enquiry into the sad and mysterious demise of Amma. People of Tamilnadu believe that their “Amma” did not die a natural death, rather done to death! Sasikala and her nephew will certainly be ousted from the party sooner or later and once it happens the next step is to drive out the entire Sasikala family from Amma’s Poes Garden residence which she is wrongfully retaining! Amma will live in the memory of all people both friend and foe for she was the “first peoples’ chief minister of India”! अम्मा की जय हो!

Donny and Turnbull! (19th April 2017)

Both guys US Prez Donny (HB I visa) and Aussie PM Turnbull (using rule 457 under Australian immigration laws) have done good to India by curtailing professionals entering their respective countries with a view to secure jobs for the locals. I call upon all the professionals to return to India at the earliest and join mainstream Indian renaissance under PM Modi’s stand up India, start up India, make in India and be an asset to the country! जय माँ भारती!

Sonu Nigam calls अज़ान on loudspeakers गुण्डागर्दी! (18th April 2017)

Azan (call) over loudspeakers has become a bone of contention between those who support its usage and those that oppose it! Sonu Nigam – known(not very well-known) Hindi film singer – lives in Mumbai in a place surrounded by – on all sides – small, medium and a large Mosque (s) which use the loudspeakers to wake up people to join the early morning namaz! Sonu complains that while he is still sleeping he is woken up by the “blare” of loudspeakers and naturally calls it “गुण्डागर्दी” for disturbing him and those who are not Muslims early in the morning while they are asleep. True! There is no plausible reason for all the Mosques to give a wakeup call over the speakers! Further, the sound should be at a level that does not disturb people who go late to bed. Even otherwise it is a known fact that people fall into deep sleep between 3 am and 5 am! In the US if pet dogs bark while neighbors are sleeping, the owners are taken to task by the Federal Police on complaint! Yes, that is America!!

Nearer home, already a petition is before the Bombay High Court to curtail the use of loudspeakers in areas where the density is more of communities other than Muslims.

Ajaz Khan who is on the Internet for wrong reasons argues that waking up early in the morning is good for health. True, but going to Mosques at that hour without even taking a bath for Namaz is equally detesting! Among Hindus devotees who go to the temples very early in the morning on festive occasions(even otherwise) take a bath and then enter the precincts of the temple!

Further, those who need to attend their daily chores know their duties well, there is no need to wake them up, and there are other means to wake up on time! Raja Murad - a villain of the silver screen - wonders where are we going, becoming more intolerant?! Murad must know that Muslims are the most intolerant people in the world. Look back into history and down to the present times Muslims have killed, murdered more people than one can imagine in the name of Islam! When it comes to women they forget their religion (their own religion too) and kidnap them! This is one reason why Muslim women wear the burqa, do you know, Murad? As a filmy villain you know what you did on screen!!

What I understand of namaz is to remember there is a God and that we must do the right things, but on many occasions namazis coming out of the mosques indulge in loot, violence and other anti social activities, are you aware? Murad, Ajaz, Amir I advise you guys to become more secular, do not teach Hindus who believe in “वासुधैव कुटुमबकम”!

Yogis predicament! (18th April 2017)

Yogi asked all his Ministers to declare their assets within 15 days to be transparent with regard to holding wealth, but only 13 – of the 40 plus ministers - have so far declared their assets! Surely, the Ministers are finding themselves in a quandary! On the other side of the fence, the Samajwadi Party goons have in the past several years cornered a lot of wealth running into hundreds of crores in the garb of Kamdhenu(milch cattle) programme: Akhilesh Yadav’s adopted Muslim uncle who virtually controlled the government from behind is one of the beneficiaries! I call upon the Yogi to be tough with all these including those from his party who till now are reluctant to declare their assets. Under the Kamdhenu Plan allotment Akhilesh Yadav must be tried under the law why he has allotted more than half to his own community (because they are milkmen?), family and Muslims!

घोटालेबाज़ लालू महाराज, गाँधी और चम्पारण सत्याग्रह! (18th April 2017)

दो दिन पूर्व पटना में आयोजित चम्पारण सत्याग्रह शताब्दि समारोह में लालू यादव महराज ने मंच पर बैठे राष्ट्रपति की उपस्थिति में बेतुकी बात कह डाली! यह तो उनका स्वभाव है, ज़ाहिल जो हैं! एक ऐतिहासिक समारोह में क्या कहना चाहिये इसकी कोई सुध नहीं ली, और फिर सोनियाजी का मुन्ना(रहुल गाँधी) को नहीं मालूम क्या बोलना है, कैसे बोलना है, कितना बोलना है - इसकी कभी जानकारी नहीं होती! क्योंकि उनके सलाहकार केवल चमचे होते हैं। महामहिम राष्ट्रपति प्रणव मुखर्जी चुपचाप इन ज़ाहिलों के बकवास सुनते गये! करें भी तो क्या करें, यह उनकी स्थिति थी! और दूसरी तरफ महाराज लालू की उपस्थिति के कारण ही बी.जे.पी का कोई भी केन्द्रीय मंत्री इस सभा में शामिल नहीं हुआ, और सही भी है! हमारे राष्ट्रपतिजी के embarrassment से मैं दुखी हूँ।

BJP’s संकल्प पत्र (17th April 2017)

Yes, next time I visit Delhi I plan to have Rs 10 thali (food) promised by the BJP if it comes to power in the coming MCD elections! It went a step ahead promising tax free land holdings! In Chennai Amma had opened Canteens where Rs 5 Thali food is served for anyone who steps into her canteen. Yes, it had worked! Her canteens are well managed: clean and tidy, distinctly better than the dirty, unhygienic hotels lining outside New Delhi railway station! Even if one walks into an ordinary hotel anywhere in Chennai one would find them much cleaner, very hygienic compared to Calcutta, Mumbai or Delhi. Calcutta is the worst when it comes to cleanliness in hotels!

At the height of her rule Amma never thought of waiving taxes – property tax, water and sewage tax etc. She was a better economist than anyone I know of amongst the political leaders - more intelligent than former Finance Minister P.Chidambaram who wanted to levy taxes on those who possess cell phones!! Yes, there is a lot of corruption Amma was unable to weed out mainly because the Corporation officials do all the tricks in the valuation of properties when they visit premises. My next door neighbor pays half as much I pay as land tax for the same land space as his although he has half a dozen tenants from whom he generates revenue!

If Delhi MCD waives property taxe and offers Rs. 10 thali for the hungry I should like to know from where the money will come? These populist measures will not do good for the country. The former and late President of India Abdul Kalam had once said freebies and tax waivers are populist and is not good for any economy. He believed that such measures would come in the way of development, make people morose and lazy!

A devil called Ajaz Khan! (17th April 2017)

Ajaz Khan, a small time actor in Bollywood has hit the social media in a big way disparaging PM Modi and the Yogi on their stand on cow slaughter! The video is contemptuous to say the least. He should know that politics is not film making! The realities must be addressed and not be lost in a world of fantasy! He tried a filmy style enticement of a budding model Aishwarya Choubey to have sex with him in a Mumbai hotel and now finds himself in soup after the model registered a complaint against him! He is also accused by the model for sending lewd messages and snapshots. He is a sex maniac! What is Shiv sena doing? Sitting pretty?

It is confirmed! (17th April 2017)

Virat Kohli has shared a snapshot of himself and his sweetheart Anushkha Sharma in a “compromising” pose on Instagram! The cine journalists are quick to respond: yes it is confirmed, Virat – Anushkha are very much in love and going to marry soon! Chums! all this is not new for Anushkha or for that matter any actress, they do that so often with so many actors! Have the journalists seen Ranveer Singh smooching hers passionately in बांड बाजा बारात?! I wonder what they would say about that!

Farooq Abdullah, the नमकहराम! (16th April 2017)

A few days before the polling for Srinagar Parliamentary seat, anti-India Farooq Abdullah (who happens to be a contestant, and who has since been elected by over 10, 000 votes) has said after his election that Governor’s rule must be imposed on J and K! Smart! If that be his idea why did he contest? His recent statements are in bad taste one among them being telling the people that the government is funding the stone pelters to pelt stones against the Army personnel in J and K! This statement of his has helped him to garner winning votes. When this guy is in power he speaks differently, when out of power he lambasts the government; his father too (Sheik Abdullah) was the same and Farooq’s son too is the chip of the same block. Many may not be aware why he (Sheik) was imprisoned during Pandit Nehru’s time. I would suggest PM Modi to go through the archives to refresh his memory! When the Abdullahs or Begum Mehbooba come into the streets of Kashmir they need X, Y or Z security - equal to perhaps given to PM Modi - costing crores to the exchequer, breath free air in India, eat ( देश का नमक खाते हैं और उसी थाली में छेद करते हैं) European food while the poor Kashmiris are made to gobble dal roti provided by the Government of India and encourage them to indulge in anti-national activities! Abdullahs are a liability it is best if they are smuggled into POK!

Digvijay Singh has brains in his knees! (16th April 2017)

Divijay, the Congress leader who is currently out of job and out of limelight has made a startling observation yesterday equating stone pelters in Kashmir Valley to the Army operations! He says while stone pelters are busy throwing stones at the Army, the Army is busy killing the terrorists! So sad! Digvijay who is on the wrong side of sixties had married a second time a few months ago after the “sad demise” of his first wife, cannot harangue still-to-marry eligible bachelors about the advantages of being single, or tell PM Modi how to rule the country, especially Kashmir! Digvijay too needs to be pushed into POK to rant the air with anti-Indian Army slogans! Shame!!

Manohar Parikkar – a disappointed man! (16th April 2017)

The former Defence Minister expressed his feelings unhindered that he was unable to bear the pressure of work (read Kashmir) in Delhi - as Defence Minister! It seems that he was not happy the way the Government is tackling the Kashmir situation across the LOC! His apparent solution to the issue is the Trump card which the government does not agree to! Army too has the same line of thinking as Parikkar ! Poor Manohar, he was not satisfied with a simple surgical strike – perhaps he wanted something like what happened in western Afghanistan?

BJP conclave at Bhubneshwar (16th April 2017)

Yet another show of BJPs historic rise across India was well showcased with PM Modi’s road show in Bhubhneshwar: thousands gathered along the route from the airport to the Raj Bhawan and again from there to the venue of BJP National Executive Convention. PM Modi’s popularity remains the same as ever before. People from all walks of life gathered to greet him braving sweltering heat, waving at him and strewing flower petals, raising “Modi, Modi” slogan ; the PM looked visibly overwhelmed at the affection shown by the people! Yes, even the most vehement Modi baiter will accept that he has become the most popular leader in India since Independence!

Hema Malini and the bottle! (15th April 2017)

Bacchu Kadu, Independent MLA in Maharashtra state Assembly is not far from truth when he said that not all suicides by farmers are due to over drinking following loss of crops or failure to repay loans. He claimed that Dream Girl Hema Malini, BJP MP drinks like a fish but still enjoys life!

He should not drag in Hema or for that matter any unsentimental actress; drinking for them is a fashion/way of life and getting married and divorcing too is commonplace! Hema cannot be an example: she married, once-before-married Dharmendra embracing Islam(both he and she)! Both have been awarded Parliament seat not by PM Modi but by public voting!

Coming to suicides or apparent suicides, I dare say there are innumerable reasons behind them which demand investigation. Apparent suicides can draw public sympathy and government empathy to receive grants! In the US suicides and murders are seen from different angles: most importantly, claim for large insurance left by their spouse! Murders and apparent suicides in the US, more often than not, are for claiming property, business shares, and insurances! Government there does not come up with consolation sums as it happens in India! Kadu must be patted for a forthright observation on farmers’ suicides in India: most of them are stage managed to garner government funds or waivers!

Kadu, leave Hema alone, she does not represent Indian womanhood anyway! Indian women(भारतीय नारी) do not go to pubs to have a swig nor jive with other men on the dance floor! भारतीय नारी की जय हो!!

Donny on ISIS: I’ll bomb the shit out of them! (15th April 2017)

The contempt US Prez Donny has towards Islamists is clear from what happened in western Afghanistan day before yesterday: The Prez is carrying out the promises he made to his countrymen: wipe out Islamic terrorism, jobs for American middle class, easing out those who pose danger to America – the Islamists from Muslim countries. Donny - like Prez Bush, his predecessor - is a tough guy who means business! He has sent a clear message that he will send his technology driven military to protect American interests be it Pakistan or North Korea - which has Intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads directing towards many US cities! North Korea is posing a great threat to world peace not Asia alone. I will not be surprised if Donny orders pre-emptive attack on North Korea to protect not only the US but other nations across the world. Uncompromising Donny sees threat to world peace from two quarters: Islamic terrorists, North Korea and Pakistan and China for shielding them! May Donny succeed in his mission!

योगी मंत्र! (15th April 2017)

कल भीमराव अम्बेद्कर जयंती के उपलक्ष में एक समारोह में भाग लेते हुए योगी ने एक फते की बात कही है: महापुरुषों की जन्म जयंती पर स्कूल बन्द नहीं रखा जाय, अपितु कम से कम 2 घंटे उन की जीवनी पर चर्चा और मंचन हो ताकि बच्चे उनके संबंध में कुछ सीखे और जानें! आप को जान कर आश्चर्य होगा एक दफे दसवीं कक्षा के एक छात्र से पूछा गया, बताओं देशबन्धु चित्तरनजन दास कौन थे? छात्र ने कहा मास्टर्जी, चित्तरजन लोकोमोटिव वर्क्स के संस्थापक थे! बच्चे ये अवश्य जानेंगे कि देश के सबसे बडे घोटालेबाज़ कौन है!!

Donny the only “man” on earth! (14th April 2017)

Donald is the only guy on earth who can take the fight right into the terrorists (Muslim) camps. Yes Donny we love you. You are the only “man”! In India we have leaders who mew like a cat when soldiers are kicked and booted by Kashmiri terrorists, (shame) till the whole episode is shown on the social media. PM Modi needs to have the “heart of a man” like Indiraji had to teach a lesson to Pakistan, dare the US to come anywhere close to the Indian waters at the height of Indo-Pak conflict in 1971! I suggest PM Modi reviews the Military operations both in West (then) Pakistan and the East (Pakistan) to refresh his memory!

We need Indiraji’s guts to reenact the glorious chapters in the history of Military operations anywhere in the world. One can discredit Indiraji on many counts but no one (rather man) can match her guts! She had enemies within India and within her own party. Her mission was to secure Indian borders come what may! Like Atalji – a great statesman that he is, had this to say, इन्दिराजी, आधुनिक भारत की माँ दुर्गा!”

Yesterday, under orders from the greatest man on earth Donny dropped the “mother of all non nuclear” bombs, the dreaded bomb was dropped by an MC-130 aircraft in the Achin district of Nangarhar province, very close to the border with Pakistan to wipe out the hideouts of Muslims terrorists in the caves. The entire area consisting of hundreds of caves were leveled to the ground in seconds. The place is similar to Tora Bora where International Muslim terrorist Osama Bin Laden used to hide before he was wiped out in Abbotabad in Pakistan – the cradle of terrorism!

I’d suggest PM Modi to run through the military operations by immortal Indiarji and her exploits in the realm of International relations. She had once said “we shall talk to others from the position of strength not play second fiddle!” I bow my head in reverence to her!

When IG Atwal was shot before the sacred Golden temple wherein criminals were hiding in the garb of freedom fighters she ordered military operations (there was no option)! Indian Military will tell us that it was like a battlefield. The basement of the temple had ammunition that would be good enough for a battalion of soldiers to sustain for a few weeks! Sacrilege!

Let us view PM Modi in the current context alone: He is building a structure on the foundation Indiraji had laid during her 19 years of Prime Ministership! Remember Indiraji was feared by all be it in India or the US or the erstwhile USSR! PM Modi is yet to build a personality to match hers, just a surgical strike close to the Indo Pak border cannot match Indiraji’s actions! Her enemies could not fight her politically they wanted her dead and she died facing a hail of bullets at her own residence by an unworthy bodyguard! प्रियदर्शनी इन्दिराजी अमर रहें।

By elections: BJP on top gear! (14th April 2017)

BJP deserves to win all the seats she had contested by virtue of its performance across the Hindi hinterland! Nevertheless despite a few losses – 5 in all out of 10 contested - it had performed very well! Victory of Manindar Singh Sirsa in Delhi by-elections was a foregone conclusion. AAP got what it deserves! Eat the humble pie, the party even lost its deposit. As things stands BJP looks to sweep the MCD ensuing polls giving a fitting reply to the anarchist of modern India – Arwind Kejrival! The Congress has no doubt won a couple of seats in Karnataka but remember one swallow does not make a summer (in English context)! Congress needs a personality as big as Indiraji to rejuvenate the party, but will never rise again for many years to come like the legendary bird – phoenix (read Indiraji)!

जय हो गौतम गभीर, जय हो! (14th April 2017)

गौतम गभीर के “ट्वीट” ने देशवासियों को जबर्दस्त खुशी दिलाई – भारतीय सैनिकों के अपमान को देखकर उन्होंने वह लिखा जो किसी और ने नहीं लिखा। दो पंक्तियों जो उन्होंने लिखा उसके के लिये सचमुच शेर का दिल होना चाहिए। मैं भी उन्हें सलाम करता हूँ। हमारे फिल्मी सितारे फिल्मों में डयलोगबाज़ी करते ज़रूर हैं मगर वास्तविकता यह है कि उनके पास बिल्ली का भी ज़िगर नहीं है जो मिमियाँ सके! अमिताभ! आप किस बिल में छिप गये, जनाब? क्या सर पर नवरतन तेल लगा रहे हैं?

Must be jailed if found wanting! (13th April 2017)

Arvind Kejrival, the disgruntled CM of beleaguered Delhi wants to be in the news for wrong reasons like scamster Lalu Yadav. For quite some time now after the BJP lambasted all the opposition parties at 4 Assembly elections recently the IITian (meaning no offence to the august institution) wants the EVMs to be banished! He is of the view that the EVMs have been tampered by the BJP consequently it has won with a thumping majority! Not to be outdone the battered Congress party joined the bandwagon of Kejrival and went to meet the Rashtrapati asking him to use his influence in banning the EVMs!

The EC has invited all the parties especially Kejrival to bring his band of IT professionals(?) to prove his contention before May 1st 2017! If he proves his point surely the obvious will happen. On the contrary if he fails to establish that EVMs are tampered the makers of the EVMs must file a suit against him for defaming the Indian know-how on computer mechanisms, lowering the prestige of Software and Hardware professionals in the eyes of the outside world. He must also be fined a huge amount as compensation for blasphemy, put behind bars till “good sense prevails” !

One person who is having a big laugh is none other than PM Modi – currently the most popular leader in the entire world!! Jai ho Modi!! Jai ho!

Indian Soldiers humiliated! (13th April 2017)

It is most condemnable and unpardonable to see our soldiers being slapped, insulted, abused kicked by some Kashmiri youth on 9 th April when the soldiers – a few in number – were returning with EVM machines after the truncated polls were over in Badgaun. The 6-minute video is doing rounds in the social media; more than 10 million people have so far viewed this and were overwhelmed with indignation! Despite extreme provocation the soldiers belonging to the CRPF kept their cool and returned to their barracks. In peace times such incidents are rare, the Indian soldiers did not retaliate only because they were briefed to maintain restraint by their Chief whatever the provocation.

I demand that the Army identifies these elements on the strength of the video and bundle them across the border to lick the boots of the Pakistani army! With what I observe the reactions on the social media, I dare say Indian people will not tolerate disrespect for our soldiers whatever the compulsions any longer. PM Modi must work in tandem with the Chiefs of the security forces to find out ways and means how best to counter this kind of assault on our duty bound soldiers! May I warn the Pakistani agents in the Kashmir valley that restraint by the soldiers must be misconstrued as weakness but sagacity of the soldiers not to harm civilians. Indian Army has all along maintained high traditions right from World War I to the present times in India and overseas - service above self! Long live our soldiers, long live India!

Lack of dressing sense! (13th April 2017)

A lady anchor of a private TV channel visited a poverty stricken village – Vantagiya – just 5 km from Gorakhpur to focus on the issues facing this small village. For the last 8 years Yogi has been visiting the hapless people and has been instrumental in opening a primary school and did his best but due to the intransience of the earlier governments a lot is left to be desired! The villagers have no ration shops, no safe drinking water; electricity obviously is a far cry. It looked insensitive on part of the anchor to have sported a dress that looked like mocking the poor villagers – women were dressed in traditional sarees, girls salvar kameez etc, men and youth were in tatters! The anchor should have appropriately dressed befitting the occasion – it was not a Delhi studio or a mall but a dusty poverty stricken village. She could have chosen to wear a salvar kameez that looks Indian, not tight fitting trousers and kameez that reached barely her hips! It is like a square peg in a round hole. Let the organizers of such outings show some more ingenuity!

Madhya Pradesh: No to plastics! (12th April 2017)

Madhya Pradesh Government has declared that plastic bags and other avoidable usage of the product will become a cognizable offense from 1 May, 2017! Tamilnadu, under the leadership of Amma had banned the usage years ago but even while she was alive it was being used with impudence! CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan must first close down all industries which produce this product, and decline entry of the product from neighboring states. People do not understand what a biodegradable and non degradable product is and how the latter harms the ecology! To all intents and purposes the campaign is lost in Tamilnadu, it is a shame! Therefore, Madhya Pradesh under the leadership of Shivraj Singh Chauhan must work hard to banish this product for safeguarding the soil, because habits diehard!

Pt. Shrikant Sharma, the man on a mission! (12th April 2017)

Shrikant Sharma – the Yogi’s spokesman and Electricity Minister in Uttar Pradesh has shown beyond doubt that UP will be what it should have been decades ago! Within the next few days villages will receive 18 hours, districts 20 hours and urban areas 24 hours electricity daily, he declared! Power generation in UP is just 35% of its total requirement, therefore power must be purchased from the National Grid and power houses need to be established. The work is gigantic though but all are working at break neck speed to fulfill the needs of the people! Those who have been tapping power illegally are being rounded up daily and lines cut! Good!

The immediate focus of the Yogi government is on law and order, Kisan (agriculture), power, and repair of roads that are crying for repair! By June all roads will be made roadworthy. Given the will and never – say – die attitude and the tempo of the present governments both at the centre and state by 2019 – the target year – Uttar Pradesh will stand alongside other leading states in India!

The scamster – Laloo Yadav! (12th April 2017)

As if the scams that Lalloo is already embroiled in were not enough, yet another घोटाला has come to light – thanks to Sushil Modi, the Opposition leader in the Bihar Assembly. Now this scam may safely be called the काम के बदले ज़मीन घोटाला! The Yadav has been taking over land from those who seek favours in return for “finding” work not necessarily jobs! The modus operandi: first transfer the land to a third party, then a second party and finally take over the land into the fold of the Yadav clan! Does Nitish Kumar know this, or does he not? The so-called backward class leaders have cornered billions over the past three decades across India – more so in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar – the cradle of all scams spearheaded by the Yadavs and then Mayayi Mayavati! Can one imagine एक चपरासी का बेटा (गर्व से लालू कहते हैं), आज करोडों का मालिक बन गया है, बगैर मेहनत के? लालू के बेटे कह रहे हैं सुशील मोदी बेवजह यादव परिवार को बदनाम करने में तुले हुए हैं! जनाब, तेजस्वीजी आपका नाम हो तब न बदनाम होंगे! आपके पापाजी जब चारा घोटाले में पकडे गए थे तो आपकी मम्मीजी - एक सामान्य अशिक्षित भारतीय गृहिणी को बिहार की मुख्यमंत्री बना दिया गया था, तब आप छोटे थे, घर पे बेशकीमती खिलौनों के साथ गुड्डा गुड्डी के खेल में लगे हुए थे। याद है? जिस राज्य में राजेन्द्र प्रसाद जैसे व्यक्ति तथा अनगिनत अनाम स्वतंत्रता सेनानी पैदे हुए थे, वहाँ आप लोगों ने ज़मीन, धन हथिया रहे हैं? शर्म कीजिए। In the name of Ambedkar the backward class leaders have done harm to their own community!

Sneha Ullal they fade away actress! (12th April 2017)

Sneha Ullal, the doppelganger (look alike) of Aishwarya Rai has almost vanished from Bollywood following three consecutive flops. The hazel-eyed actress is currently doing well in the South especially in Telugu movies. One can see her snap shots in Instagram that reflect how attractive she still looks! Bollywood, rather I would say all Indian Directors do not see actresses beyond their understanding of a woman, they do not have the extra sense how to take out the best from an actress. They exploit the beauty and figure that is their undoing! Sneha could have been introduced as supporting actress rather than a lead role initially as was done in the South. That aside here in India Directors do not wish to have actresses who possess more attractive physiognomy for they apprehend that she may overshadow the lead heroine!

RK Nagar by-election postponed (11th April 2017)

The prestigious RK Nagar seat in South Chennai fell vacant after the sad demise of Amma the messiah of the poor and the downtrodden. Her death led to a spilt and both factions are vying to claim that they are the true followers of Amma! But none seem to measure up to the standards set by her, all are in a hurry to grab anything that they can lay their hands on! Dinakaran (a candidate for the by-election, who happens to be Amma’s nephew, whom Amma never allowed to come near her all her lifetime) group led by defamed, jailed, manipulator Shashikala –has been canvassing, luring people by distributing a certain sum of money to vote for this group! As luck would have it there were income tax raids on officials and Ministers – both at their offices and residences - a few days back and the sleuths of the Enforcement stumbled over bundles of currency notes - running into lakhs - yet to be distributed to the electorate of that area! Promptly the EC cancelled the 12 April, 2017 poll much to the relief of the locals! As things stand RK Nagar seat will be a closely contested one wherein all contenders including the atheist party the DMK have thrown their hats into the ring!

Yogi and his team on warpath! (11th April 2017)

Deputed Ministers have swung into actions as never before in the history of the most populous state in the country – Uttar Pradesh! Imagine how they stormed into their respective departments yesterday to find most of the employees did not appear even after 10 am! A minister immediately ordered the erring employees - that includes departmental head too - to forfeit a day’s pay as punishment for लेटलतीफी! Good! The yogi, like our चायवाला प्रधानमंत्री is a difficult taskmaster! PM Modi’s watch world: मैं न बैठूँगा न किसी को बैठने दूँगा, and Yogi’s: हम यहाँ मौज मस्ती करने नहीं आयेँ हैं, हमें तय समय के अन्दर काम को पूरा करना है, जो इस में फिट नहीं बैठते हैं वे अपना रास्ता ढूँढ लें - is keeping the employees and Minsters too on their tenterhooks! 118 police personnel who were found to be having close links with shady characters have so far been suspended and many more heads are expected to roll! The tragedy is consecutive governments have made police personnel chattels and trigger happy. Remember what Nana Patekar says in the movie, “अब तक छप्पन” – हम को सोचने का नहीं, बस Boss के कहने पर घोडा दबाना है! समझे! It is not that Yogi is simply taking decisions (which he does during his marathon meetings during the night with his team) but executing them with impudence! “लातों का भूत, बातों से समझता नहीं” चरितार्थ हो रहा है, जय हो योगी!

Cricket in the air! (11th April 2017)

IPL has begun with a bang but the absence of Virat Kohli, De Villiers has taken off much of the punch out of the game for a while; both are down with some physical problems and are expected to join soon. Nevertheless, this year’s IPL seems to be lackluster especially because some players have been alleged to have shady dealings with punters to make a fast buck. That aside Ashwin’s absence too has taken off the sheen from the bowling department following his pull out from IPL to undergo Hydrocele operation! Since the disgraceful exit of CSK (thanks to its owner Srinivasan) a formidable team in the IPL, Chennai has become virtually dry!

Kashmir: fighting for a wrong cause! (10th April 2017)

At yesterday’s bye election polling 8 persons were killed, all of them were stone throwing scoundrels who came in with armed youth to storm a booth! True to its recent pronouncement the Security forces opened fire to stamp out the evil with an iron hand! In the entire election process not a single death was reported in politically volatile Uttar Pradesh - a state five times the size of Jammu and Kashmir! The deaths have shocked the nation inside out!

The forces working under the behest of Pakistan are active as ever before, they are fighting a losing battle – because democracy cannot be wiped off from India. It is the only way to find solution to issues, not by holding to ransom a large majority of citizens who shun violence. I congratulate the Army despite provocative situations continues to maintain restraint; the Kashmiris who voted in large numbers deserve all encomiums for adopting a democratic system to solve their issues. Long live Kashmir, Long live India!

True tales are stranger than fiction! (10th April 2017)

A lady anchor attached to IBC24 TV channel knew little that under “Beaking News” segment she was announcing the death of her husband in a road accident. It is truly heart-rending when she discovered that it was none other than her husband and two of her husband’s friends killed on way to Mahasamund in Madhya Pradesh. The number plate of the crushed car told it all to her! Never before such an incident happened in history that an Anchor had announced her husband’s death, unknowingly though! We condole the death of her husband and stand by her in this hour of bereavement. When and how one’s life would be snuffed out has always been a mystery to mankind.

In the epic Mahabharata धर्मराज युद्धिष्ठिर अपने लापता भाइयों की खोज में निकलते हैं, खोजते, खोजते उस घने जंगल में एक तालाब के किनारे अपने चारों भाइयों को मृत पाते हैं यह हृदयविदारक दृश्य देखकर वे दंग रह जाते हैं, और वहीं बैठकर विलाप करने लगते हैं। अचानक एक आवाज़ सुनाई देती है, वह यक्ष की थी। यक्ष ने धर्मराज से कहा कि अगर मेरे सभी सवालों का सही जवाब दे दोगे तुम्हारे किसी एक भाई का जीवन दान दिया जाएगा। धर्मराज राजी हो जाते हैं। सभी प्रश्नों को तर्कसंगत रूप से उत्तर देते हैं, उन में से एक सवाल था: धर्मराज बता सकते हो, दुनिया में सबसे पीडादायक दृश्य क्या हो सकता है?” धर्मराज पलभर सोचकर बताते हैं, “किसी पिता को अपने ही पुत्र की अर्थी को अपना कंधा देना!”

सुप्रीत कौर की नज़र से हम अगर देखें तो उस जवान पत्नी के दिल में कितनी पीडा हुई होगी जब अनजाने में ही सही अपने पति की दुखद मौत की खबर दुनिया को देती है! इस पीडा को सहने के लिये ईश्वर उन्हें शक्ति दे!

The ubiquitous Laloo Yadav – the messiah of scams! (9th April 2017)

Lara, not the West Indian cricketer, not even once Miss India Lara it is LARA – LAlu + RAbri! They have acquired a large piece of land in Bailey Road Patna where the biggest Mall is being developed. The land was finally acquired through various conduits while the Management Guru (?) was the Railway Minister! How did all this come to light? Obviously Sushil Modi - a member of the Opposition party in the Bihar Assembly the BJP – stumbled over this after Lalu’s elder son was found out that the soil from the purported Mall underway was sold for Rs. 90 lakhs to the Sanjay Gandhi Biological gardens situated in the outskirts of Patna! That is Lalu with the sobriquet – the management guru - who showed a profit of over 25, 000 crores for the Railways when he was the Railway Minister! The entire world was taken up by his feat that big Universities across the world invited him to give lectures on Management! That he is a fraud; the world came to know when the next Railway Minister Mamta Banerjee found out about the manipulations.

The Yadavs both in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have singularly taken the people for a ride! LARA (company) has taken this name after many vicissitudes (changeovers) of ownerships - a trick that Lalu and his “illustrious family” played. The land is claimed to be around Rs. 200 Crores!! A Muslim has been a part of the manipulation just as a Muslim is hand in gloves with the Yadavs in UP. Yes, you guessed it right! The Yadavs find it convenient to pull in the Muslims of shady traits in their “number two” business! Almost three decades ago Lalu is on record of having said that for better social harmony, Muslims and Hindus must enter into matrimonial relationships! Violence broke out in various parts of Patna and Patna sahib following this downright observation! In the days of yore Yadavs were known for mixing water in milk and sell, but now they mix two diagonally different religious denominations into one!

In a hurry to expand its base further in UP and Bihar BJP must not get the Yadav clan into its fold, till all enquires against them are not completed! I warn PM Modi and the Yogi to keep a safe distance from the Yadavs for a while!

Menaka Gandhi said it…! (9th April 2017)

Menaka Gandhi one of the most beautiful women of her times, a former model and current Minister for Women and Child welfare GOI has said something that should alert the political bigwigs especially PM Modi and Mamta Banerjee– PM Modi has a fascination for films and filmstars, PM Modi perhaps thinks his reaching to the top post is less fascinating compared to the filmwalas reel life! Amitabh Bacchhan was made Vibrant Gujarat’s ambassador, you see!

At the Goa Fest 2017 in Panaji Menaka has squarely blamed films for violence against women over the years. She has hit the nail on the head! Producers and Directors often claim that cinema reflects what is happening in society! The fact is it is the other way round! Menaka observed: in order to entice a young lady the hero teases her, परेशान करता है and finally succeeds in getting her favours! Menaka will know that our film heroes excel in “पटाव” ing girls! If they try this they will be at the receiving end in the current Yogi raaj!! Whatever is shown in the films is being replicated in society in the crudest form. The incidence of throwing acid on young ladies by jilted Romeos increased many fold after the film, Tezaab released in mid 80s! Actresses must not sign a film if they find such scenes are a part of the film, only then the honour our women will truly be protected. Neena Gupta would not be singing “चोली के पीछे क्या है…..” if she had her way which is in bad taste! Song writers pen such lyrics that have dual meanings much to the embarrassment of not only women but children too. Song writers cannot view love in its sublime form, like say, अभी न जाओ छोडकर के दिल अभी भरा नहीं…….. दिल में तुम्हें बिठाके कर लूँगी बन्द आँखे,……आने से उसके आये बहार जाने से उसके जाए बहार….!!

I congratulate Menaka for her forthright comment on a burning issue!

Kejrival doesn’t relent! (8th April 2017)

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Having received 99% of the total seats in the Delhi Assembly Kejrival has become a kind of a despot! Since there is no opposition worth the name in the Assembly he has been taking decisions that do not fall under his legal jurisdiction. The latest being the acquisition of land for opening an office for his AAP party! The land belongs to the Delhi government and falls under the purview of the rights of the LG. Therefore, the current LG has directed the State government to vacate the premises in keeping with the Shunglu Committee report that was instituted by the previous LG Najeeb Jung. All along his tenure as CM he has been at loggerheads with the LG stepping on the toes of the Governor. Instead of consulting the LG on major decisions he unilaterally goes ahead erroneously thinking that he is the de jure head of the State.

In the run up to the MCD elections the AAP has promised waiver of property tax, just as it did with respect to electricity and water –partly though – for all! If almost all basic things are provided free how would the government generate revenue?! Who does not want something free? You have to pay for the service rendered excepting very poor people who need support. A landlord earns on tenancy and enhances rent regularly although the space occupied by the tenant remains the same (Mitchell theory). He must pay a sum towards the amenities provided by the state, it is a must. Political parties vying for grabbing power must desist from these populist promises that hurt the state and its development. Yogi promised free electricity to the poor alone not to all, even in his hospitals in Gorakhpur he charges a marginal amount towards paper work, because he wants to impress on people they are not getting anything free!

At this point in time I recollect what American President Dulles had once said - keep a man half hungry, he will work!! Dulles is no more but his words are as relevant as ever before!

Movement against fee hike in schools (8th April 2017)

Across many states parents have picked cudgels against the managements of schools for steep rise in fees under various nomenclatures! Yogi, the man on a mission is shortly bringing a legislation to curb this menace. Good! Chennai too faces a similar situation on which I had time and again written but nothing much has come about it. The reason is political parties are offered huge amounts during elections and promise to do the “needful”! Fee hikes are more conspicuous among English medium schools, not so much in the vernacular!

Most schools have become sales conduits! Uniforms are changed regularly, school badges, ID cards (must be changed every year), and an assortment of other things that must be bought only at the school counter! I am aware of schools which have a string of branches to “cater to the need of the students”! My foot! Even DAV is not far behind! A small time engineer (hailing from the so-called very backward Thevar community whose occupation had been climbing trees to gather coconuts) owns a string of schools, colleges including a medical college in and around Chennai and in his native village! I hear, at teachers meetings he never fails to refer to his backward class status!!

Yogi has been working overtime to set right things in UP. I laud his efforts! He has warned government doctors not to engage in private practice and those found indulging will face the “music”! Surely he is following the footsteps of the great Hindu savant, Swami Vivekanand … not till you reach the goal!

Neerja lives! (8th April 2017)

Film Neerja has been acclaimed as the best Hindi feature film at this year’s 64th National Film Awards. I had written a review on the day it was released and predicted that whatever be its shortcomings it will make to the top – and it did. Those who were on board the ill-fated plane did not fully agree that Neerja has done all that was shown in the film. Perhaps they were sore that they have not been included in a part of the film, I suppose. Even otherwise in dramatizing an event that had occurred, some cinematic exigencies are there to make it to the box office. Sonam Kapoor has done her job so well in fact she had confessed that she truly wept while acting in certain of the scenes! Great!

Yes, we all love you, Neerja!

Shiv Sena – a liability! (7th April 2017)

Shiv Sena is synonymous with hooliganism, it is a party (political?) that has only anarchists, anti nationals, anti socials and all those who have contempt for law of the land. Right from their Chief to the lowest worker spew contempt for other communities which happen to live in Maharashtra! They, like the Hurriyat, think the state belongs to them and virtually holding the state governments for a ransom. Sanjay Rauth(a Yadav) a spokesman of the Shiv Sena is a downright thug like his boss. Whenever he speaks to the press he denigrates the PM (just as the IITian and anarchist Arvind Kejrival), dares the BJP to take action against its cadre and more so on the rowdy called Rajendra Gaikwad! This MP appears in the Parliament, denies all the charges against him, even his claim after the incident of purported assault on an AI official of having slippered him 25 times! The best part of it is he claims to be a teacher in his consistency Usmanabad, Maharashtra!

The Yadav spokesman has threatened to stop flights emanating from Mumbai, so much so security has been beefed up there to forestall any violence by the damnable Shiv sainiks.

The Maharashtra Government headed by a level headed Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis is giving time to the Shiv Sena to mend its ways or face the consequences. Politeness must not be misconstrued as weakness but ones strength! Rajendra Gaikwad had said that he is a Shiv Sena MP not BJP MP that he would not react they way he does. What cheek! The government spends quite big chunk for their security or else they would not speak the way they do. In Kashmir valley the Hurriyat known to have a propensity towards the terrorist nation – Pakistan - is given highest security by the government – over 500 crores spent in the last few years – which could have been used for development. Under the privileges given to the legislators - enshrined in the Constitution – they make such statements that can endanger national security. Whatever the result of the enquiry on spitfire Rajendra Gaikwad he must not be allowed to travel by air till he apologizes for his conduct. This is the minimum one can expect from a civilized (?) person!

Udit Patel wakes from sleep! (7th April 2017)

Much before the Reserve Bank pronouncement on waiving Kisan loans Arunadhati Bhattacharya Chairperson of the SBI has said that loan waiver can have disastrous effect on the economy, increase in interest rates and cascading effect on developmental activities, inter alia. Very recently the US banks have increased the Bank rates to keep the economy buoyant. Following her comments there were violent protests in Maharashtra and suddenly Udit Patel – Governor of the Reserve Bank – woke up, perhaps after doing belated calculations! He must resign from his post for keeping mum on an issue that would have tremendous impact on the economy. I presume he has spoken to his predecessor, Rangarajan – to “advise him” on the matter!

Beef eaters! (7th April 2017)

People do not die or fall sick for not taking balanced food; rather they die or fall ill due to over-eating! Majority of Indians living in rural India do not enjoy the luxury of eating balanced food – due to poverty – yet they wake up early and engage themselves in routine activities to feed the nation! While I travelled in rural India as a crime reporter I happened to see villagers slogging in the field or working in a wayside tea stall eating “muri” and onion or green chilly for an afternoon meal! While in urban areas people – not all – cannot live without eating beef! The Allahabad High Court gave a ruling a day before that the State government cannot direct what the public should eat! If entire Uttar Pradesh becomes non-vegetarian consuming beef will the cost of the commodity be as cheap? Decades ago following increase in red meat – just a few cents - in the US a country wide protest broke out for a day and the meat prices fell like nine pins! Courts must also look at how rural economy would be effected by continued cow slaughter! Let the Courts confine themselves to the interpretation of law not tell what the state government must do in the best interests of the state. The Yogi government must pass a bill banning cow slaughter in the state just as it was done in Gujarat and many states in India! Hopefully, the Court will not question why the government has banned the killing!

दाल रोटी खाओ और जम के शराब पियो! (7th April 2017)

उत्तर प्रदेश की महिलाओं ने रिहायशी क्षेत्रों में शराब की बिक्री को लेकर एक प्रकार का युद्ध छेड दिया है! जय हो! फिल्हाल योगी सरकार कुछ कर नहीं सकती, मगर देरसवेर शराब के उत्पादन, बिक्री पर पाबन्दी लगाना अनिवार्य हो जाएगा! योगी अप्रत्यक्ष रूप से महिलाओं का समर्थन करते हैं लेकिन फौरन इस पर कार्यवाही नहीं करेंगे क्योंकि इलाहाबाद उच्च न्यायालय कहीं यह न कह दे - आप लोगों को कह नहीं सकते क्या पीना चाहिए – शर्बत या शराब्!

Nine lives of a cat called Chetan Cheeta! (6th April 2017)

Commandant Chetan Cheeta survived the brutal attack on him by terrorists in an operation in the Kashmir frontier – a miraculous rebirth! His grit, fortitude and spirit to fight back for life is a saga that will be told by the Army and the people of India for years to come. The surgeons of All India Institute of Medical Sciences have done a very difficult job that has stunned surgeons around the world. The team deserves encomiums for this great feat. Cheeta, true to his name responded gradually to the medication after surgeries that went for hours, what with 9 bullets that were sprayed on various parts of his body and a bullet that went through – very close to the right eye and damaged a part of the right flank of his skull and brain! Chetan was in a coma since he was shot but his was body was responding to the treatment and finally been discharged from the hospital yesterday. He still needs medical attention for another couple of months and there are indications that he wishes to join his battalion soon enough! That’s like a soldier! India is proud of him for his valour, we are proud of our doctors at AIIMS who have done a surgery that needed meticulous planning, excellent medical knowledge and alertness as a bullet struck the brain on the right flank adjacent to the right eye!

Once Cheeta recoups we would like him to relate his experiences during the fight against the terrorists and the fight to survive. Many would wish the narrative be filmed for the common man to understand the life of a soldier caught in cross fire! Who else can be more appropriate to play that role than Vin Diesel or Tom Cruise or Pierce Brosnon or Daniel Craig or Russell Crowe. Our Indian film actors cannot replicate as well because they are only good in falling in love with maids less than half their age and play cameo roles in eve-teasing, whom our Yogi calls Road Romeos!

योगी की बात ! (6th April 2017)

मुख्यमंत्री बनने के बाद अपनी प्रथम दूरदर्शन/टी.वी. साक्षात्कार में योगी ने अपने बेबाक अन्दाज़ में सरकार की प्राथमिकताओं को गिनाए। इस से पहले लखनऊ में एक प्रतिष्ठित मेडिकल कोलेज में चिकित्सकों को संबोधित करते हुए उन्होंने कहा कि आप प्राइवेट प्रैक्टिस से बाज़ आएँ, और सेवा भाव से काम करें, गरीब के पास पैसे नहीं होते लेकिन आपके नेक काम के लिये वह अपनी झोली से दुआएँ अवश्य देगा!! क्या बात है, योगी! उन्होंने आगे कहा चिकित्सकों को गैंग जैसे काम नहीं करना चाहिए अपितु एक टीम के रूप में, इसका मतलब निहित है, बस समझने का है!!!

साक्षात्कारकर्ता ऋतु वर्मा - एक प्रखर और प्रबुद्ध एंकर - इस सवाल पर क्या देश सन्यासियों और योगियों से ही अब चलेगा? योगी ने मुस्कराते हुए कहा, बेशक! योगी नि:स्वार्थ रूप से कार्य करता है जब कि एक भोगी सर्वप्रथम अपने लिए, अपने परिवार के लिये करता फिर देश के बारे में सोचता है मगर योगी पूरा जीवन सेवाभाव से समाज से जुडा रहता है!! योगी ने अब तलक जो कार्य गोरखपुर में किया यह जीता जागता उदाहरण है! योगी की जय हो!

The Trump Card! (5th April 2017)

Just as Big John does not think all Muslims are religious but terrorists, he declared that those working as programmers in the US are not experts! John is right! HI B visa holders work- permits are being cancelled and new ones are put on hold, and rightly so. Those programmers who went to the US must return to India, be a part of “start up India”, “make in India” and contribute to the country. PM Modi and Big John have similar views on indigenous work force! Government of India must not plead on the Trump Administration to review the stand on the issue. Some more serious steps are underway in the US. समय रहते सभी HIB visa धारकों को भारत लौटकर नये सिरे से काम आरंभ करना चाहिए। यह उनके हित में है और देश के भी।

Yogi’s first cabinet meeting – a great success! (5th April 2017)

In line with the promises made by the BJP during the elections many decisions were taken even before the first Cabinet meeting. All of them have given fantastic results! Yesterday evening the BJP spokesman Shrikant Sharma – who speaks in a controlled way – detailed the decisions taken at the inaugural meet: Rs 36, 000 + crores Kisan loan has been waived, entire wheat produce will be bought by the government, an ultra modern sports complex will be built within the stipulate time frame that would cost a staggering 200 crores, free electricity for extremely poor families and many more. Remember the loan waiver is not an easy decision, the State government cannot take out finance out of the state revenue above 3% under the law and the Central Government cannot be a part of the waiver programme due to obvious reasons. It is incumbent on all State government to generate revenue from its own resources and UP has the capacity perhaps no other state in India has: fertile land, hardworking people, six seasons, all year round flowing rivers, a strong government and what have you?

One interesting decision taken by the Yogi government is revamping fee structure in private schools! It is perhaps one of the most crying need of the public. The fee structure is necessary insofar as the private schools are always avaricious in emptying the pockets of the poor parents. I have in the past touched this issue many times over through these columns that schools and other educational institutions are money spinning industries where those who could not afford a bicycle earlier, today in a matter of few years, own large farm house and live in luxury! Their accounts must be checked just as it is done in other industries – fees levied from the parents must be taxed, and term fee must be totally abolished. Parents of a primary school pupil have to shell out thousands every term (tri-monthly) which is too much of a burden on a middle class, working class family if it happens to be a single working-parent home. I would call upon the Yogi to address this issue at the earliest and make it mandatory for all day-schools to take only monthly fees. A bill to this effect must be passed in the Lok Sabha that must be binding to all schools just as the GST bill! The mughals of private schools need to understand that they too have a role to play in nation building!

योगी की जय हो!!

Injustice to the talented! (4th April 2017)

In a hurry to undo injustice to the backward classes, dalits and people living in the far flung villages the government should not lose sight of the upper classes (read castes). Democracy is nothing but count of heads and consequent governments since Independence both at the centre and the states have garnered votes from the downtrodden but there has not been any relative change in their lives especially the marginalized sections of society. The government cannot leave the cream of society to fend for itself: the Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Kasyasths etc have contributed much to the nation be it in science, astronomy, art, music, culture etc. It is an open secret that certain castes are blamed for the backwardness of the lower castes but the politicians belonging to the lower castes say the chamars, yadavs, doms who headed governments have indulged in self-aggrandizement and amassed wealth that is staggering! Bua and the Yadav clan both in UP and Bihar flaunt their caste names on their vehicles as if they have reached the zenith of human civilization!

The barber community that Karunanidhi belongs to has amassed so much money that there is no place in the banks to keep; it has become even more difficult after demonetization! His own community is still backward both in education and thought! The Constitution guaranteed reservations for some sections of the society and for a specified period frame after independence but, alas the process is continuing endlessly. The talented are being sidelined much to the detriment of nation building. When you listen to the transcripts of Indiraji’s speeches they are directly in contrast with other politicians – even PM Modi’s - past and present! To garner votes for her party she would call upon people to shed the spectre of casteism, come forward to join hands to move ahead. It is another matter that she belonged to the Brahmin community, did precious little for them – because she was secular!! PM Modi has recently called for a meeting to include more communities in the backward classes list for reservations which have not been included! This will go on endlessly, while the cream of the society stands with folded hands to be “favoured” for a job that he/she is already competent!! Tragic!

The DMK since its inception has been an anti-Brahmin party especially because the Brahmins are singularly responsible for sustenance of religion, art, music, culture, sciences etc in Tamilnadu. The greatest drawback of the lower castes is they want to amass wealth to find a place in society! But do not nndeavour to work for psychic advancement and rejuvenation of the intellect! Like the Muslim invaders who killed the priests, demolished temples the governments in India over the years are hurting the microscopic minority. In Tamilnadu the Brahmin population is just 2.8% and they need government support to find jobs despite being highly talented (reservation is staggering 79%!). Leaving alone large temples in the state, smaller temples have been non-Brahmined! Now a large chunk of Brahmin priests with excellent Vedic knowledge have left interior Tamilnadu to other parts of the country and in recent years to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Fiji Islands to name a few! मोदीजी, सुन रहे हैं?! राम मन्दिर के निर्माण मात्र से हिन्दू धर्म को बचाया नहीं जा सकता, आप को कुछ और करना है!!

Prashant Bhushan a man of letters! (3rd April 2017)

Prashant Bhushan is once again in the news! Whenever he finds that his name is not featuring in the headlines, or in social media he comes out with certain observations that make him look a fool! It is hardly necessary to recall his off-hand remarks in the past, the readers would know anyway! Yesterday, he was sitting idle perhaps, rummaged into major newspapers, ran through the social media and finding his name nowhere to be seen decides to say something that will bring him back into the limelight! All of a sudden readers were informed that he is very much “alive and kicking”!

He tweeted: श्री कृष्ण कन्याओं की छेडखानी करते थे क्या उन्हें भी सडक छाप रोमियो कहा नहीं जा सकता? यह मूर्खता की पराकाष्ठा है! ये वकील बन सकते हैं कोई चिकित्सक या अन्तरिक्ष वैज्ञानिक नही!

In the days gone by not many women had the privilege to go to school they were “educated” at home. And my mother was one among them. Only after her marriage (she was married at the age of 11!) my dad taught her English, Hindi (this was her mother tongue but could not read or write), Urdu and Arithmetic! She would often pronounce “lawyer” (in those days they were not called “advocates”) as “liar”! I asked her once “mom, why do you pronounce a “lawyer” as “liar”? She had this to say, they only lie and interpret law to their convenience! It is not like 1+1 = 2 but something else! Poor thing she is dead and gone, I remember her for her “erudition”!

In Hindi films almost always some episode from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata is brought out and conveniently misinterpreted. The writer, producer and director go scot free! It is like the devil quoting scriptures! In a film I happened to see, the villain says, “अगर द्रौपदी के पाँच पति हो सकते हैं,

सामान्य औरत गुलच्छर्रे उडाए तो हर्ज़ ही क्या है?!” (3rd April 2017)

A Shankaracharya has retorted to Prashant Bhushan’s low down comment that he needs to read the Holy book, which is not a law book that can be interpreted to ones advantage! Jai ho, Shankrachaaryaji!

J.S. Kehar’s address: His preamble longer than the Constitution!(3rd April 2017)

Yesterday the Chief Justice of India at the valedictory function of the 150th year celebrations of Allahabad High Court had pleaded that advocates and judges must give more time during vacation for hearing cases to cut down pendency! Good. But the way he put it across during his address was a pain in the neck! Almost 40 minutes he was talking about “turning point” from his life that a man of action like the Yogi and PM Modi were found fidgeting in their seats! I fail to understand how he expects advocates to do “short work” of cases if he himself takes 40 minutes to drive home a simple point? Courts are known for adjournments, and delays! This enables the advocates to mint money! A case I filed almost 17 years ago in the Madras High Court is still going on and there is no end in sight! After all Kehar himself has been a lawyer he knows how to drag on the speech with irrelevant talk rather than on jurisprudence. Perhaps he forgot that the PM had to fly to Jammu to inaugurate an ultra modern tunnel there. He has inadvertently delayed the proceedings with his “दिल की बात बनाम मोदी की मन की बात”!

Women and the accursed ebottle! (2nd April 2017)

The statewide agitation by women and children against wine shops - in some places violent – across Uttar Pradesh has shook the yogi Government at the foundation! Women face the brunt of the wine mongering husband/ father who saps the earnings of the middle and the lower middle class families. Hordes of women descended before wine shops broke them open and destroyed the wine bottles in thousands. They demanded the yogi government to stop liquor production and sales in the state in line with the neighboring state Bihar.

Down south, in Chennai Amma had a plan to gradually close down wine shops in a phased manner (the work is being carried out by the current government). Amma had started cheap canteens subsidized food items, some free but it had a reverse effect: men started to divert the money to meet their drinking habits! Similar is the case all over India, UP is no exception and Bihar, under Nitish Kumar, has done the right thing of banning by a decree.

The agitation in UP is serious, and once the UP Cabinet meets, the yogi will surely take steps to ban this commodity. The evil must be nipped in the bud that is the solution. Upper class does take a swig at the bottle but generally in moderation but moderation is never seen among the lower classes. Come evening men gather in queues to take their quota, finish a full bottle (or even two!) and cause nuisance at home and in the streets. Women’s organizations and NGOs working in small villages and towns must work along with womenfolk there to fight this menace. A revamped police force under the yogi will do well to share their responsibility in saving the lives of millions of people especially women and children.

गौ माता की जय! (1st April 2017)

ग़ुजरात एक मात्र राज्य है जिसने गौवध को अपराध मानते हुए इस में संलिप्त लोगों को सज़ा देने से संबंधित विधेयक को कल गुजरात विधान सभा में पारित किया है! बहुत खूब! देरसवेर ऐसे विधेयक को अंतत: पास करना ही पडा और ज़रूरी भी है! उम्मीद है ऐसे विधेयक को अन्य राज्यों में भी वैधानिक दर्जा प्राप्त होगा। गौ हिन्दुओं की आस्था का प्रतीक युगों से रहा है, अलावा इसके गाय के महत्व के संबंध में नज़र डालना बेहद ज़रूरी है: दूध, गोबर, मूत्र (यह औषध के रूप में भी प्रयोग किया जाता है, और तो और उसकी उम्र के हिसाब से भी). ग़ोबर (खाद के अलावा) से बने उपलों को धार्मिक अनुष्ठानों में बहुत ज़रूरी है, इसका वैदिक महत्व है। कितना दर्दनाक विषय है कि जीवन भर जो हमें हर प्रकार की सहायता करती है, उसे बेदर्दी से लोग हत्या करके गोश्त खाते हैं! हिन्दुओं में उसे माँ का दर्जा प्राप्त है, क्योंकि माँ जीवनपर्यंत नि:स्वार्थ रूप से हमारी रक्षा करती है और उस गाय का वध करना बेहद पीडादायक है! एक सामान्य हिन्दू क्रूर नहीं होता, औरों के दुख को बांटता है, इतिहास गवाह है हिन्दुओं ने किसी देश पर कभी भी आक्रमण नहीं किया है, और न किसी और की ज़मीन को हथिया है। इसका मूल कारण है, वह अपनी जन्मभूमि से बेहद प्यार करता है, उसके दिल में आस रहता है कि मरकर अगर मेरा दुबारा जन्म हो चाहे किसी भी रूप में अपने वतन में ही हो! पवित्र गौ माता की जय, जय मातृभूमि

Talaq Talaq Talaq! (31th March 2017)

A petition from rival contenders is before the honourable Supreme Court for hearing on this vexed issue! Muslim males are virile, they consider women as bed fellows and discard them using the 3Ts to their advantage; and political parties other than the BJP think that it is violation of Muslim personal law! BJP vigorously opposes this as discrimination against women and their rights under the Constitution. Simply giving alimony after Talaq does not end there, a lot of social stigma is attached to a divorced woman, while she is unable to remarry (in almost all cases) men either hide their real credentials or take unwary women for a ride and marry them! In Shah Banu case – a divorced woman – the aggrieved woman appealed to the honourable Supreme Court to repeal this obnoxious, unethical system and render justice to her, for that puts a woman to disadvantage vis a vis male. The Supreme Court gave the ruling in her favour! But immediately after the ruling Congress party – a self styled “secular” party – under its appeasement policy passed a bill in the then Lok Sabha in which Congress Party had 400+ members declining assent to the ruling by the Supreme Court in favor of Shah Banu! Democracy can be totalitarian if a single party has a brute majority to pass Bills that do not reflect aspirations of the people. In Islamic nations the 3Ts has become obsolete and no more in the statute books for they agree that it does reflect the true spirit of the Shariat. In India Muslims are pampered by political parties to have their way whether right or wrong. Years ago a film – Nikah – underlined the serious issues that confront a woman when she faces with consternation the wrath of her drunken spouse who cries the 3Ts in a fit rage! It was a movie that left people - both the Muslims and Hindus aghast!

Yogi on the “rampage”! (31th March 2017)

True to his words the yogi is taking strict action in another area that has deteriorated over the years: copying in examinations. He has ordered suspension of centres where mass copying was going on, over 1000 students found copying were apprehended and teachers who encourage this were suspended right away. District Collectors too face governmental enquiry for not stamping out this menace. Examinations held in innumerable centres across Uttar Pradesh were annulled following mass copying – re-examinations will be held under strict supervision at a later date. Interestingly some of the best and world famous schools are located in Uttar Pradesh where such malpractices do not happen. Nevertheless when one hears that mass-copying is commonplace in the state it can affect the names of schools, colleges and universities located there. Therefore entire Uttar Pradesh must stand up as one man to fight this derogatory practice.

GST Bill finally passed! (30th March 2017)

Well, well the much awaited GST bill has been finally passed by the Lok Sabha after a marathon debate and reply by FM Arun Jaitly. It is perhaps a much stalled Bill in the annals of Independent India and a most historic Tax Bill ever passed which will redefine tax laws that would be even all over India. A year back it should have been passed but for the Congress which kept disrupting the debate on it setting back the clock. Following the affirmation of the Bill the prices will come down drastically and the Centre and the States will evenly net the tax revenues. Arun Jaitly, my favourite speaker on Finance, is simply great. Throughout his reply he never faltered for a moment, he had all information on his fingertips and the best part of it is he chooses the right word to drive his point. Being a lawyer of esteem he takes care not to step on other’s toes to give room to them to divert his mind to mundane issues rather than the tabled Bill! I congratulate him for having singularly piloted the Bill; I congratulate him for his erudition too. Jai ho!

Undeclared emergency in Uttar Pradesh! (29th March 2017)

Spare the rod and spoil the child is an age-old adage that has transcended times. In modern times when rod is disallowed to restrain a child from doing wrong things you need to find other ways to cajole the child! However when it comes to adults, who have become thick skinned they need to be given कडवी दवा!! The yogi is in full swing in UP – he not only speaks but does too! A rare trait in politicians!

Surprise checking have started in many Government departments: four police officers (reserved) sent back to the “lines” for sitting in civil clothes in a police station when they should have been wearing the uniform; a conductor on UP roadways passenger bus was caught red handed for taking the fare but not issuing tickets; 9 persons were arrested for beating up Nigerian nationals in Noida by irate people following the death of a school boy caused by them allegedly by administering drug intravenously; redressal for a harassed married woman seeking for security from avaricious in- laws , and the list goes on!

During the “dark days” of Emergency Indiraji had this to say on emergency rules: those who cannot administer must be administered!! Almost half a century later many have discovered how true it is!! Yogi is following this and there is not a squeak, why? Opposition parties have been vanquished; majority both at the Centre and the State; poor administration by the previous governments and disgruntled people crying for reforms! All these have propelled a disciplinarian Yoga to take up cudgels against those who had (have) indulged in anti – social/national activities for decades in the largest state in India – Uttar Pradesh. His aim to make Uttar Pradesh उत्तम प्रदेश requires the dose that he is currently administering. While not going for witch-hunting immediately I look forward to direct action on Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati for squandering people’s money and for being obstacles in the way of taking Uttar Pradesh towards progress and prosperity. All those harming the nation must be booked and given exemplary punishment and who else can be more appropriate than the aforesaid “leaders”!! जय माँ भारती!

Violence in Kashmir! (29th March 2017)

The Army is fighting battles on two fronts: the militants/terrorists across the border; those giving assistance to these anti-national elements in Kashmir and stone-throwing from locals while operations against the terrorists are underway! Yesterday three stone pelters were killed along with a terrorist in firing! Good! PM Modi has endorsed the views expressed by Army Chief Rawat that during Army operations who wantonly come in the line of fire will meet the same fate as terrorists! And it has happened this time! Army is not there to see the martyrdom of its soldiers, it is duty bound to protect the citizens and keep the causalities at the minimum on both sides. There are quite a few Jai Chands in Kashmir who need to be weeded out. The Army is well equipped to monitor their activities with the local police and its own undercover agents. I have reason to believe the current incident will send a clear message that stone pelters will not be spared! जय हो, सेना अध्यक्ष रावतजी! जय माँ भारती!

Dharamsala: 4th Aussie – India Test (28th March 2017)

Aussies are about to bite the dust today! India requires just 87 runs to seal the fate of the visitors!! They were bundled out by Indian bowlers in the second innings for just 137 runs! It is almost certain unless something dramatic happens the 4th Test will finish by lunch time in favor of India. A word of praise for Rahane who captained the team in the absence of Virat Kohli who was injured earlier. Rahane shuffled the bowling according to how well and from which end the bowling is favoring a particular bowler. This understanding by a captain is paramount in swinging the fate of a game in favor of the team. It is heartening to see a young cricketer like Rahane showing the brilliance of a regular Captain! All the best guys! Hope you win the Test and the series at a high note!

UP: closure of meat shops and slaughter houses (28th March 2017)

Yogi government has been working at double pace to execute all his promises, one among them, closure of slaughter houses - unlicensed and illegal ones operating behind thousands of shops across UP. Following strict vigilance and strict action the meat sellers, slaughter house owners and to add insult to injury fish sellers too joined in a state wide indefinite strike! The Yogi must not yield to this pressure tactics. It is a conspiracy hatched by the previous government to force the Yogi to retract from his actions. The fish sellers have no business to join the strike it is only that the meat sellers want to put up pressure on the government to withdraw its ban of selling beef in the state by unlicensed slaughter houses. The Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samajwadi Party are encouraging their cadre and supporters to agitate against the move. Interestingly, Maharashtra has blanket ban on cow slaughter for a long time now, many other states too have similar bans in place! The Yogi and the Bharatiya Janata Party must not surrender to law breaking unlicensed slaughter house owners who belong to SP and BSP. Because of the ineptitude and partisanship by the preceding governments, you find more slaughter houses than vegetable shops/markets spread across UP! For SP and BSP the slogan is: let us eat, drink and make merry - may I add, make babies - whatever the means! Both parties have divided Hindus for their own political gain while BJP has been drawing all communities under one flag! Let good sense prevail for the best interests of the nation.

Twinkle Khanna: Actress > Fashion designer > writer/social media activist! (27th March 2017)

Yes, you have read it right; Twinkle Khanna has come a long way to where she stands (rather sits) today. It is said, to be in the news and hit the news headlines you need to pose naked! Here Twinkle suggested to the Yogi – the fire brand saffron clad CM of UP – that he should teach people “gas releasing asanas” rather than enticing people to take to the saffron dress! The way she put it, it reflects her sick mind! Does she know that saffron has curative properties too! She may be suffering from gastric symptom mainly because the filmwalas do not have regular and routine food habits, gobbling fast food, do not rest properly and generally have a swig at the bottle to show how modern they are!

Coming to the Yogi’s life style all would agree that he maintains strict diet, vegetarian food, sleeps as much(or as little) as is required and is up hours before the sun peeps on the eastern horizon! Saffron has not only religious touch to the Hindus but also has a lot to do with its place in the lives of all humans. I am not here to explain all that, rather go to the Yogi to understand all this. Yogi lives by example, not the film stars! They say something “on screen” and do something different in real life!

Amitabh Bacchan, in his early film career was (even today) known as “angry young man” for his portrayals in films! Why did he fail to do such great things in real life? If you see any of his films you would agree that he had done so many things that outside the “reel life” it is just not that easy. As far as the Yogi goes, he is the real “angry young man” he is doing something Amitabh(and her hubby, Akshay) can only do “on screen”. In the last few days since his innings began as CMship he did what he declared is his mission!

Twinkle’s hubby Akshay Khanna was a chef in his early life and was never known to be a world class chef anyway! Neither Narendrabhai Modi – the so called चायवाला प्रधानमंत्री – and the yogi are real life icons who rose to the position where they stand today! I bet if Twinkle had seen the yogi the other day at Rana Pratap college, Gorakhpur she would agree that neither her hubby nor Amitabh could have spoken the way he delivered his speech while touching on burning issues – remember there is no “retake” in real life! It is best she confines herself to the world of her own and keep off from genuine politics that the yogi is pursuing – a policy of non appeasement, while she and her husband and almost all filmstars today must have “secular” credentials to earn their living!

Pakistan: New twist to Gilgit – Baltistan issue (26th March 2017)

Pakistan has always been an expansionist nation since its inception and has been bullying smaller provinces to yield to its machinations and conspiracies’, the latest being the Gilgit Baltistan province! India opposed the move when Pakistan declared the Gilgit-Baltistan as its fifth province and in line with the Indian stand and the people of the area! And to add to India’s support yesterday the British Parliament condemned Pakistan for its covert action! Good. British Parliament declared that the area belongs to India adjoining Kashmir! A laudable diplomatic victory to India which has all along been contesting Pakistan’s claim of the POK and Baluchistan under the premise they practice Islam. If that be so all Islamic nations would be one nation under terrorist organization called the ISIS!

China today is the bosom friend of Pakistan, they are building all weather roads(including rail) and installing strategic military infrastructure in Karakoram and Baluchistan despite India’s opposition. In the early sixties of the last century the Soviets were accused of expansionism which fizzled after its disintegration under Gorbochav’s glasnost. Today, China has been gobbling a number of areas which rightly belong to Mongolia, Tibet has already been swallowed, Hongkong the next victim, and for quite long time it has been eyeing even Arunachal Pradesh in India. No wonder Pakistan has become comrade-in-arms in the nefarious designs of China. China and Pakistan are posing serious threat to world peace their foreign policy matches each other’s! The terrorists who operate from Pakistan soil have been blacklisted by the UN yet China refuses to accept it and veto’s in the SC whenever India demands to move the bill! It boils down to this: China and Pakistan knowingly extending support to terrorism in South Asia while along condemning the terrorist acts.

British Parliament has done great service to the people of Baluchistan, Gilgit-Baltistan in supporting them in their fight against expansionist Pakistan. I firmly believe the Indo-China border, and Indo-Pakistan border - both LOC and International borders - must be further secured to defend the Indian borders. The Indian Army no doubt is keeping constant vigil and the current Government is pumping billions in Military hardware: on land, air and sea. Research and Development work in the latest missile technology is now on par with the US, Russia and China! Yes, eternal vigilance is the price of liberty

The Yogi in Gorakhpur - A hit (26th March 2017)

Yesterday’s home coming by the Yogi has been a hit. People irrespective of their allegiances’ came out in thousands to greet the Yogi all along the route from the Airport till he reached his ashram at Gorakhnath Mandir. Earlier his address at Rana Pratap College grounds kept the listeners spellbound by his oratory and cheered him crying “Jai Yogi maharaj, Jai Sri Ram and Vande matram when he detailed the priorities of his government. The public reception at the college must be seen to be believed. The poor Yogi had to stand for over 30 minutes receiving hundreds of bouquets that people-who-matter brought for him such is the popularity of this Yogi! People turned frenzy on two occasions: when he declared all UP-ites who wish to travel on pilgrimage to Mansarowar will be given I lakh rupees subsidy and when for the first time in years he ended his address with full throated Jai Sri Ram with his arm raised in reverence!! Yes, Yogi Jai Shri Ram!

What is good for the goose may not be good for the gander!  (March 25, 2017)

“While administering justice sometimes innocent are affected.” These are the words of the Iron lady of India Priyadarshini Indiraji when her attention was drawn towards excesses while enforcing Emergency rules during those “dark days”! Today, while the Yogi is taking some tough actions on all those who had indulged in anti social activities there is a hue and cry by some “do-gooders” who kept a “dignified silence” when things were going bad to worse. Over 800 road Romeos were pulled up for stalking, passing inappropriate remarks on young women near colleges and Malls, even school girls were not spared. They were detained, warned and some received good spanking by policewomen in mufti then let off.

When Akhilesh Yadav was the “king” of Uttar Pradesh only his womenfolk had protection while others had to pass through terror situations! To add to this his “illustrious” father Mulayam Yadav had this to say when several ghastly rape incidents occured, बच्चे हैं, उन से गलती हो जाती है! क्या इस प्रकार की बेहुदी बातें उनकी ज़ुबान से निकलतीं अगर उन्हीं के परिवार की किसी सदस्या को इस प्रकार की परिस्थिति से गुज़रना पडे?

Within hours after taking over as CM, the Yogi visited Police stations, hospitals and public places to see for himself the state of affairs there. I am not here to repeat what he said, suffice it to say there is a government in place that works! He instructed the anti-Romeo squads to avoid certain actions like मुर्गा बनाना, और कालिख पोतना (गाँवों में पकडे गये अपराधियों से इसी प्रकार सलूक किया जाता है) इत्यादि, उन्होंने यह भी कहा कि उन लडके-लडकियों को बेवजह इस अभियान में शामिल न करें, अगर वे आपसी सहमति से कहीं पाये जाते हों। इस अभियान को और बेहतर तरीके से मुक्कमल करने के लिए अभिभावक, स्थानीय लोग, शैक्षणिक संस्थानों के अधिकारियों का सहयोग अपेक्षित है।

As of now 100 policemen were suspended for dereliction of duty and many more will be covered under various sections of the Police Manual. Three policewomen under security duty who were found to take Selfie have been suspended immediately!

As I had been writing for several years now the entire police force in Uttar Pradesh needs to be purged, revamped and be made people friendly to enforce law, I see now the Yogi is doing just the same! Once the law and order improves, social security is assured to all, there is no reason why UP cannot progress fast and catch up with other states. It has abundant natural resources, hard-working people breathtaking tourist resorts and now the peoples representatives all set to strike the path of progress and prosperity. जय माँ भारती!

Travels by train!  (March 25, 2017)

Ravindra Gaikwad was forced to travel by train to Mumbai en route to Pune following refusal by all Airlines to accommodate him on their flights! Such psychopaths travelling by air can pose security threat to all passengers on board! Thankfully, the aircraft was not airborne! Shiv Sena spokesman Sanjay Raouth need not remind the Yogi his duties and obligations rather set his own house in order!

In a lighter vein….!  (March 24, 2017)

Government encourages women, young ladies and girls to learn self defense methods to protect themselves from road Romeos and rapists, why not advise doctors both men and women to learn the art to fight the disgruntled members of the patients who turn violent for alleged “improper medical treatment”!! During the last many years I have seen doctors not fit to wear the white gown, they sport the stethoscope around their necks as if it were a मंगलसूत्र!!

Capt Amrinder Singh is afraid of Navjot?  (March 24, 2017)

News is Amrinder will most likely allow Navjot to participate in Kapil Sharma Comedy show, if he is satisfied Navjot has no other source of income! Jai Ho, Amrinder! What about Navjot’s promise to make Punjab “नशामुक्त”? Is it just “हवा हवाई? or “चुनावी जुमला”? Navjot, drugs and bottles move mostly during nights when you will be cracking your hackneyed jokes with filmwalas! Does Amrinder know what to and fro flight ticket costs between Amritsar and Mumbai? Even if he travels every other day it will amount to several lakhs, he will not travel in economy class because he is a Minister!
The tragedy is Amrinder has grown in Congress culture where personal interests come before national interests! Punjabis (mostly men) do not blabber like Navjot, they talk less and work more! कभी, कभी मुझे लगता है नवजोत पंजाबी नहीं हो सकते, कोई और होंगे! Amrinder is very impressed by his blabber, I suppose! I dare say if anybody can tolerate him, it must be his poor doctor wife, Navjot Kaur!!

Shiv Sena MP, Ravindra Gaikwad: wallops an officer on duty!  (March 24, 2017)

I am not a BJP member, I am Shiv Sena MP! He declared! This uncouth, foul mouthed, anti – social MP is nothing short of a petty criminal, not fit to travel in either aircraft or by train! Shiv Sena members and activists erroneously think that they are the descendants of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj or Lord Shiva! Coz this political party has adopted the name of these honoured and respected icons among Hindus!

Let me give a brief history of this damnable political party, that for years I have been writing on: they have never been nationalists, never Hindu centric just anarchists (like Arvind Kejrival) who go on rampage in Mumbai whenever it is convenient for them. In the early 60s of the last century they targeted the South Indians, destroyed looms owned by them in Maharashtra along its borders with Karnataka, Andhra; terrorized and forced the relatively non violent South Indians from most parts! Lately they are targeting the North Indians: mostly poor Hindus from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh who come there to eke out a living, not the Punjabis (both Hindus and Sikhs) and the Muslims who have vice-like grip in Bollywood and most parts of Mumbai and Maharashtra, guess why? I will tell you: they will return back in full measure, get the same dose of medicine in return!

BJP is tolerating Shiv Sena mainly because BJP is a national party and mature enough to maintain silence, despite their unholy attempts to pull down the BJP led (and Shiv Sena) government in Maharashtra. Is Shiv Sena Marathi centric? No! If that be so in recent elections (BMC and Assembly) the Marathis did not vote for Shiv Sena en masse. Marathis know the game plan of Shiv Sena: divide the Hindus who are coming together for the first time under advancing Bharatiya Janata Party across India. The algebraic equation is: Shiv Sena = Samajwadi Party = Congress = DMK = Bahujan Samaj Party = Anti Hindu! लेकिन शिव सेना की मनुसूबों को हर राष्ट्रभक्त हिन्दू डटकर मुकाबला करेगा! जय माँ भारती!!

RSS conclave in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu  (March 23, 2017)

Whenever RSS comments on some burning issue the pseudo secularists and pseudo nationalists talk about भगवाकरण! The brain-storming session (अत्ममंथन) now underway in Coimbatore underlines the fact that Muslim population is rising in leaps and bounds across the country that will disturb the demographic balance; while Hindu population has dropped drastically in the last one decade! Mamta Banerjee, the West Bengal Chief Minister, who is the chip of the old Congress, has used the appeasement policy across West Bengal to advance her political career! Mamta must be knowing about Shyama Prasad Mukherjee the founder of the Jan Sangh. He had foreseen the dangers to democracy by the increase in Muslim population even before she was born! Let not Mamta teach the Bengalis the lesson of secularism; by and large Bengalis are not communal or parochial excepting her ilk! Her fight against the Communists led her to befriend the Muslims who are not joining the mainstream Hindus not only across India but Bengal too. It is disquieting.

The RSS is not against the Muslims as it has been projected all along. While Hindus swear by the Constitution, the Muslims by their Holy book Koran! Nothing wrong. But to live in India one has to show allegiance to the Constitution, fall in line with the majority community! I strongly believe if the demographic balance continues to tilt towards the Muslim population and if the population spills over to say 51%, in favour of Muslims, India will be declared The Islamic Republic of India! Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, RSS founder Dr. Keshav Hedgewar, and a host of other thinkers had drawn attention towards this development. At the time of partition Pakistan and East Pakistan(erstwhile) had around 18% Hindus, now it has fallen to as low as 5% and is diminishing further at an alarming rate! All have been converted to Islam as in the days of tyrant and despot Aurangzeb who forced Hindus to embrace Islam by the sword and Jaziya!

Although Sikhs, Jains, the Parsis, and the Buddhists are microscopic minorities yet Muslims are considered minorities. In West Bengal their Demographic dividend is in excess of 28%! The likes of the Yadavs in UP and Bihar, the Congress and Mamta Banerjee cannot see beyond their nose! I consider them a great danger to Hindu society and its survival.

The madarsas in Bengal are free to go by their own “methods and Islamic” philosophy while schools run by the RSS are being targeted by TMC government. The RSS authorities have complained that a few schools are given notices to close down. What effrontery! Because of her apparent ignorance of ground realities; turning a nelson eye towards a genuine problem, terrorist activities have increased in the state especially areas adjoining Bangladesh.

वन्दे मातरम्, जय हिन्द, जय माँ भारती, भारत माता की जय, जन गण मन rose from the sacred soil of Bengal, its people and to teach children today in these schools of nationalism is a sacrilege to Mamta! She should be ashamed!

RSS and its political wing must work at double pace to expand their base in the remaining bastions: Kerala, Tamilnadu and Bengal! The Hindu population in Kerala has fallen half of what it had been in days gone by, Tamilnadu also faces the same fate so much so late Amma had to bring a legislation to prevent conversions in the state! - perhaps the only state in India. I advise Mamta to read more talk less and save Bengal from becoming “Islamic” or she will be remembered for wrong reasons by the Hindus!

Foiled attack on British Parliament  (March 23, 2017)

Terrorism is Islamic and Big John (Trump) sees that way. The attempt to attack British Parliament – the seat of Parliamentary democracy- is similar to the one that took place on Indian Parliament a few years ago. In yesterday’s attack although a terrorist was killed by the British police many citizens were seriously injured as the car the terrorist was driving rammed into speeding cars and pedestrians, it is tragic! If anyone has the will to fight Islamic terrorism it is the one and the only one - Big John! He is facing a lot of opposition from a few ignorant Americans and the Federal lawmakers but by and large Americans are up against terrorism and terrorists who are only Muslims!

Yadavs, on the run?  (March 23, 2017)

The country knows that Akhilesh Yadav had filled up vacancies mostly by members of his caste and the Muslims to advance his political interests. Even before the total rout of Samajwadi Party at the hustings survey showed that 35% Police stations in UP were under the control of the Yadavs. Muslims too were favoured vis a vis other communities. Now the Yogi has to work hard to reverse the trend. The Yogi is no-nonsense cleric! He will do what is right!

Akhilesh Yadav must answer for all the omissions and commissions that happened during his regime – mammoth increase in unlicensed slaughter houses, indifference of the police force, rape and harassment of women. Once all investigations are complete he must be tried for his party’s involvement in all these acts. No wonder on the swearing in ceremony at Lucknow the other day he was seen whispering something to PM Modi on the quiet. It is learnt that Mulayam asked PM Modi to “take care of his son”! Mulayam is on record of having said on recurring rape incidents: लडके जवान हैं, उनसे गलती हो जाती है! If his son is found to be guilty he must surely “be taken care of the legal system”.

Arrogant Navjot!  (March 22, 2017)

Speaking to newsmen yesterday the laud-mouth Navjot declared, I shall work from 9 am to 6 pm everyday for my constituency, what I do after that is nobody’s business!! Amrinder, are you listening? This is the reason he was sidelined by the BJP, he dictates the boss; he wants to do the way he wants! Now he has asked CM Amrinder to club Urban development with the portfolio that has been already allotted to him! What effrontery! He does not understand the meaning of prerogatives, I suppose!

Whether he can hold two offices is a matter of legal jurisprudence; he was elected to serve the people, must be ready at hand anytime to meet the exigencies or beck and call of the CM. Only yesterday PM Modi instructed all his Members to be ready to come to him whenever he needs them following UP victory and its fall out – a lot is yet to be done.

PM Modi is a difficult task master, he has not become the PM from a चायवाला to where he stands (not sits) today! Coming to Navjot, I dare say he is liability to the Congress government headed by Amrinder! Earlier he continued to press for portfolios that he wanted from the BJP and AAP! Both declined! Amrinder must not be pliable, not yield rather put his foot done in the case of Navjot.

Navjot, Shatrughan Sinha and Kirti Azad have done harm to the BJP. Shatrughan even criticized, rather ridiculed PM’s visit to UP for canvassing for the BJP candidates! ये तीनों महानुभाव जो मुँह में आये बिन सोचे उगल देते हैं, ऐसे लोग किसी राजनीतिक पार्टी में रहने लायक नहीं जो अपने आप को एक संस्था समझते हैं। शत्रुघन समझते हैं, उनके बगैर भाजपा की कोई मोल नहीं, कोई बिसात नहीं, नवजोत समझते हैं अम्रिन्दर को मज़बूर करके मनमानी कर सकते हैं।

Congress won majority in Punjab due to anti-incumbency factor and Amrinder’s own image in Patiala and his lineage with the Royal family. Neither Rahul nor loud-mouthed Navjot has anything to do with the Congress victory in Punjab.

योगी का कमाल!  (March 22, 2017)

कल लोक सभा में योगी ने कुछ ऐसी बातें कहीं कि सभी मेम्बरान हंस पडे! लोक सभा में आने से सभी खुश थे, बडी गर्मजोशी से उनका स्वागत हुआ!

Yesterday some incidents that have taken place in certain parts of UP indicate that the Yogi means business. Many unlicensed slaughter houses were shut down and locked. Amit Shah and the Yogi have declared that all slaughter houses will be shut down and this must be carried out in toto. Some of the slaughter houses have ultra modern machinery to kill the poor animals – milch cattle – to earn money mostly in foreign market that is estimated upwards of Rs 11,000 crores! Mind you not for domestic consumption! Therefore, the large slaughter houses that are equipped with modern equipments indicate that foreign buyers visit these places to see for themselves how the work is carried out before being dispatched to their countries!

All the slaughter houses must be closed down without any delay - no more killing the animals to earn foreign exchange while the common man suffers and religious sentiments wounded.

Ram Mandir!  (March 22, 2017)

The Supreme Court asked the contending parties to resolve the issue outside the Court and has promised that if need be the Court will interpolate; the SC CJ has gone to the extent to say that he himself is prepared to mediate! But the Muslim hardliners do not want to budge. Due to their intransigence the issue was brought up to the Court. The Hindu side had always been ready to discuss and settle the issue in a way that all will be satisfied – but it is not prepared to have a new mosque built alongside the Ram Lulla Mandir. There is documentary proof and historical evidence that there existed a Ram Temple which was demolished by the Muslim invader Babar. The premises must be handed over to the Hindus for building the long delayed Temple. If the Muslims want – like Subhramanyam Swamy suggested can build a Mosgue on the other side of the sacred Saryu river.!

If the Muslims do not agree, legislation is the only way out and it is very much on the cards – Rajya Sabha will soon have majority BJP members, therefore the Bill can be passed without any hindrance. ज़य श्री राम!

Vodafone, Idea Merger  (March 20, 2017)

Idea Cellular Ltd has merged with Vodafone, Plc’s Indian unit to form India’s largest mobile services operator. It is obvious that both the companies are facing stiff competition from Mukesh Ambani’s revolutionary telecom industry - Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd’s which offered free services to its consumers! Mukesh a great fan of PM Modi made it clear that his company will be one of those companies that will invest billions in telecommunications, deep sea oil drilling and creating basic infrastructures for industry in backward regions to generate employment to the masses. In keeping with his promises, he offered very cheap mobile services which has given a boost to the paperless money transaction that PM Modi is encouraging. He needs to be patted.
According to the agreement entered into Vodafone will hold 45.1 percent of the merged entity, while Idea Cellular’s promoter, Kumarmangalam Birla-led Aditya Birla Group, will hold 26 percent. Interestingly both the service providers will continue to maintain their separate brands despite the merger. The revenue market share would be 41 percent compared to Bharti Airtel Ltd‘s 33 percent. All in all the combined operators will corner 35% of the services provided in the country by telecom services. The merger will reduce the overhead costs; reduce duplication of relay towers etc which will contribute to savings thereby giving fillip to expand services to other parts of the country where their services are still in infancy!

योगी का लखनऊ आवास  (March 21, 2017)

5 कालिदास मार्ग, लखनऊ का शुद्धीकरण होने के बाद ही योगी ने उस आवास में प्रवेश किया है जिस में कभी मुलायम यादव, अखिलेश यादव और बुआ अपने मुख्यमंतृत्व काल में आराम फरमाते थे; और मीट-मछली, विदेशी बिरियानी डटकर खाया करते थे! और हो न हो अपने मुस्लिम आगुंतको को – वोट समेटने की दृष्टि से गाय के गोश्त को भी परोसे होंगे! और फिर य़ोगी रहे विशुद्ध शाकाहारी अत: उस स्थान पर जाना पसन्द नहीं करेंगे, जहाँ लोग भारतीय जीवन पद्धति की धज्जियाँ उडाई हों! जो लोग सुबह उठकर बिना कुल्ला किये चाय की चुस्कियाँ लेना अपनी शान समझते हैं वे देश को क्या संदेश दे सकते हैं!? ज्ञातव्य हो हिन्दू परिवारों में - चाहे वे ब्राह्मण हो या अब्राह्मण - नये आवास में प्रवेश करने के पूर्व एक विशेष अनुष्ठान रखते हैं, क्या बुआ या यादव परिवार जानते हैं? शायद नहीं!

मणिपुर में भाजपा की फ्लोर टेस्ट में जीत  (March 21, 2017)

भाजपा की अगुवाई में बनी मिली-जुली सरकार ने अपनी पहली परीक्षा पास कर ली है! अब सभी को मिलकर उस राज्य को प्रगति

The other side of the Yogi!  (March 20, 2017)

That the Yogi broke down in Parliament in 2007 following his arrest for “inciting” people to protest against the inaction of the then Samajwadi Party government headed by Mulayam Yadav to take action against the ISI operatives, address the hunger faced by people in the Indo-Nepal border, is true. The Yogi was hounded, harassed and huddled into the jail(as a petty criminal) by the Government, and consequently violence broke out – a violence hitherto never seen in Gorakhpur! That was ten years ago, the Yogi was young and emotional, could not bear to see his people suffer from the scourge of poverty and the overt activities of ISI operatives there. While he spoke vociferously in the Lok Sabha he asked the then Lok Sabha Speaker: Am I not a member of this House, do I not have the right to protest against anti-national activities happening, and helplessness of the poor people in and around my Parliamentary constituency? The Yogi wanted to leave the membership of Lok Sabha due to threat to his life. Somnath Chatterjee, the then Speaker, declared that the Yogi has every right to protest and the treatment meted out to him for 11 days in jail as an ordinary criminal is unpardonable! Somnath is dead and gone, and despite his communist credentials always conducted himself as an impartial MP that he was!

Recently, the train derailment in Bihar and the investigation thereafter clearly points to the sabotage carried by the ISI operatives. Over the years they have consolidated their position. The Yogi stands vindicated today! Over the years the open borders of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh with Hindu Nepal has encouraged terrorists to operate there. Mulayam Yadav and his son Akhilesh Yadav turned a nelson eye, either wantonly or due to poor administrative ability - stands to be investigated!

The Yogi will now have to work on the economic development, law and order front, and a host of other piquant issues that need special attention. In view of this he asked for two Deputies to assist him to report to him on issues that may escape his attention due to pressure of work. Keeping in view of the security threat he must be provided fool proof safety cover - the best that is available in our country. His Math too must be secured to prevent national and international criminals finding a way into the premises to carry out their unholy activities! जय हो योगी!!

India-Aussie cricket series. third Test: India in driver’s seat  (March 20, 2017)

The fourth day’s play at Ranchi has been an absorbing experience to all cricket lovers! India scored 600 + in the second innings leaving the visitors gasping for breath! Despite fine stewardship by “schoolboy” Steve Smith the Aussie bowlers were no match to the rampaging Indian batsmen. To add insult to injury when stumps were drawn in the evening the visitors were 22 runs with two wickets down in their second innings. If the Indian bowlers come into their elements the Aussies will lose the match and thereby the series! Definite!

Holi - the festival of colours and jokes!  (March 20, 2017)

Holi cannot be complete without having to enjoy jokes written in खडी बोली, ब्रजभाषा, भोजपुरी and मैथिली। और अगर उन्हें लोकप्रिय कलाकारों से प्रस्तुत किया जाए तो सोने पे सुहागा!!! हास्य कलाकार एवं कवि, Surendra Sharma, लोक गायिका Mamta Sharma, Ravi Kishan, Manoj Tiwari add color to the festival especially because they come out with new snippets every year consistent with the current happenings. Well of course, Malini Awasthi’s folk songs are always in demand, she is so popular and has the rugged, rural accent that adds so much color and gaiety to the programs. She is so agile, as she is a performing artiste too! I single out Manoj for his on-the-spot creation of poetry – a talent that is not common by any stretch of imagination! His ubiquitous smile is his strength! जय हो!!

A बडबोले called Navjot Singh Siddhu!  (March 18, 2017)

Even before Amrinder Singh, the just installed CM of Punjab, spoke to the media about his plans बडबोले नवजोत सिंह सिद्धू came up with his plans!! He said, I quote ‘everyday (morning) I shall attend to the issues in my constituency, and evening I shall fly to Mumbai to shoot for Kapil Sharma Comedy show! Night I shall work there the next morning I shall be back to Amritsar to attend to my Governmental “responsibilities”!! Navjot is making a mockery of public institutions. Immediately after this बकवास a well known lawyer came up saying a person cannot hold two offices of profit at the same time especially those who promise to dedicate their time for their constituency. Navjot did not fight elections to do public service but to be in the limelight all the time! Earlier as BJP MP, he cut a sorry figure by his antics, PM Modi and the RSS have contempt for this. So he was sidelined. Yes, he is now in the right place – the Congress party that is entirely responsible for the state of affairs in Punjab and the rest of India for decades. Jarnail Singh Bindrawale was the product of Congress misrule that led to the untimely death of Indiraji and Army General Vaidya not to speak of terrorism in Punjab!

Navjot is a blabber! Kapil Sharma is another! If anybody has followed him closely they would not see his “Comedy” with their children and women folk. कपिल फूहड दिल्लगी के जनक हैं। अपने शो के माध्यम से औरतों पर फब्तियाँ कसना और किन्नरों की तरह अभिनय करवाना उनकी “खासियत” है! इस में “महान” क्रिकेट खिलाडी नवजोत जिस पर कुछ आपराधिक मामले अब भी विचाराधीन है जुड गये, ऐसे हंसते हैं मानों किसी गधे पर सींग लग गये हों! कभी कभी अर्चना पूरण सिंह भी प्रकट होती हैं, क्या आपने कभी किसी महिला को मुँह फाड-फाडकर हंसते देखा है, विशेषकर भारतीय शिष्ट समाज में?

Now, coming to Commentator Navjot Singh Siddhu: being a great enthusiast of cricket I often listen to commentaries and one man who is not fit for this job is Navjot. He speaks a lot of bunk that has nothing to do with cricket. While Ravi Shastri or Sunny Gavasker or Kapil(not downright comedian Kapil) speak on the subject, Navjot speaks on - subjects that have no relevance to cricket. I have several times in the past written to BCCI not to accredit Navjot as official commentator because he is simply a pain in the neck! Commentary must be related to the game and nothing else. Through this medium he tries to exhibit his untested “scholarship” using hackneyed proverbs, his sway on religion, etc etc. He over steps the privileges offered to an MP.

Amrinder has found the right person: a non performing artiste that Congress party has been all along! If Amrinder has any political ethics he must put it straight: either Navjot works for the people or leave his ministry, the choice is his! And go to Mumbai to hobnob with filmwallas who live in reel life, not real life!!

National Health Policy and Rural India  (March 18, 2017)

The National Health Policy (NHP) by the Modi Government has come up with offers of financial and other incentives in addition to making mandatory rural postings to entice doctors to distant villages.

There has always been dearth of doctors in rural India for ages! The government proposes to establish medical colleges in rural areas and open admission-incentives for those who wish to study in rural environment that will be a boon to rural populace. This a welcome step towards covering good health services there. Under the policy existing medical colleges will be consolidated and district hospitals converted into new integrated medical colleges and hospitals. This will increase the number of doctors.

The mandatory postings had already been there for decades earlier but have never been enforced honestly much to the detriment to rural health. Those with clout have had their wards (medical) posted in cities where there is already surfeit of doctors. In Chennai you will find a doctor in every street! The same applies in the case in all urban areas, this situation must be reversed. Despite the increase in doctors private clinics run by them charge quite a sum.

A few years ago I took my father who was 93 years then (now late) and had a heart block to a Cardiologist (Head of Department in General Hospital). Excepting the heart block he had no other ailment, he was spick and span. Only when he walked he would pant, that was about all. At the clinic I enquired about the fee to be paid and as the system the Cardiologist had in place is to pay the fee first before consultation! The cardiologist who would collect the fee himself, told me: Rs. 500! I promptly gave him the fee but requested him not to disclose the fee amount to my father! As we left after the examination which was brief the doctor (who was around 50 years or so) stood up and said to my father, “Sir, I am a cardiologist, but I have a crunch in the back of mind, I may not live as many years you have lived so far! What is the secret?” My father just smiled! Yes, my father lived for another 4 years without any medicines or a pace maker and passed away peacefully while he slept one night! A couple of years when I met the cardiologist I requested him not to charge huge amounts, because if a patient hears about the exorbitant charge he will die “in your clinic of heart attack!!”

Villages must be free from private clinics; medical assistance must be free and cost of medicines minimal because our people living in the villages are poor they need help. Remember, a doctor is next to God – the One who has given everyone of us a body and breath!

PM Modi has worked hard to reduce very very expensive life saving drugs to less than half their prices. हमारे देश की गरीब जनता को यह एक सौगात है! जय हो मोदीजी, जय हो!

Come 1st July, GST will be a reality!  (March 17, 2017)

At yesterday’s meeting of the Council on GST formulation and enforcement of tax reforms it was agreed on a four-tier structure of 5%, 12%, 18 % and 28% in addition to a cess on all luxury items and health endangering goods like tobacco and pan masala. The bureaucrats’ team is currently working on classification of the goods and services according to slab structure as decided upon at the Council meeting.

It has decided to keep the cess on luxury goods at 15 percent: cess on luxury cars will be 12 percent with an option to increase in the future. Tobacco based products will attract cess rates as high as 290 per cent and pan masala 135 percent! Whopping indeed. However, it will not have much cascading effect on the current consumer prices. Bidis are kept outside the purview of the cess for the time being.

What is the take away from the GST agreement? Surely, the consumer will not be forced to face double taxation both at the Centre and the state level consequently all three – Centre, State and the consumer will benefit and uniformity of pricing will become a reality just as the European Market. Yes, United Kingdom has its own compulsion to move out of the European Union especially due to pressures from the domestic front. Yes, GST is one more feather in the cap of PM Modi and his Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose look alike FM, Arun Jaitly!

Modiji in a fix!  (March 17, 2017)

The Bharatiya Janata Party today faces the uphill task of getting the Chief Ministers for Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh! Reason? There are so many efficient candidates that it becomes difficult to choose any one from among them! Rajnath Singh, Keshav Prasad Maurya, Manoj Sinha, the Yogi, Manish Sharma and many more are in the race. Everyone is capable of carrying the burden imposed upon them by the High Command! But PM Modi and Amitji have a future plan: setting their eyes on the 2019 elections which will determine the future course of not only UP but the entire subcontinent. It is for the first time UP has been brought firmly under one nationalist umbrella and it must be consolidated. I, for one wish that those who worked tirelessly during the last fall, in whatever capacity, be retained and given incentives, while an IITian Manoj Sinha be handed over the mantle of stewardship of UP. He is not only a level headed person – but a person who means business when it comes to that! He has a personality that is not “split” but “inclusive”! He can carry all the “tall” BJP leaders in the state with his amiable trait. All those in the race be it in Uttarakhand or Uttar Pradesh have affirmed that they will abide by the decision of the Parliamentary Board which underlines the commitment and togetherness of all the members in the largest political party in the world: The Bharatiya Janata Party! जय हो!!

Navjot Singh Siddu  (March 17, 2017)

He is given a cabinet ministerial post in the Amrinder Singh Congress government. Amrinder knows that Navjot is a “talkative” person and making him his Deputy will cause embarrassment for him to execute plans that he set before himself. Navjot has leadership qualities but cannot be a leader!!! His greatest disqualification: thinks he knows more than his boss and therefore speaks out of turn! Shatrughan Sinha, Kirti Azad belong to this ilk!

Amrinder knows that giving Navjot the post of Minister of Urban Development will keep him busy or else he will buzz off to Mumbai to be on Kapil Sharma TV comedy show, guffawing like an unbridled donkey! It is good he is no more in the Bharatiya Janata Party, good riddance!!

Prajapati behind bars after all!  (March 16, 2017)

Finally the rape accused Gayithri Prasad Prajapati is arrested at his residence by the UP police!! माँ भारती शर्मसार हुई इन अफसरों के “काम बोलता है” कारनामे से! As a student of journalism I was once warned by my late buddy – a Goanese guy who passed away years ago – “Sharma, you should mingle but must not rear intimacy with three kinds people: Prostitutes, Police and Politicians, the three Ps!!! My readers will know why!

All along Prajapati was moving around like लावारिस साँड और पुलिस हाथ पर हाथ धरी बैठी रही! Police officials have been assisting or avoiding the arrest of the rapist at the behest of the Yadav clan! Once the new government takes over all the top police officials must put be suspended till such time full enquiry is not made by a sitting judge into the police indifference (even atrocities) and inefficiency during the Yadav rule. If need be Akhilesh Yadav must also be questioned by enforcement branch for his hand in “hiding or helping Prajapati to hide” somewhere and for making the Police his “रखैल”।

Sushma Swaraj back in the saddle!  (March 16, 2017)

After kidney replacement and long rest Sushma is back! She looks so spirited! It is a joy to see her! Even Lok Sabha Speaker could not help expressing her special feelings towards Sushma! Sushma – a lawyer by profession - is a great speaker and a tough nut to crack! Whenever she speaks, even without papers in hand she comes to the Lok Sabha fully armed to face the opposition benches, such is her class - no wonder PM Modi did not appoint anyone else as Foreign Minister during her absence. M.J.Akbar officiated during her illness, a journalist by profession who speaks less but works more! I warn Sushma not to exert herself much, or lose temper during hot discussions it will hurt her health. Since she has a foreign body within her she must continue to be at rest in intervals, She must be given a room within the Parliament complex to take rest during sessions! Surely, PM Modi will do the needful. She thrilled the Lok Sabha members yesterday when she spoke in chaste Punjabi referring to her conversation with the father of the deceased who was killed in USA by mistaken identity. May Sushma remain healthy, happy and smiling!! She is a wonderful person!!

Exit Poll fiasco!  (March 15, 2017)

Predictions by experts working on Exit polls bit the dust! With a surfeit of private TV channels vying with one another claiming they are very close to the figures they have arrived at and are credible for they have behind them many years of experience in such surveys is an overstatement!! If that had been so why have all failed to predict a plausible number in the recent UP polls? More than the poll “experts” Amit Shah has exuded confidence that his party would reach 300 + while the Opposition headed by बुआ says that EVMs are the culprits! …how can Muslim votes go to the BJP, she argues!

Not to be outdone DD did not wish to be left behind, so it too brought some “experts” to its studios! These experts are like the Metrological Department which predicts the weather report, “…..the day will be humid in Delhi, thunder clouds may develop in some places in outer Delhi but no rain is forecast…..etc etc…!” But suddenly entire Delhi is caught in a downpour and the Department quickly announces, “…..rain lashed Delhi due to sudden low pressure developed within Delhi and adjoining Gurugaon! The rain may peter off by evening today,etc etc!!”

On the lines, once the results trickled in showing contrary to what the experts predicted using unearthly formulas they changed their stance. 2 hours into counting “experts” on TV channels quietly changed their earlier predictions, while our favorite Anchor Neha Pant gave an uncanny smile making the “experts” to fidget uncomfortably in their seats. Half way through most of the “experts” left the TV studios while I suppose Neha went to her dressing room to have a hearty laugh!!

Opposition political parties smothered to the hilt by the BJP – and now licking their wounds – want the future polls be conducted via the conventional way: the ballot papers! Promptly the EC declined, and rightly so. With Delhi Municipal elections round the corner with BJP in top spin across adjoining states – Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh – the opposition wants this procedure to be adopted! A retrograde step indeed.

Tamil Nadu politics: Deepa Jayakumar, a rising star  (March 15, 2017)

Deepa Jayakumar is expected to contest the RK Nagar constituency in Chennai, the seat that fell vacant after Amma’s passing away. It is news! Deepa is Amma’s niece - she has a striking resemblance to her late aunt. She is a journalist, a linguist like her illustrious aunt and puts her point of view in just the same way as Amma would do! Deepa claims that she is facing “threats” from those who do not want Amma’s legacy be carried out by her. Despite the intimidations Deepa – who is young and full of spirit – must contest the seat. This will be a springboard that will spiral her into TN political arena. O.P.S group and the BJP have a soft corner for her although not overtly, therefore it is the opportune time for her to measure her popularity in the bye-elections! Good luck!

Goa, Manipur  (March 15, 2017)

Congratulations Manohar! Congratulations Birendra for heading your respective state Governments. You must work for the development and welfare of the people - yes, the honorable Supreme Court has given the signal with some conditions, though! Both will prove their respective majorities within the stipulated period. जय माँ भारती!

Goa and Manipur: BJP in strong position to head the Governments  (March 14, 2017)

To stall the formation of BJP government in Goa the Congress party has a filed suit in the Supreme Court asking it to “save democracy”! Neither of the parties has the majority to form the government, only with the support of smaller parties a government can be formed. And BJP has it! The smaller parties have come up with a plea that if Manohar heads the government they have no reservations to join the coalition. Therefore, the accusation that the BJP has masterminded a “coup” does not hold water! Even otherwise Manohar needs to prove his majority it on the floor of the House.

A similar situation has risen in Manipur too. The outgoing CM Ibodo staked claim that he too has the majority to reconstitute a government with smaller parties! But Najma – an shrewd politician that she had been invited the leader of the BJP to form the government with the support of the smaller parties, which the party rightly claims to have!

Congress has all along been hijacking democracy since Independence; it has outlived its presence! Kashmir is the making of the Congress, NE as it stands, is crying for development, entire Nagaland has almost been converted to Christianity – thanks to Sonia too! Indiraji – who I still consider a great leader – had clamped Emergency following Allahabad High Court ruling unseating her in a manipulation case at the hustings. But then she had another point justifying promulgation of Emergency: growing unrest masterminded by the then opposition headed my Jai Prakash Narayan! JP had openly instigated the Police and the Army not to execute orders given by the Executive if they think there is something wrong! This was a direct challenge and threat to Democracy whatever the issues. I am not here to condone what Indiraji did, but the Opposition had only a one-point program: to overthrow Indiraji! Just like the now defeated Yadav Clan in Uttar Pradesh, the Janata Party which came to power just could not manage the government. People were fed up, and Indiraji, an astute politician remerged as a successful administrator to form the next government!! Today, the position of Congress is just as the Janata Party of those days – simply cry hoarse! Not a single leader as efficient as Indiraji has appeared after Indiraji’s assassination! Sonia cannot speak Hindi, her son, as PM Modi rightly says, is an object of ridicule everywhere, Digvijay is a sycophant! Others are like lambs following him with her head down!

Manipur – the tiny state in the North East  (March 13, 2017)

Manipur will have a BJP Chief Minister for the first time following support from other likeminded local parties. I dare say with a visionary, hard working, and result oriented PM at the centre and nationalist BJP government in Manipur, within 15 months it will make unprecedented progress with tremendous speed as PM Modi had promised. The Governor of Manipur, Najma Haptullah has been working quietly with local women already to ameliorate their conditions and is a darling of the masses. Incidentally Najma has been a BJP MP heading the Minister for Minority Affairs but this area needed a man, so Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi was asked to head the Ministry, consequently she has been given gubernatorial post in Manipur. But she has been inspired by PM’s way of getting results and settled down there to work as a commoner despite being a Governor! It is indeed great! She lives by example!

I congratulate the people of Manipur for their desire to work to make the state of their dreams, and find a place of pride for our country!

Manohar Parrikar goes to Goa!  (March 13, 2017)

The Defence Minister and incumbent Chief Minister of Goa, Manohar Parrikar will head the Goa Government shortly. When he was called to take up as Defence Minister a couple of years ago I wrote that it is a wrong move, because Manohar as his name signifies मन को हर ने वाला has been a popular leader in Goa, his continuance would have strengthened the BJP and the state would have progressed further in leaps and bounds. He is known for “speak less and work more” concept, even his predecessor too has been the same but sadly he does not have the charisma as Manohar! Now that he is in Goa once again, BJP will strengthen further as he is a great nationalist leader. Wish him all success.

Surendra Sharma - Chennai

The man of the Moment, Narendra Bhai Modi and the Mega show   (March 13, 2017)

As I predicted earlier almost entirely North of the Vindhyas BJP has registered a massive presence - Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, made inroads into Manipur and received re-invitation by the Governor of Goa to incumbent Manohar Parrikar to prove his majority with the support of local parties on the floor of the House within fifteen days to form the government, proves it all! The Mega show – विजयोत्सव - in Delhi underlines the importance of this great event! PM Modi, the mega star of this grand event appeared as flamboyant as ever, waving at the कार्यकर्ता and admirers as he walked into BJP headquarters in Delhi.

Yes, he said it new India will be built by the poor and the downtrodden – they do not need freebies they want spaces in society to earn a living by the sweat of their brows! And BJP will strive to make New India a reality, what with bubbling young people ready to take off, along with the undying spirit and enthusiasm of the कार्यकर्ता! He urged his listeners that they must fan out across the country to make India what all aspire it to be a - land free of poverty, pestilence, respect for law, respect for women and the aged and the needy!

He made it clear that his Government will not discriminate between communities, caste and religions, whether one has voted for his party or not, because the bottom-line is: the Government is for all not for those who voted for it – a dig at the now mauled Samajwadi party and Bahujan Samaj Party!

BJP sweeps UP polls: Ram Mandir construction round the corner?!!  (March 12, 2017)

Akhilesh Yadav, is given a fitting reply to his false claims of development by highly and politically volatile UP citizens. It is not the BJP that was dividing the people on the basis of Hindu-Muslim divide, on the contrary it is Samajawadi Party – call it Parivarwadi party – that has divided the entire Uttar Pradesh into Muslim, Yadav, Dalit fortresses but PM Modi, the political strategist that he is, has done सूपडा साफ, उनके विरोधियों को धूल चटा दी! जय हो! मोदीजी!

PM Modi’s road shows should have been seen to be believed: at every corner, atop buildings, and trees he was lustily cheered by his supporters sprinkling flowers and screaming his name wildly as he waved to them. Even the fiercest opponent will accept that PM Modi rules supreme in all the hearts irrespective of religions, caste or creed! Muslims too voted in great number even in Muslim majority areas in Western Uttar Pradesh heralding the coming of age of the Muslim community to join PM in the crusade सबका साथ, सबका विकास्!

BJP is wrongly projected as a communal party working for the Hindu community. I have been closely following the election campaign in UP much before the election fever picked up and noted that BSP Supremo Mayawati has been garnering openly for Muslim votes, while Akhilesh too was heavily depending on Yadavs, Dalits and Muslims. His covert machinations to install Muslims and Yadavs in key Police stations have totally boomeranged. The ever vigilant Press and the media have been working diligently to break the news of these unethical practices.

Consequently law and order reached its nadir! To add insult to injury his adopted “uncle” Azam Khan was spewing venom through his outrageous speeches inciting Muslim youth that culminated to the attempted, aborted terrorist attack by ISIS operative Saifullah and his cohorts. This was the powder keg that set off Muslims against Akhilesh and his बुआ, मायावती!

Now, then results at the hustings will have far reaching consequences. The decision making with respect to development activity and the vexed issue of security of women and law and order will be firmly addressed. The entire police force will be screened, purged and revamped, unruly and anti social elements will be weeded out, put behind bars (Amit Shahji went even to the extent of saying, उन्हें उल्टा लटकाएँगे!!!); important Bills which are being stalled by the Upper House will ease following the Congress defeat.

The vexed issue of building a magnificent Ram temple in Ayodhya must be addressed and built. Muslims will not oppose its construction following their own community voting in favour of BJP in Muslim strongholds. PM Modi must lead from the front to expedite the construction of our आराध्य देव, मर्यादा पुरुषोत्तम श्री रामजी का मन्दिर that is long overdue! Billions of rupees worth temple material is lying all around at the site crying for attention in Ayodhya – it is criminal, tragic. The BJP political petrel and lawyer, Subhramaniyam Swamy, has for a long time been clamoring for its construction, echoing the sentiments of the people. With BJP resurgence and Modi wave there is no reason to postpone the construction of Ram Mandir any more.

The issue is before the honourable Supreme Court, the process can be expedited; the still to be constituted UP Assembly can pass a bill for its construction, send the same to the Lok Sabha for affirmation, and since Rajya will supposedly have quite a good strength of the ruling party after this election, it can also pass the bill. In all these years construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya has never been so favourable as it is today. The pseudo secular Congress Party, the Samajawadi Party – nay Parivarwadi Party cannot dare to oppose the bill – and their opposition will have no bearing for they have “no numbers to do so”!!

The BJP sweep at the UP elections has another advantage: to chose the next President of India of its choice, first time some equally able person as President Mukherjee - possibly from BJP !

It is interesting to note that Yadavs have not voted en masse to the now overthrown “Yadav clan” this becomes clear when we study the voting pattern of Yadav majority areas. To make matters worse, PM Modi’s visit to the Yadav Ashram – गढावी आश्रम - an Ashram that is visited in thousands every day by Yadavs and Dalits - has also done the trick. Yadvas - leaving alone a few “paid Yadavs” by Samajwadi Party - were watching in consternation the “cornering game” being played by the Yadav family. Many have questioned the logic why an airstrip was built in Akhilesh’s village and minimal development activities in certain pockets that suit the Yadav family. Congress and Samajwadi party have made Uttar Pradesh their personal property. हिन्दी में इसे “बपौती” कहते हैं!!

Raising the so called Frankenstein of Demonetization during the campaign did not find favour with the people. By and large it affected only the money launderers, money exchangers, black money holders and the like, but not the lower income group, the honest middle class. The election results show it all.

जय माँ भारती, मोदीजी की जय!!!

Unstoppable BJP विजयरथ!

Results of Vidhan Sabha elections of all states are very important, but lovers of true democracy will certainly set their eyes on Uttar Pradesh and Manipur. While in UP caste factor seems to be riding high (with all that BJP is sitting pretty on विययरथ), Manipur will define the future of the state should BJP succeeds in swinging the result in its favour. Like Modiji, I too always felt that North east has been left to fend for itself and the result: separatists, militants and terrorists have had a field day all these since Independence. The Congress must be squarely blamed for non – development of Manipur and the adjoining NE states. Late Mohan Chand Karam Chand Gandhi wanted the Congress party be dismantled after independence perhaps apprehending and rightly so how power can be misused to suit its political ends - a well known lawyer that he was. His apprehensions have come true in the last 70 years! Complete depredation of economic resources by the Congress mafia! The Congress party never understood the potential of the north east: a region with breath-taking scenic beauty, rare flora and fauna, immensely hard working, friendly people! Having visited this region as a journalist I must confess I was so thrilled with what I had seen that I wanted to settle down there, such was the magic of the region and the people! PM Modi, the RSS strongly feel that a BJP government will ensure speedy development, in enhancing agriculture, cottage industry, horticulture development and sports.. Being close to Myanmar border, Manipur has strategic importance too.

Looks like BJP will hit the bull’s eye!

It is premature to say which party or party combine will head the governments in recently concluded polls in 5 Indian states on the basis of Exit polls. Nevertheless, it seems BJP has made inroads in four states, viz Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Anchal, Manipur and Goa and is likely to head the governments there. If that happens almost the entire north of the Vindhyas will be under Nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party. Great! The credit goes to the untiring efforts of the entire party and the ground level workers – the RSS. PM Modi has been working overtime to get maximum mileage from his constant interaction of the people. He is so popular! I wonder from where he generates this energy – Yoga? or vegetarianism?

I must single out north eastern state – Manipur for all encomiums, it has broken all previous records in the entire country registering 86% voter turnout - first and second phase put together! It is amazing. Excepting a couple of violent incidents that took a couple of lives Manipur has become a model for the entire subcontinent – that includes Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka! It was a joy to see thousands of women voters lining up to cast their votes. As a traveler all these years I am truly overwhelmed. Manipuri women have celebrated the International Women’s Year in a fitting manner. I bow my head in reverence. It is women’s power at its peak!

On the occasion of the International Women’s year another landmark event happened in the portals of the Indian Parliament: passing the Maternity Bill without any obstacles! It ensures that a woman entering motherhood must be cared for. She needs rest, the baby needs the warmth of the mother for its survival, therefore maternity leave has been increased from 12 weeks to 26 weeks. This applies for the first two babies and beyond that the previous law, offering 12 weeks will hold! Woman is not a child bearing machine anymore, she is a living entity, must be given her right to control her destiny. Her good health is paramount for the entire world.

It is shocking that contraceptives are used by women not men for preventing child birth. It is contrary to natural prevention of procreation. It is the control of the mind that is important, because it is the mind that generates sexual feelings in both genders. To control the mind there cannot be a better way than yoga – an ancient practice of the Hindu sages and saints. Yoga leads to self discipline among other things. All schools must compulsorily introduce a period, if not every day, twice a week for the healthy growth of a child – both of the mind and body.

Aussie –India Test series

Congrats to Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja for becoming World’s No. 1 Test bowlers. “Schoolboy” Steve Smith- Australian Test Captain – accepted that he was wrong in seeking advise from his compatriots sitting in the Dressing Room under DRS while the game is in progress. He is a gentleman!

Akhilesh Yadav, UP police and Saifullah!

UP police has changed its statement twice on the attempted terrorist attack being master-minded by ISIS operative Saifullah and his associates. It says Saifullah was planning on his own with his cousins and has no connection with ISIS, but Madhya Pradesh CM has evidence to show that certain information was uploaded over the Net to some source in Syria. The Police official in Lucknow addressed the criminal Saifullah as उनको as if Saifullah is a respectable person!

Media and the press know that Samajwadi Party has inducted Muslims and Yadavs in key posts in Uttar Pradesh Police to suppress information from percolating. To add insult to injury Congressman Digvijay Singh and former CM of Madhya Pradesh suspects the intentions why the BJP government exposed the attempted terrorist attack a day before the seventh and last phase of Assembly elections in UP. Digvijay is perhaps not aware that if the train blast did not occur in Madhya Pradesh, UP police and Akhilesh would have suppressed the event till the elections were over. It is this blast that took some upright police officers to Lucknow. He ought to know as former CM of Madhya Pradesh that law and order is a State subject, it is the State that is responsible for any law and order situation that arises there.

Now, can Akhilesh explain why and how a large cache of firearms was stored in the outskirts of Lucknow where he lives? All this happened right under his nose but he looked askance as in the case of his rapist Minister Gayithri Prajapati who is still at large! UP police needs to be purged from lawless elements once a new government is installed, that too under Central supervision. If BJP comes to power I dare say anti-national operatives will be tried and put behind bars. They will be given the treatment they deserve! The same is not be expected if Akhilesh and his brother Munna (Rahul Gandhi) get the mandate in their favour.

By the way, where is loud mouth Azam Khan of Rampur (must be renamed as Ravanpur) hiding? He has been instigating Muslim youth with his speeches to rise against the state (Hindus) giving Yogi Adityanath room to take counter measures to protect Hindu women and Hindus.

Administratively, the Yadav clan is unfit to rule a state as large as Uttar Pradesh with their communal agenda: Yadavs and Muslim combine. Hinduism is at peril with this combine. BSP is no better, it openly calls for Muslim support to win elections in the state.

Where is Amir Khan anyway? With the Lucknow aborted terrorist attack surely he and his Hindu wife Kiran are no more safe in India! Perhaps Pakistan is safe!

Manipur and Democracy

Manipur - a small north east state went to polls a couple of days back in the first phase and is voting today in the second phase. Manipuris turned out in huge numbers to vote: the final voting percentage was whopping 84! It is just behind Goa where the Goans staged 85% turn out! Punjab 75%, and in the previous phase (sixth) the voter turnout was as low as 57% in UP! This is really disheartening. Democracy is defined as of the people, by the people and for the people which is the foundation of healthy democracy, and if half the population which has the voting rights does not vote it is a mockery - an insult to the tenets of democracy!

In recently declared Municipal elections results in Mumbai Shiv Sena bagged 84 and BJP – 82 seats which represent just 50% of the electorate (those eligible to vote)! If either of parties rules the BMC areas the representative body boils down to roughly 25% of the electorate! That is to say BMC is controlled by just 25% of the total voting population (electorate)! Sacrilege!! This is not a true democratic representation. In view of this the educated indifferent, and the ignorant voters who do not understand the value of their votes must be persuaded how important their inclusion in voting process contributes to a strong democracy. The Election Commission of India has been working relentlessly to draw the voters to the voting booths with a number of incentives. TV, radio, the press and Internet services must work more diligently in this direction.

At least 80% of the electorate must vote by all means and Goa, Manipur and to a lesser extent Punjab have shown the way. I congratulate them for their involvement in strengthening the democratic process.

First time n Election history the voting has passed of peacefully: the EC must be profusely congratulated for such arrangement and above all peoples’ cooperation.


A very popular private Hindi TV Channel has all along staged live shows on the election mood in Uttar Pradesh. It was well managed. Congratulations! Baby (!) Neha Pant – a favourite in my family, lovely Chitra Tripathi, dashing Pankaj Jha stand out as the best commentators throughout by their impeccable presentation both during road shows and live “Dangal” debates! Yes, Romana Isaar Khan at the studio has been simply fantastic, she deserves all encomiums. She is a wonderful compere and anchor!

Governor of Uttar Pradesh in Last Phase of Election

Election campaign has been hectic in UP; only last evening it ended on a high note. PM Modi was at his best addressing mammoth meetings, road shows, visiting Kashi Vishwanath temple, having Darshans of religious leaders and hopping from one venue to the other; lambasting the party in power for making false promises; accusing the government headed by Akhilesh Yadav for anarchy and lawlessness in the state. Modiji was at his belligerent best spewing venom against the government on the issue of the rapist accused Gayithri Prajapati – currently contesting the elections - for pretending not to know his whereabouts. First time in the annals of political history of a state government the Governor takes to task inability of the CM for laxity. Governor Naik pulled the Akhilesh government for being lax and unable to apprehend the accused and dismiss him from his cabinet even after the strictures from the Supreme Court. Governor deserves to be lauded for this!

Many ghastly events in the state point towards the ever deteriorating law and order conditions in the state. Akhilesh talks about having started the police telephone number 100 claiming that once the number is dialed within minutes police help will be sent wherever it is needed! It is not the telephone number that is required, rather proper and regular policing. My residence in Chennai is visited by the police on an average 6 times both during the day and night. A box outside my residence has a log book which is signed on all visits by the police. This is policing. Cctv cameras can capture the images alone, cannot prevent theft, criminalism etc. The video footage only helps post- incident investigations.

Death of an Indian

A Sikh youth was shot and killed in US, a second killing in a month. This is racial no doubt but it is a case of mistaken identity, it is gathered. Whatever the reasons it is most reprehensible. Sikhs might be mistaken for the beard they sport and the attire they wear for having an appearance akin to a Muslim. Americans must be “educated” about the difference between Muslims and Sikhs. The leader of the Indian community met top officials at the White House to ensure that such incidents do not recur. Big John or his policy to sideline radical Muslims cannot be blamed for the attacks. Big John is not a tyrant and killer like Saddam Hussain, he has to secure his country from radical Muslims as promised by him to the electorate during the election campaigns. He will surely succeed.

बदज़ुबान शत्रुघ्न सिन्हा - फिर सुर्खियों में!

शत्रुघ्न सिन्हा अब भी समझ नहीं पा रहे हैं कि वह भाजपा के स्टार प्रचारक के काबिल नहीं हैं। भाजपा के कुछ नियम हैं जिन्हें पालन करना ज़रूरी है - जो वे नहीं कर रहे! अगर बेधडक मीडिया के सामने आकर जो भी ज़ुबान पे आए उगल दे यह बर्दाश्त नहीं किया जाएगा, सयंम से काम लेना होता है। आम जीवन में किसी भी सज्जन को संभलकर बोलना पडता है, वह कोई फिल्मी डायलोग तो नहीं जिसका %retake होता हो! दो दिन पूर्व उन्होंने उत्तर प्रदेश में प्रधानमंत्री के प्रचार को लेकर अनाप शनाप कह डाले!! फिर दो कदम आगे बढकर कहा, भारतीय जनता पार्टी को अब लगने लगा कि वह चुनाव में जीतने की स्थिति में नहीं इस लिये उसने प्रधानमंत्री को इस अभियान में झोंक दिया। उत्तर प्रदेश में डेरा डाले कुछ कबीने मंत्रियों पर भी फूहड किस्म की खिल्ली उडाई। भाजपा के सांसद होकर भी इस प्रकार प्रधानमंत्री पर लांचन करना अशोभनीय है। वह चाहते हैं कि भाजपा उनकी बात सुने!! आखिर क्यों? यह भूल जाते हैं कि

मोदीजी राष्ट्रीय स्वयं सेवक संग की उपज हैं फिल्मी दुनिया की नहीं। %Mr. Modi is a disciplinarian -- an RSS worker that he is. He has a mass following across the world -- the most popular world leader today even leaving President Trump far behind him. In fact Big John is a great fan of PM Modi! अत: शत्रुघ्न से आग्रह है कि वे विवेक से काम लें और अपनी ज़ुबान पर लगाम दें!

Uniform price for bottled water

The government’s has given direction to all retailers to abide by the MRP registered on the bottles must be adhered to or face statutory action. Good. Within Chennai bottled water is sold in excess of the price written on the label, especially at interstate Bus terminus and on Railway platforms – both at suburban and interstate joints.

Generally, thirsty passengers in a hurry to board trains and buses are charged prices which are illegal. Luxury hotels too indulge in this unethical practice. Water and air is a gift of God, it must be free for all. But neither is free, regarding air less said the better! Water – the so-called mineral water – is sold because the water is purified by RO process (I wonder how many companies are doing this!). But drinking water must not be a product to spin money. In the last few years I noted in Chennai some retailers how become lakhpati’s if not crorepati’s by doing this business! Once hand to mouth chaps own atleast two transport trucks, well furnished home and what have you! Bottled water with unearthly names is being sold at exorbitant prices. भारत में जब कोई मेहमान घर पर आता हैए फौरन गिलास या लोटे से पानी दिया जाता हैए यह हमारी संस्कृति रही हैए मगर अब लोग खरिदा हुआ बोतल बन्द पानी को हाथ में थमा देते हैं!! वाकई वक्त बदल गया है!!!

To counter this menace our eternal Amma introduced bottled water – 1 litre – at Rs. 10 a bottle, but it is being sold above the earmarked price! If Amma had been alive she would have taken to task but since her death there is no one to monitor. It is disheartening. Once the GST is enforced in July this year governments both at the Centre and State must have a mechanism to monitor prices of commodities. GST was to have a statutory status a year ago but for the intransigence of the Congress party! A party having just 44 MPs in the Lok Sabha( has majority in the Rajya Sabha) stalling a landmark process “in the interest of the Nation” is unpardonable! Shame!

International Women’s Year Today

Wish all women - both achievers and strugglers - to reach greater heights in excellence. In Hindu India women were held in high esteem, goddesses say it all! Ma Saraswati, Ma Sita, Ma Durga - just to name a few - are embodiment of the greatness and power of women to control the Universe. In modern India countless women have risen to dizzy heights fighting against odds to find a niche in the pantheon of great women! I call upon women to rededicate themselves to make women security a crusade, secure the right of girl child to be born and taken care of!

Terrorist in Lucknow

I am not surprised! What with Samajwadi Party in power! UP police or for that matter Indian police are not competent to corner a terrorist and apprehend without killing as has happened in the outskirts of the city – an isolated house with a single terrorist holed up in it. The operation should have been carried out by an Army unit not untrained, trigger happy, pot-bellied policemen! Had the terrorist been caught alive the entire truth would have been out: who is extending support to criminals in the state. Akhilesh’s police cannot catch a rapist with his good-for-nothing police, how can Central government expect to have the terrorist apprehended alive by it?


Virat Kohli and his team did a fantastic job to defeat the Aussies, in the Bangolore Test. It was unexpected! Congratulations! This win keeps India on top in Test ranking!